Surprise Wedding Reception

Produced byCharlie Todd and Matt Adams
Music by: Tyler Walker
Digital Video: Agents Adams, Shafer, Schackman
Digital Photography: Agents Sokoler, Slocum
Mission Inspired by: Matthew Benjamin

For our latest mission, we picked a random couple getting married at the City Clerk’s Office in Manhattan and threw them a surprise wedding reception. The couple was treated to dancing, toasts, cake, and gifts, all with complete strangers. Enjoy the video first and then check out the mission report and photos below.

We met at 1 PM on a rainy Monday afternoon at Foley Square, a public park just across the street from the Office of the City Clerk (and also coincidentally the meeting point for our annual No Pants Subway Rides.) I was worried that the weather was going to ruin the mission. We had no back up plan.

Agent Briefing
When I arrived at the park I noticed there were four large, white tents by the fountain. They were set up for some type of job fair. I chatted up a woman working for the fair. She told me they were leaving in less than an hour and happily gave me the number for the party company that had set the tents up. I managed to talk the party company into keeping the tents up for another two hours (for a reasonable price, of course.) It was a beautiful moment of serendipity. There is no way we could have secured a permit to set up tents for a wedding reception in the middle of New York City, but since they were already up and permitted for someone else, we slid right in. Not only would the tents keep us dry, they would also make the whole reception much more authentic.

Setting up
While the rest of the agents went to go set everything up in the tents, I headed over alone to the marriage bureau. My task was to select the random couple who we’d offer the reception to. I had visited the building a few times in the weeks leading up to the mission to get a feel for how the system worked. There were probably forty couples waiting in line to either get married or get a license for a marriage on a future date. I quickly spotted a couple that looked perfect for our mission; they were next in line to go into the wedding chapel. The bride was wearing a white dress and had her father with her. The groom was dressed in a suit with a boutonnière and was accompanied by both of his parents and his sister. The family members were taking photos of them, and they all seemed so happy. They stood out from the other couples, most of whom were by themselves and in casual clothes.

As soon as they emerged from the chapel, I rushed outside to prepare to greet them on the front steps of the building. To capture the moment, I wore a wireless microphone and had Agent Schackman film me from about forty feet away.

Greeting the couple
As soon as they got outside, I approached the couple and informed them that I was from the mayor’s office and we were giving a “free wedding reception” to one random couple today. Before I could even finish telling them all of the things we had set up, the bride laughed and said, “Let’s go!” I had been a little nervous that they might turn it down (maybe they already had plans to celebrate somewhere else?) and figured I might have to ask a few couples before we found the right one. Nope. They were immediately down. “Can’t say no to that,” the groom told me and then added, “We’re cynical New Yorkers so this is a little hard to believe.”

The bride and her father on the steps
On the way over I learned their names, Raff and Frank. They were both enthusiastic on the short walk over, though I’m sure they were a little suspicious about the whole thing. When we turned the corner and got to the other side of the fountain, they were met with a huge cheer from their fifty-person wedding reception.

Frank and Raff laugh as Frank’s sister snaps a photo
Our “cater waiter” Agent Silver greeted them with two champagne flutes filled with cider, and our “wedding planner” Agent Reeves introduced herself.

Reception guests form two lines and cheer as the couple walks through
Our DJ, Agent Dunn, cued up Michael Buble’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” and Frank and Raff had their first dance as a married couple.

Frank’s sister and Raff’s dad take photos of the first dance

The wedding party joins the couple on the dance floor
The father of the bride dance was next. DJ Dunn cued up The Temptations’ “My Girl” and Raff danced with her dad. We had Agent Wimpy on hand to play the role of father of the bride in case our bride didn’t have her father with her, but it was all the more awesome that her real dad was there.

After the special dances were over, it was time to party. DJ Dunn had prepared a playlist of wedding favorites for everyone to dance to.

Agent Dunn in his wedding DJ attire

The Electric Slide

The Macarena

A random woman in the park dances along to The Macarena
This mission wasn’t focused on getting reactions from the random New Yorkers who happened to walk by. I hadn’t really thought about how strange it would be to come upon a wedding reception in a public park on a Monday afternoon at 2 PM. Throughout the party, people stopped to smile, take photos, and even dance along to the music.

