100 Million Views and 300k Subscribers

Improv Everywhere is about to pass 100 million total views on YouTube! We joined the site in April of 2006, about five months after YouTube started. While it feels like we’ve *always* been on YouTube, Improv Everywhere existed for four and half years before we had a YouTube channel (and for about four years since.) Without YouTube, we’d still be documenting our missions with just text and tiny photos. YouTube has enabled Improv Everywhere to reach an international audience without needing a green-light from anyone but ourselves. So, hooray for YouTube!

We’re also on the cusp of reaching 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. To celebrate, we’d like to give away something special to the 300,000th subscriber. The first person who posts a link in the comments below to a screen shoot of Improv Everywhere’s channel after we’ve passed the 300k mark will win the last remaining Improv Everywhere Best Buy Blue Polo shirt. Yup, the shirt that is so illegal to sell we got a cease and desist letter about it! Only 24 of them were ever made. 12 were sold and 11 were given out as gifts to senior agents. One adult size small remains!

Be the first to post a screen shot of our YouTube channel displaying over 300k subscribers and the shirt is yours.

And if you’re not a subscriber to our channel, speed this contest up and subscribe now!

UPDATE: We passed 300k and have a winner. See comments below. Thanks to everyone who tried to win! And thanks to everyone who subscribes to Improv Everywhere on YouTube!!!


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  1. To take a screen shot on a Mac:

    Shift and command and 3 takes the whole screen. Shift and command and 4 lets you select the part of the screen that you want. Upload just like any other file.

  2. Did the legal advice ever help?

    I had suggested that you had a case against BestBeast based on the shirt being a parody and the tag shape being used in other ways besides a company logo.

    Congratulations to you on the success of IE and thank you for entertaining me. The few missions I’ve been in have been tons of fun.

    Thanks Charlie.

    • I decided just to take the shirts down and not worry about a legal fight. There’s a chance we could have won– I think it’s clearly a parody shirt– but I didn’t have the time or the money to get into a fight with Best Buy’s lawyers. Plus, the C&D letter caused such a huge stir online (especially the one they sent Laughing Squid) that I won in the end. We got tons of traffic from it. We only made 24 shirts anyway.

      Thanks again for offering to help out!

  3. ugh that ur posting too quickly made me lose i think. i had it exactly at 300,000 but it took 5 tries to send and by the time i did there was 2 replies for like 300,002 and 1. weaksauce

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