Mp3 Experiment Six – Save The Date

photo by hotdogger13

The Mp3 Experiment Six will take place on Saturday, May 23 at 4:00 PM on Roosevelt Island in New York City. Save the date! You can RSVP on Facebook.

Mp3 download and complete instructions are now online. Learn about previous Mp3 Experiments.

Praise Steve!


  1. Last years event was a lot of fun but the instruction to interact with a non-participant really didn’t work well since almost everyone on the island was a participant.

    Signing on the boat back to Manhattan was a lot of fun. Maybe we could have musical gondolas this year.

    Will this is be a “purple” event again or will, lets say, another color besides “Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green” be involved?

  2. One more reason to be sad for not living in NY. =/

    Hey, I’ve heard that some time ago there was a kind of downloadable kit that aided in the development of MP3s for events like the MP3 Experiment. A guy told me that on the Urban Prankster Network, saying it once was somewhere in IE’s website, but not anymore.

    Could anyone tell me if it’s still possible to get this kit? I have a pranksters group in my city and thought about doing an MP3 Experiment-like thing in July (due to vacation and organization and stuff).

    And have fun on MP3 Experiment Six for me, everyone!

  3. Aww… I was hoping to come to this one, especially since I live in NYS. But I don’t live in NYC and won’t likely have a way there. :(

  4. Since I’m moving to the NYC area that week, I might actually have a chance at going. Weee. Might have to look up some folks from college I haven’t seen in ages to see if they’d go with me.

  5. Will this MP3 Experiment be canceled if the swine flu took over Roosevelt Island before us?

    – Sarah S

  6. Charlie Todd – YOU are amazing my friend. I just stumbled on your website and have spent the last hour howling/crying/PIMP!!! I only wish I could be in NY that weekend to join in the fun. Look forward to the hearing about the adventure/the stories/pictures afterwards…

  7. Feel free to come to Seattle anytime! Our current improv group is a bit… unorganized. Would love to see the MP3 Experiment here.

  8. curious to find out!! My two friends were in lA on Holly wood Blvd a couple of weeks ago and discribed something the same as the frozen in time people to me so I started to google it and found you. Was that you guys? Will anything ever be posted about it? they were right there in the middle of it when it happened and they were stunned it sounded awesome!!

  9. Please, we should do this in Montreal! I’m sick of Toronto getting to do this and not Montreal!

  10. Is there going to be one in Chicago this year? I missed it last year. It looks exciting.

  11. I went to the one last year and I had a total blast. Unfortunately I’m going to a convention in Boston that weekend and I really wish I could do both. Too bad Boston is 4 hours away. Oh well, I hope it’s super fun!

  12. well why is it always at NYC, West Coast wants to play too. try Tucson AZ or Phoenix, AZ I can get me and a group to do the mp3 challenge there easily. :P

  13. Darn! I’m going away that week to west coast! :( are you going to have one in Sf? I remember you had the experiment in several ciies last year. I wish you would still do the same this year :(

  14. Because most people are free on Saturdays. And Sundays generally make you too lazy.

  15. This looks like such a blast! You should come to Vancouver, you would probably get a TON of people to participate!

    Keep it up, how funny! :)

    • @Sarah,

      From Penn Station, walk one block to the F train on 6th Avenue and 34th and take it towards Queens. Get off at the Roosevelt Island stop.

  16. Can’t wait to make it this year! Just wish it wasn’t on Memorial Day weekend! Invited 50 friends, none of them can make it due to plans on the holiday weekend! grrr. I’ll be coming alone as I did for No Pants!
    I’m looking forward to the Tram ride to RI, never been on it before!

  17. I am so looking forward to this!! This is my first time. Yeah.

    I really hope the files and further information will be online before May 18th since I will have no access to the internet after that date.

  18. It would be even cooler to coordinate this internationally and have parks around the world filled with crazies-in-synch. I’d definitely put that into consideration for next year. This stuff is awesome. Keep it up!

  19. Charlie –
    Do you have any idea how long it’s going to be and the traffic conditions afterward?

    – Sarah

  20. @Liza (near the top)

    I loved the signing on the boats too, but I think it was more unofficial than anything else. Let’s agree to start up some singin’ on the ferries on the way back.