Agent Lathan gives the Best Man toast
The toasts were next. I instructed the Best Man and Maid of Honor to give the best toasts they could, considering they had never met the couple. Rather than making up specifics, they chose to just say nice (though vague) things about the bride and groom.

The bride and Maid of Honor meet each other for the first time

Raff and Agent Lindquist, fast friends!

“To the couple!”

Agent Lee writes the couple’s names on the cake

Family taking photos of the cake
After everyone had a bite of cake, it was time for the bouquet and garter tosses.

Raff’s sister-in-law catches the bouquet

Agent Purnell catches the garter
Agent Sokoler took some posed photos both with the “fake” wedding party as well as the real family.

Agent Lindquist bought the bridesmaid dresses on the cheap at Old Navy and then spruced them up with pink bows. Agent Fairey bought matching boutonnières for the groomsmen.

Sneaking a kiss

The real family
After the photos, Frank and Raff opened up their gifts. We had around 20 gifts wrapped for them. Most of them were gift cards to a popular store (we didn’t want to give them a bunch of heavy presents to carry unexpectedly.) Agent Gordon had recently gotten married himself, and he wrapped a couple of gifts he received but didn’t want. So it was nice for them to get a couple of non-gift card presents as well.

It was time to send the couple off, or at least around the block. Agent Simmons distributed bird seed to everyone (bird seed is the new rice, in case you didn’t hear), and we prepared to shower the couple.

Agent Simmons
I rented a pedicab for the occasion to take Frank and Raff for a brief post-reception ride. Agent Toledo decorated it with streamers and a “Just Married” sign.

One last kiss for the crowd
Once they got back from their pedicab ride, Frank and Raff packed up their presents and told their wedding guests goodbye. I took them aside and confessed that I wasn’t actually from the mayor’s office (if that wasn’t completely obvious by now). I explained that we were just a group of people who liked throwing fun events like this. It was a small break of character, but one that didn’t seem too important. This was pretty far from a prank, and the experience wasn’t changed by the confession. I had only told them I was from the mayor’s office to get them on board. It seemed more convincing than, “I’m a complete stranger who wants to throw you a party.” We exchanged contact information so I could arrange to send them the photos and video.

The family leaving the reception
The reception was an incredibly fun time. We had planned to stage the mission for more than one couple, but Frank and Raff were just too perfect. They stayed for over an hour and completely yes-anded everything we threw at them. There were moments where it felt like we actually did all know each other and you sort of forgot you were “acting.”

The day after the reception, I got an email from Frank and Raff:

Whatever becomes of our “scene” we just wanted to say thanks because it was freakin’ hilarious. The most important thing for us is that you gave us just about the best wedding story anyone could have to pass on. Take good care.

Not a bad outcome for a rainy wedding day in Lower Manhattan. Thank God for those tents. Congrats to Frank and Raff!!!!

Mission Accomplished.


Many more photos in higher resolution:
Agent Sokoler’s Flickr Set
Agent Slocum’s Flickr Set
Agent Scott’s Flickr Set

Our very talented Agent Adams and Sokoler are available to film and/or photograph weddings in the tri-state area. Contact them at mattadamsapple at gmail _ com


  1. Not the most hilarious one you’ve ever done but definitely adorable. The couple was adorable and you gave them a great time on their wedding day. That is as fabulous as it gets.

  2. I always love reading the Improv Everywhere mission reports. This is the first time one brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderfully sweet thing to do in the name of improv. :) (And I love the detail about the couple “yes-and-ing”.)

  3. That was wonderful, much more exciting than your average wedding! Congrats to the couple!

  4. What a unique way to brighten one of the happiest days in someone’s life.Given the lack of judgment and poor taste that Improv Everywhere displayed for their April 1st funeral, its good to see you getting back to what you do best.

    • The April Fools mission was an April Fools joke, it wasn’t a real mission, the entire thing was staged. There was no dead guy, no funeral, 100% of the people in that video were Improv Everywhere agents.

      The joke was on us, not the fake family mourning a guy who isn’t really dead.

  5. Way-way so cool you guys! Made me get teary eyed and emotional looking a the photos and reading the narrative and the reponses from Frank and Raff. Without a doubt the Universe provided you with the absolutely perfect couple for this improv.
    Stephen McKenzie

  6. You heartless bastards. How dare you interrupt a couple to throw them a party? How dare you interfere in their lives in this way? I hope you are all thoroughly disgusted with yourselves.

