Save The Date: No Pants! 2010

video from No Pants 2009

Details for New York
Details for other Cities

The 9th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride will take place on Sunday, January 10 in New York City. More info with the meeting point and start time will be posted to this site in early January. For now, save the date. You can RSVP on Facebook.

Once again we are encouraging folks in other cities around the world to stage their own No Pants rides on the same day. Here is the list of cities who participated last year. Anyone organizing a regional No Pants event should let us know by leaving a comment on this post along with all of the necessary details. In a few weeks we will publish a list of all participating cities along with links to any Facebook events. Groups have staged the event on trolleys, light rails, and buses in the past, so don’t let a lack of subway system stop you!

If you are unfamiliar with this tradition, you can read the history here: The No Pants Subway Ride.


  1. For all those in and around the GTA:

    Improv in Toronto will again be running Toronto’s branch of the No Pants Subway Ride.

    Its always a massive blast with tons of welcoming, chilly people, and it’s the prime choice for people just getting into the Flash Mob “scene”.

    More details concerning where and when will be posted shortly on our website:

    We can’t wait to see how big our group will be this year!

  2. Finally an official date. Undecided if I should go pantsless, photograph the event or do both. You always say not to photograpgh but that’s kind of a lame restriction. Photography is who I am!

  3. Darn, thats just 2 days after I board the plane to go study abroad in London. I’ve looked at the previous years and London seems to be sadly missing from the listed cities.

    So… London: “No Trousers on the Tube 2010”

    Sound like a possibility to any Londoners?

  4. I would be down for a Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) no pants ride on the sky train.

    Anyone else from this area that would?

  5. MINNEAPOLIS “No Pants Train Ride 2010,” on the Hiawatha Light Rail Line…

    Okay, Minnesota, it’s time for the Minne-Apple to show the Big Apple how these things are done!

    WE NEED ORGANIZERS* to lead several teams of pantsless Minneapolitans — in shifts — from the Mall of America to Nicollet Mall (and back).

    WE NEED VIDEOGRAPHERS to film each trip, then edit it and post it on YouTube.

    1. Join the Facebook page and mark your calendars.
    2. Share this event with everyone you know in Minneapolis and the surrounding area.
    3. Encourage them to do the same; we’d like this event to go viral!

    * I don’t live in Minneapolis anymore, but I’ve got lots of friends there, and would love to see “you guys” take this ball and run with it!

    Paul Klenk

  6. We will be organizing the mission in Lisbon, as we did last year. I’ll comment with the facebook event and news article later today.

    Francisco Belard

  7. I know about ten people that would love to do this in St. Louis! There are already enough drunk homeless pantless dudes on the metro, why not join them? Please someone put this together!

  8. Does anyone want to organise one in Dublin? Maybe on the DART, or maybe the Luas? Get those Irish milk bottle legs out!

  9. This is the event last year that started ImprovAZ, so we’re all over it again this year!

    If you’re in Arizona and want to join us on the Light Rail, check us out at or ImprovAZ on Facebook. Details will be posted in both locations.

  10. It’s time for the German capital to join the list of participants, so dear Berliners save the date – the city wants you pantless! :)

    To make this event BIG we still need:

    * organizers
    * people who film the event, edit the material and post it to YouTube, Vimeo etc.; photographers
    * people who are not afraid to travel pantless in public

    RSVP on the Facebook page and mark your calendars. Also, share this event with everyone you know in Berlin!

  11. Is anyone doing this in DC!?!?! I live in NJ but I’m going back to Baltimore right before this and I really want to do it in DC if someone is organizing it!!!!!!!

  12. Please, for the love of God, leave us alone. We just want a peaceful ride home. Please try and understand, we are clever enough and intelligent enough to find randomness and lightheartedness without you forcing it on us during our commute, while we’re shopping, while we’re eating. Those are the few moments in our lives that are supposed to be just for us, a small moment of escape and peace.

    Find a hobby, go volunteer, take an actual improv class — ANYthing to occupy yourselves and give you creative satisfaction that doesn’t involve annoying the piss out of everyone around you.

    Thank you.

    — John Q. Public

    • YEs. I hadn’t seen your post before I too posted something similar. But you, Mr. Pubic expressed it better than I ever could have.

    • Uh, yeah, the escape and peace you get in your regular (boring) commute home is what you get the other 364 days out of the year that we’re not forcing lightheartedness on you. That’s why we do it. And god, how awful to have to be forced to witness lightheartedness! The pain must be unbearable.

