No Pants is Tomorrow

Video from the first No Pants in 2002

The Ninth Annual No Pants Subway Ride is tomorrow in New York City and 42 cities worldwide! There are 15 countries involved this year, including Japan, Argentina, and Sweden. We are expecting a breezy 29 degree day here in New York.

New York City details for No Pants 2010

Details for other cities

Check back here Sunday night and all day Monday for initial reports and photos. We hope to have a video up in a week or so.

Complete history of The No Pants! Subway Ride


  1. I’m going to do this in Saudi Arabia probably going to get arrested but why not? xD xD Ill make sure to post pictures some where… :)

  2. this is by far the most amazing improv group i have ever seen. i have followed everything from the wendys protest, to the mp3 experiments, and from the food court musical to grand central freeze! and i am happy to say that i am finally able to take part in the 2010 no pants subway ride!!!!!! and i hope that there will be many other oppertunities for me to participate with you guy on other projects. i am a singer and an actor and there isnt much i wont do especially for a good laugh from someone else. i hope to hear back from you soon and i will see yall tomorrow!

  3. From Stockholm, Sweden reporting; expected temp tomorrow sunday is nothing more and nothing less than – 8.
    Farenheit (means minus 20 celsius as we european says.)

    I am for some reason not attending this event – butt; anyone who does is a true hero


    “Freezing butts”, Stockholm

  4. Oh no! 29 degrees! … that is… that is….

    I do hope I can make it, I might be 15-20 minutes late. If I go into Foley Square and no one’s there: I don’t care I’m going to go to the trains pantless anyways!

    Hopefully I make it early. T_T

  5. Is there any chance this will be extended to pantless flights? Cause here in florida we dont have subways :(..we do have a the university underware dash which has been a big hit so far..