    *This is a parodic message from a devoted fan*

    I love you guys! Not as silly as usual, but there’s no denying the sheer joy you bring to people. Carry on you marvelous fellows!

  7. I got the email announcing this mission as I was in the middle of my own wedding planning. This was great. They have a completely unique reception story and they didn’t have to spend thousands to have a manhattan reception.

    Any chance you want to repeat this in Winter Park, FL on July 10th?

  8. Random act of kindness! I guess they got the most unexpected, fun and definitely one of a kind marriage ever.

    Great stuff.

  9. As always, awesome scene, guys! Reminds me of the Airport Welcome Committee scene! Awesome stuff!

  10. This is fabulous~!! Keep it up! I’d love be e recipient of this “prank”~! You’re one bunch of creative people!

  11. You guys are my heroes, and I want to grow up to be just like you. I mean it. Thank you for continuing to give random people their Best Day Ever — people need that more than ever in these days of nothing-but-bad-news.

    While I feel like I’m constantly drowning in a community of outdated theatre that’s completely ego-driven, audience-ignorant and self-serving, I’m always encouraged by ImprovEverywhere, because you do it for the audience. That’s it. You do it so that the audience can have an incredible experience. That’s all I want to do. When I’m doing solo street work, that’s what I do. Agents must find it a mind-blow to be a part of a gigantic group that has that as its common goal. Fantastic!

  12. That was really sweet, you really made their day. Definitely a story they could pass on to their kids and grandchildren.
    Nice job!!!

  13. Roman
    June 2, 2009 at 12:37 pm

    Someone still hasn’t realized the meaning of April Fools’ Day jokes =) (@Norman)
    Roman and anyone else. I am well aware that the funeral was an April 1st joke and that it was not a real funeral. That still doesn’t change that I felt it displayed lack of judgment and poor taste on the part of Improv Everywhere.

  14. What a wonderful idea and execution! Looks like everyone had a lovely time, and the recipients of the “pranking” were right – they’re going to have an amazing story for their children, grandchildren, etc. to hear and retell. Good on you!

  15. I agree this topped the airport greeting prank and the Little League game fan prank.

    For those who are still miffed about the April Fool funeral prank – It was bogus. All parties were agents. The prank was on us, the fans. Good grief!

  16. Charlie, you make me love life. Thank you for it. Can’t wait to be in one of your great ideas. Come to Iowa!!! We could do something related to Gay marriage.

  17. Excellent! What a happy surprise for a couple….and she’s right, a GREAT story to tell about their wedding day.

    (and, it’s another example of an affordable-yet-fun wedding/reception.)

    Kudos, IE. Best wishes Frank & Raff!

  18. Brought tears to my eyes too!!! Such a wonderful story for them. Oh god, too much happiness.

  19. This was such an awesome gift for that couple! I wish I knew the couple so I can hear their stories of the best wedding gift ever. Speaking of wedding gifts, good move with the gift cards.
    This is one improv I’d love to see happen again.

  20. No joke, I teared up the whole time I was reading this story…so incredibly perfect! Awesome job, Charlie and agents!

  21. Thanks for making me teary-eyed so early in the morning. Great Idea, only because you were upfront and asked them for permission. Probably your best scene yet. Not the funniest, in fact not even funny, just plane cool!
    Great Job!

  22. Awwwww… so nice to see “pranksters” who can do something so sweet. Remembering the pranksters from college, they were never this nice. Nicely done! (And way to find the perfect couple!)

  23. Oh man! Great idea that just kept going!

    The tents! You lucky, quick-thinking, brilliant dogs!

    I can believe the cake, but the presents and carriage ride are simply above and beyond. Great work.

    I can’t wait to hear about the surprise honeymoon!

  24. Watching the happy couple show up on such an otherwise dreary, gray day brought tears to my eyes. No joke. The couple couldn’t have been more perfect and gladly played along with everything, smiling and laughing the entire time.

    It’s funny to think about how many IE agents are in pictures that this couple will have for the rest of their lives together. Imagine them on their 50th wedding anniversary thumbing through a photo album!