  13. Someone care to enlighten me as to the point of this tomfoolery? Cause if it’s just to ride the subway pantless then it’s quite foolish, and frankly, inconsiderate to the everyday New Yorker trying to get from point A to point B. I suggest you limit this nonsense to the L line.

  14. NYC last year was killer fun! It even snowed. People started making snow angels at union square park. There was also a scheduled meeting place ( BAR ) for all the attendees which made it easier to meet me some cool peoples.

  15. I will begin organizing a facebook event for Philly, and get back to everyone with the details–unless someone else organizes one first!

  16. Dublin yes!
    Dart or luas is good, for me, Dart would be handier, but it depends on where we can get the numbers…

  17. i would love to join the london crowd, but i am not on facebook.
    can anyone please write me a mail to tell me where it is or put me on a mailing list!

    let´s rock london and be the largest no pants community!


  18. What about Seattle? The new rail line from the SEA to Westlake is opening in December shouldn’t we “christen it?

  19. Totally going to do it this year! A couple of my friends and myself are game to do it in New York since we are all on vacation from school for it. I myself have to decide if I’m going to drop my pants or take pictures because I think it would be a fun event to photograph. I’d also be willing to help document with pictures for Improve Everywhere if they are looking for people to help with that.

    Can’t wait either way for No Pants 2010!


  20. Looking for participants, in Mexico DF.

    We still need:

    * organizers
    * people who film the event, edit the material and post it to YouTube, Vimeo etc.; photographers
    * people who are not afraid to travel pantless in public

    RSVP on the Facebook page and mark your calendars. Also, share this event with everyone you know in Mexico.

    Buscando participantes en Mexico DF

    Aun se necesitan:

    -Personas que filmen editen el material del evento y lo suban a youtube, etc
    -Personas que no tengan miedo de quitarse los pantalones en publico

    Para unirte Agenda la Fecha el la pagina de Facebook y ponla en tu calendario. Ademas pasa la voz a los que conozcas que vivan o sean del DF y/o quieran asistir.

  21. Anyone in michigan (Macomb area) want to try and set something up? I’m not too knowledgeable on any buses around or anything, but I’d be more than willing to go!!

  22. is there anyway you can get in trouble
    like say stopped by the police
    or even getting a summon cuz i cant afford that

  23. Hello, well what is with Dortmund/Germany? Is there interest? Any other Germans out here? Would be nice!

  24. I’ll be in San Francisco. Anyone else up for doing it on the same day in SF on BART or MUNI? It’ll likely be lot more mild in SF than in New York that day.

  25. San Francisco, anyone? It’ll be a lot more mild than in NYC. BART or MUNI. I don’t have a preference.

  26. sadly i dont live in new york city to be apart of this BIG EVENT but i live in houston texas and we dnt have subways down there we have busses no subways is there a possible way we can be one of the 22 cities involved in this

  27. Anyone interested in taking the train from philly to NY and then back when its all over? Possibly even pantless the whole time? lol and where is the meeting point in NY?

  28. Dammit!!! I’m running the half marathon in Disney World that weekend…anyone in Orlando interested in doing something?

  29. Anyone organizing in DC for this year? I’m in. If no one is, I’m willing to pull it together. Please post a comment if you are organizing or know that it still needs to be organized, and I’ll follow up.

  30. Improba España will ride in all big spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, etc).

    Go to our facebook page for more info.

    Improba España realizará este evento en todas las grandes ciudades del país (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, etc).

    Id a nuestra página en Facebook para más información.

  31. Hi, I live in South Jersey. It would be great to have one going on in Philly, if someone is planing on having one could you let me know?

  32. Hey, could we do one in Philly?
    NYC is too far away, and we need someone to orginize it because I can’t.

  33. DC anyone?

    I know it happened last year, and I just moved down here and want to participate…havent seen anyone post on here about it….so wats the deal, anyone in for No Pants in the Capitol!

  34. I went to No Pants NYC last year, it was dope! This year will be traveling in Taiwan for winter break though, so sad I’m going to miss out. I’m holding a pillow fight in Taipei and interested doing No Pants in Kaohsiung!

  35. is anyone doing DC? the rules are pretty strict on the metro there so I don’t know how it would go…… any thoughts? anyone interested?

  36. If everyone who participates in this years event could post a “public” comment on their Facebook page about their own experience that would be great!

  37. Out Of Order will organize this event in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area.

    Does anyone in that part of Texas have any suggestions of public transportation to pantlessly invade?

    Bus, Train, Lightrail, Monorail?

  38. any news on a DC metro one? i know it was done last year. i am totally down for doing it this year!