  25. As a private marriage commissioner who has done thousands of weddings I always appreciate when something joyful and unanticipated occurs. This reception was a delightful event, and reminiscent of several wonderful occasions when my clients were actually treated to spontaneous outpourings of gifts and goodwill from complete strangers. I perform ceremonies in public places: parks, beaches, garden centres etc, and people who were randomly in the vicinity have been most gracious and generous when they became aware of what was happening. Also, as a theatre student, I am crazy for performance that bursts the bounds of conventional theatre and utterly engages the audience. Good work, guys!

  26. So cute and sweet, you guys have created an awesome memory for that newly married couple!

  27. This is the third time you’ve made me misty-eyed with a mission. Congrats on the hat trick. You’re good people.

  28. I found this write-up through Twitter and I really enjoyed reading about your kindness to complete strangers. Even down to the details – bird seed, gifts and toasts! You inspired me and I’ve shared the article with all of my Facebook friends and Twitter followers in the hopes they’ll be inspired too.

  29. This was brilliant! You made me cry, but in a good way. Congrats to Frank and Raff, and congrats to IE for keeping us entertained and staying committed to the positive comedy. What a great scene!!!

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  31. This is so ridiculous! But so genius! I like it that this one was to actually give someone something special… in an odd, satirical way!

  32. So funny–I had to keep reminding myself that I didn’t actually know the couple and there was no reason for me to be teary-eyed. I guess weddings just do that to me no matter what! It was so fun to be part of it.

  33. That’s great that you all had a good time and could make the couple so happy!! Great mission!!

  34. This was amazing! also, I’m glad to see that the funeral was an April Fool’s Day joke. Uh, I totally was duped.

  35. This is the first time you’ve made me cry! This was awesome. Now you’ll have to do three more weddings to make up for the funeral! Great idea and great job!

  36. You are completely amazing. You probably made their wedding day really great. =] GO IMPROV EVERYWHERE!!!

  37. Tell me you got their info that way we can throw them a one year anniversary party

  38. Excellent concept by M. Benjamin…
    What a fun way for this couple to start their married life…
    Cudos all around!

  39. This is beyond wonderful. I commend the couple for going low-key, as generally big weddings are a real drag. And I commend IE for doing such a kind and sweet thing.

    I don’t think anyone will be able to top their ‘wedding story.’ It’s something they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Great Job!


  40. This is great stuff, as usual. This mission is as sweet as the best little league game ever. I actually got a tear in my eye.

  41. This mission was incredible! I was tearing up the entire time while watching the video.

  42. My favorite part about improv everywhere is that you create stories for the “marks” that will last a lifetime, this one could possibly last for generations for the happy couple. What a serendipitous outcome to a great and well planned improv!

  43. What a perfect mission! I love that you’ve branched from pranks to true improv of all sorts. What a lucky couple! You gave them a wedding day they will never forget!

  44. God dammit – its exactly this kind of crap that makes me cry. Like I literally shed a tear just now for this. What an awesome thing to do. Such a mitzvah from you guys. What a totally great thing to do.

  45. Wonderful sponstaneous moment for the couple. Lump in throat type kindness from IE. Thank you for brightening my wintry day in Melbourne Australia. Joy is where you make it!

  46. you guys are so great – kudos! all your agents must have extremely high levels of job satisfaction.

  47. I am crying real tears! Improv Everywhere is fun, funny and full of heart! You have transcended “pranks”.

  48. Loved it!

    You guys went all out, it was awesome!! This was so heart warming to watch and read. I love you guys :D:D:D

    Louise xoxoxo

  49. I think this was the best thing ever. My daughter just got married at a clerks office because her now husband is being sent to Afghanistan. She is quietly broken hearted that she didnt get a wedding and this would have absolutely filled her with joy. I loved it…good job!

  50. This was just such a NICE THING to have done. You guys are awesome and your account of this wonderfull deed has brightened my day :)

  51. Brightened my day! No work is more worthy than improving the lives of others through simple acts of kindness. Great work Improv/Improve everywhere!

  52. OMG that’s just too fabulous!

    It made me really warm in the heart to see you guys doing that!

    It was also really funny =D

    thanks adam!

  53. Good job guys! Nice thought to send them the photos and video afterward too.

    I’m engaged but I hate all the frilly stuff that comes with weddings and my fiance has zero organizational skills…we could do with random strangers throwing us a reception ;)

  54. That’s so wonderful. This is the type of Improv that will live on for a long time. One day, this couple will tell it to their kids, and their kids to their kids. It’s such an awesome thing to do.

  55. I think it was awesome tht you guys got a gung-ho couple in Raff and Frank who were pretty open to the idea. Good job on planning the details (and non-details) and made it look like a lovely (somewhat real) wedding celebration!

  56. Awesome! My hubby and I got registered and it was more special than the wedding party we threw later on coz we had close family and friends who tried to spruce up the very formal day with us at the registrar…the best thing was getting a couple who really enjoyed the celebration, a very welcome surprise for both sides :)

  57. What a wonderful prank! And did anyone notice how well the bride’s dress coordinated with the ‘bridesmaids’ dresses? Amazing!

  58. How wonderful! As much as I love the innovative things that you and your agents come up with, I think this one is my favorite. What a great story they can tell for the rest of their lives! Congrats to the happy couple!

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  60. Thank you for putting a smile on my face! That is a great story and what a wonderful time everyone had! You all did an awesome job. And big congrats to the Bride & Groom!


  62. Brilliant! What I really love is that every photo shows pure joy. Those pics are better than any other weddings photos I have ever seen.

  63. You guys are such sweethearts. You are so in tune with the little things that make this world a better place, for which I salute you…

  64. Okay, sorry for posting yet again but the previous comment was written after I’d only seen the video, and now after reading the report I am crying with happy. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

  65. You are great.
    If you ever plan to do soemthing in Argentina, I´ll pleased to help!!
    You are great guys!
    I simply adore you!!

    This is the most beautiful one you´ve done!

  66. I think I welled up with happy tears TWICE during this retelling. How awesome is this!!?!!! Great job guys, I love the feel-good pranks!!!

  67. In the event that hell freezes over and I get married, I want y’all to put on my reception. Pretty please? Someone else putting on the reception is the best wedding ever!

  68. Wonderful! What a beautiful act of random kindness! Love you people! Hope to meet you one of these days.

  69. I can see that Frank loves Raff for her smile, her laughter, and her love for life. They will be a happy couple. I wish them all the best.

  70. So sweet! I’m getting married this weekend in Vegas so weddings are on the brain but this is got to be the sweetest thing you guys have ever done!

  71. this was just so perfect! good for all the people involved…. congratulations to the happy couple.

  72. Great luck having nice tents and even nicer people. I don’t think you could’ve found a better couple. They were such wonderful, lovely, awesome people.

  73. saw this on a wedding photography forum that i belong to. i love it! i have a tear in my eye and a warm heart after reading your post. good on you guys!

  74. I get married in August. Lately I’ve been stressing out about all the details.

    You reminded me .. it just doesn’t matter. I’ll have my friends and family.

    also, you made me cry.

  75. Fan-freakin’-tastic. You have me misty-eyed and grinning from ear to ear. Congrats to the happy couple! They are too cute!

  76. This wasn’t funny.

    It was touching.

    I actually had to use a tissue to dab my eyes. What a wonderful thing to do for a couple who, for whatever reason, decided to get married at the City Hall. The look on Raff’s face when she walked up was priceless, and her dad just really seemed to be into it and having a great time.

    Nice work, all.

  77. The universe wanted this to happen, it seems everything went as perfectly as anyone could’ve hoped. I love everything IE does but this seemed a little more special than anything else. You’ve just given these two something to smile about for the rest of their lives. Bravo Charlie & Co.

  78. Awww…this is so sweet. Seeing that couple so happy just made my day (and me teary-eyed!).

    This was very special. You guys rock.

  79. This was one of the best I’ve seen from IE….Funerals and weddings…you’ve got a theme going.

  80. To the company: It is a real talent to bring unexpected joy into the world. Bravo! Your mission is an important one. Thanks for making this bride and groom and their family, and so many others so happy. As the aunt of these lovely nuptuella/o’s I can tell you they are very kind people who continue to act on behalf of others. Karma rules :) Zia.

  81. What a fantastic idea and result. Thanks for adding some happiness into the world, I love what you guys do.

  82. Wow…this one made me cry as well! The smiles on the faces of the bride, groom, and their families are priceless. Who needs funny when you get that kind of emotion from what you are doing. This one was amazing! Keep it up! Can’t wait to get your book!!

  83. That’s such a wonderful post. Your “mission” was commendable and made for great reading and the family you picked worked out so well. I wish them a long and happy marriage. And I hope y’all continue with your entertaining missions!

  84. The bride had the greatest easy smile. What a cool thing. Wished I lived in NYC so I could enlist.

  85. Congrats to Frank & Raff, two thumbs up for IE. Another one pulled off with excellent taste! :)

  86. Think this is just so incredibly fabulous! It must be the Age of Enlightenmnet, Heavn on Earth for such things to be happening in NY city. Thank you making the world a better place for everyone. Such good karma you are creating for yourself and the world. Bless you dear ones.

    Such a great anad marvelous things. Would love to hear a follow-up, what they told their friends, and how the rest of their day and week went, after this great beginning.

    Thanks again for all you do to make life better.

  87. This was amazing, just the kind of thing you needed after that funeral fiasco ;) The only thing missing was inflatable hammers: GO GREEN SHIRTS!

  88. very sweet, but the surprise parties and “best [event] ever” scenes are getting a little played.

  89. I hope Raff and Agent Lindquist become friends :D They look like they really liked each other! Congrats, you two!

    By the way, this is an awesome mission–it reminds me of the Best Game Ever, which is probably my favorite. I love the ones that are just genuinely NICE.

  90. What a wonderful reception. You guys are awesome. This couple will have one of the most unique wedding stories and receptions ever, snd will hopefully be able to pass the story along for generations.

  91. This was, by far, the sweetest thing I’ve come across in a while. Buts WALL-E to shame, it does. Good work fellas!

  92. Sometimes y’all do stuff that’s on the edge of jerkiness, but with this one, all is forgiven. Good on ya’!

  93. I always see this small mission and i love to part of the small mission, how could I be part of it? is it publish on the website? or is it VIP members? hahaha j/k, i luv to be part of this missions please let me know how!

  94. I TOTALLY love all the photos in which the bride obviously can’t stop laughing! Keep spreading joy and surprises.

  95. This was so AWESOME! What a great story they’ll have to tell their childeren, grandchildren and great=grandchildren! It inspired me! I’d love to do this sometime for someone!

  96. Well done. Those were some awfully big smiles on the wedding parties faces. It reminded me of one of those pass it forward type stories.

  97. I LOVED this.

    But the important thing: What dress is that the bridesmaids are wearing? I’m looking on the old navy website right now and I can’t seem to find anything in that color…

    I ask because A good friend of mine is trying to put together her wedding, at a young age, on a budget, and asked her bridesmaids (also on a budget) to get their own dresses. All she asked was that they be purple, and it was fine if they were casual. So… yeah. I need one of those dresses! I’m in college and have like, 100 dollars in the bank!

  98. Absolutely wonderful. So kind, so much fun. I am sure the couple will treasure the day you made for them for the rest of their lives.

  99. In a time when all that we see in here that is random seems to involve death, destruction and mayhem, you decide to commit one of the most fabulous random acts of kindness of all time. It doesn’t matter that this wasn’t funny… It doesn’t matter that it was a staged event, filmed at every angle… What matters is that two people went downtown to have a small little courthouse wedding and walked away with their jaws hurting from smiling from what IE gave them. Each and every one of you who took part in this should be proud, excited, and looking to find away to out do yourselves in the future.

    And ya’all suck for making an old cynic cry. :P

  100. That just put a smile on my face. Call it your good deed for the year. Your pranks are always funny and entertaining, but this one was just fun for everyone. Perhaps it was your way to just have a good time with your agents and have your organization make someone’s day. Good job to you all.

  101. How DARLING!! Nice job, gang. Totally positive, feel-good gig during challenging times. How WONDERFUL… it’s like you guys were ‘paying it forward.’ What a groovy gig. I’m impressed by your dedication.

    FUN RULES!!! Happy Life to Raff and Frank – may all your strangers become your friends.

  102. I just cried watching this also… I dont understand how I had tears coming out of my eyes being that I am a 28 year old male but I think the idea of a couple that had no plans to have a reception and then have Charlie and his group throw one is very uplifting to the point that it made me happy to the point of tears..

  103. while not the funniest, i think this is my favorite. everything fell into place to hep make the day so much better. Definitely a thumbs up and big smile from me.

  104. This is freaking amazing. And I have to say, I’m a little horrified to admit, I totally teared up at this. Awesome job. Truly.

  105. I’m constantly looking for sources of good news to override the abundance of bad news. You are providing such an awesome treat. We need more of You to bring joy and fun back to life in our world.
    I, too had tears. Good tears. Happy tears.
    Thank you

  106. That was a fantastic idea and its nice to know that all the participants will have a lifelong memory of such a wonderful occasion. It was nice to see that everything happened without a visit from the NYPD (lol)

  107. Your mission is to make people happy, and the desire to do this is really wonderful and commendable. But you have a narrow conception of what happiness is, and don’t seem to realize that it’s not always something you can just foist upon people; you were fortunate that this couple was outgoing and comfortable enough to let you do this, and, in effect, feel as though you were making people happy. And you did make people happy. But it was all about you guys; it was about you making other people happy, not about the actual people whom you, fortunately, did end up making happy: but you knew nothing about them, nor did you know if this was the kind of thing they would like. It could have backfired; this was an extraordinarily personal and precious day, one people spend months, even years planning, and you took their control away from them and gave it to yourselves. Happiness is varied and subject to whims no one can expect; the forcefulness of your missions can have the adverse effect of making people less amenable to your “pranks” – for example, shy people, socially unconfident people, people who feel they have little control over their lives – suffer tremendously. I’m really happy that so many of the things you’ve done have made people so happy, but hope that you consider more deeply what happiness is; it’s not always a party, it’s not always giving people things they hadn’t expected. Sometimes it’s just listening to people, and this is something you never do. Your onslaughts are always, essentially, forms of just talking to and at people; you give them what you think they want, but don’t actually listen to anyone. I really hope that you continue to bring people only happiness, and that your projects never inflict any mental strain upon those less likely to take enjoyment in them.

    • @Ben,

      Nothing was foisted upon anyone. I asked if they wanted a reception and they gleefully said yes. Had they said no, I would have asked someone else. Had they said yes and then not enjoyed it, they probably would have left and we would have found someone else. Just as I would have found another “Ted” during Ted’s birthday had he left (I’m assuming by your tone that you recently listened to TAL.)

  108. Great Prank, hoever I was a little disappointed that you introduced yourself as being “from the mayor’s office” which is a blatant lie. Most of your other pranks don’t involve mistruths of any kind, and while I get that you had to get their permission, another approach could’ve been taken.

  109. It really was a remarkably relaxed and pleasant mission. I don’t know if it was the torrential downpour that kept any and all authorities from descending upon our wedding reception or what. I never had the nerve-wracking sense that I usually do that it’s a matter of time before the cops make an appearance. And yet we were completely surrounded by municipal buildings on all sides. Maybe it was Charlie lucking into those tents that made it look so “official”. I’d like to think that unlike loitering in a retail store like “Best Buy” for instance, nobody could possibly have the heart to break up such a feel-good prank. Raff and Frank were absolutely perfect, seemed to be having a great time and went with it to the hilt. My personal highlight though was watching those nuts performing the “Electric Slide” under a tent in a rainstorm in the middle of Lower Manhattan.
    How does anybody remember all those dance steps?

  110. When ever I think you guys can’t outdo yourselves you do. What a great couple and a wonderful idea.

    Keep up the good work!

  111. This is great! These days some people can’t afford a wedding let alone a reception! I’m sure you left them with a lot of memories to tell their kids. Good job!

  112. this was a brill improv. good job guys. it was great to see you make their day. couldn’t have done it better myself.
    i love improvising, i was at the tate modern in london on sat, with a load of others improving in the turbine hall. was v good.
    keep up the good work!

  113. i have seen just a few of your antics, acts of kindness, and fun events before today finding this one
    but this “surprise reception”, wow~~what a wonderfully sweet thing to do for anyone! this couple, especially raff, LOVED every minute of it from the get go~~and few brides look that fun at their own reception!! maybe it’s from all the planning she missed out on for this event!

    i’m hooked!

  114. This boosts my faith in artists, and I’m sure those “cynical New Yorkers” got a boost of faith in humanity as well. Thanks tons for giving me a memory so happy I cried!

  115. That was really adorable and really sweet. I love it.

    Do they still think you worked for the mayor’s office, though?

  116. impresionante. ehnorabuena, ojala lo hicieramos en españa.

    Impressive, congratulations, i wish do something like that in spain.


  117. As always, complete awesome sauce from the team! You guys should actually be on the city payroll for doing this stuff! In a world full of negativity and hurt, this is a shining beacon of real humanity. Bravo!

  118. Not only was this improv a wonderfully kind thing to do, but the agents were so generous – the tents, outfits, catering, dj, gifts… and the piece de resistance, the pedicab with a “Just Married” sign. Know this, world: pranksters are really special people deep down. Just one question: are Frank & Raff agents, too?

  119. You guys are AMAZING!!! You’ve brought a smile to my face and laughter to my day!!! Keep making people laugh…maybe that’s the ingredient most are missing in their daily recipe!!! Thank you!! =P

  120. You know you succeeded when you make people cry at a fake wedding reception! All you missed was a family fight off in the corner somewhere.

  121. What you are doing is fabulous! The wedding brought me to tears. It is a heartfelt, truly wonderful endeavor. I’m in and out of New York and would Love to play with your group any time. The website is something I posted a couple of days ago. With much Love and Thanks, Jim Klein

  122. I loved this one! It made me all teary-eyed. Definitely a story they’ll have for the rest of their lives.

  123. You guys are so cool!! You make my day over and over every day by watching your videos. This one is the best cause you made that couples day just that much better!! Keep it up! I love it

  124. That was absolutely awesome!!! You guys not only put smiles on Raff and Frank’s faces, but everyone who has ever watched this video. If you ever decide to do one in Spartanburg S.C., I would love to participate. :) :) :)

  125. You folks are totally amazing. This brought tears to my eyes. It is a story this couple (and everyone involved) will never ever forget.

  126. The couple said it best…you gave them a wonderful story to pass on. Judging by the smiles on the faces in the pics, everyone (agents and non-agents) had a great time. Very nice…

  127. I have tears in my eyes. Tears like a sissy would have, not like someone who is scared or is laughing. That’s a really beautiful moment you sculpted

  128. This has to be one of my favorite IE missions. The goal of IE has always been to “cause chaos and joy” (as it says on the sidebar of the site), and I can’t think of a better way to have brought joy into a couple’s life than to make their special day even more special.

  129. When I read this, I was reminded of your (fake) funeral, and was wondering how a real event would actually turn out. It looks like it turned out practically perfect! Everytime I read about one of your improvs, I want to be there in person.

  130. So nice, they really seem like a wonderful couple, their reaction was nice and I’d be happy if I was one of them. Such a nice wedding, keep it up, guys! :)

  131. I’m so glad to know it isn’t just me that got teary! What a random and sweet thing to do. You gave them a great memory. Awesome.

  132. Hey Friends!
    I just caught this post and I say with the greatest confidence that this couple was potentially the greatest catch of all.
    I grew up with Raff and Raff is on my top five most fun people I’ve encountered in life thus far. So many of my most hilarious memories of high school feature Raff at the center. I am pumped that she and Frank were the people you chose. This is so something that WOULD happen to Raff. Outrageous!
    Congrats ALL!

    Love from Boston

  133. I just want to say: while this is an awesome improv, you all probably did more good than you realize.

    Given how expensive weddings are, a lot of people can’t afford full receptions nowadays. You may have just made their life.

  134. Just stumbled upon your website, amazing, there are no other words. Congrats to the lucky couple.

  135. That was wonderful and amazing! I cried the whole time I watched in and felt so happy for the couple. What a wonderful thing you did. You gave them more then a reception, you acknowledged and witnessed one of the happiest days of their lives. When you get in engaged or get married you just want the whole world to know and share your happiness. Not all couples are fortunate enough to have the resources do that but for one lucky happy couple you made it happen. Just look how excited they were to get married, both dressed so lovely and with close family members to excited to share their day. I think it’s awesome what you gave them, absolutely awesome. Wish I could have been a part of it.
    Well done!

  136. You guys are AWESOME! I think life is about stories and you have given this couple one they will never forget and which will bring a smile to the faces of everyone they tell it to.

  137. This one I really enjoyed. I love the idea of random connections with meaningful purposes. I fully support pranks/ gestures that incorporate this kind of sharing and celebration of life.

    I think it is a wonderful idea, and I hope you have many more.


  138. I love it. Thank you for blessing Frank & Raff with the best start to their life together–a random act of kindness and a great story to boot!