No Pants 2k9 Regional Reports

No Pants in Atlanta, GA. Photo by April Hunt

If you participated in one of the 24 regional No Pants Subway Rides today across the world, leave us an agent report in the comments letting us know how it went. Post links to any photos and videos from your town’s event as well. Let us know how many people participated and what the temperature was.

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Thanks for participating!

No Pants in Los Angeles, CA. Photo by Chad Nicholson


  1. We’re working on the report and the video as we speak. We had a blast in Amsterdam, even though it was -4 c (25 f) and the central heating of the subway system did not function properly… Expect our material soon!

    Hope everyone around the world had fun today!


    ~AltijdAndries (Shoqs – The Netherlands)

  2. The Gobi Lumberjacks in Atlanta actually managed to pull this off. We will be posting stories and experiences and photos at this discussion on the Urban Prankster Network site:

    I didn’t hear many comments, just got some strange looks. But the best and funniest thing I overheard someone say, after discovering pantless people in both of the trains they could see was, “I dunno… maybe it’s a game show and they’re all trying to win money.”

  3. Phoenix had about 100 agents on our new light rail (less than a month old). We also had extensive press and TV coverage, but we don’t know how muchof it will get published or broadcast. The cars were packed even without us.

    There were a number of “Oh my God” and similar comments when we took off our pants, but hardly any reaction after that, at least in my part of the car.

    On the return trip, the cars weren’t nearly as full, but no one seemedto notice.

  4. Ahh! That’s me reading Albert Camus! Score. Today was such a fun day. I got to meet a lot of really friendly people and bring excitement into peoples lives!

  5. DC was unfortunately… much shorter than last year.

    due to at least one sour apple on one train… the police told the group I was in to put our pants on after only two stops.

    Slowly others were also required to put theirs on as well.

    Last year went much better… its a shame that someone could not see the humor and ruined it for everyone :-\

  6. Boston was well organized and the T staff were supportive. I was impressed by the number of guys wearing suit and ties. One even had pinstripe underpants to boot. My personal favorite were some paisley boxers.

    The pantless riders outnumbered the pants-wearing photographers. People armed with one or more cameras were out in force and took many, many pictures.

    The pantless riders also outnumbered the pants-wearing passengers, so I didn’t get to see that many reactions in Red line car #3.
    One older gentleman sitting next to me asked why people weren’t wearing pants, then commented he thought it was a protest.

    I felt sorry for the groups assigned to get out at Charles Street which is an outside elevated platform. It was only 20F degrees out. When they got back on at the next train some of their legs were red. Like most everyone else they continued to act nonchalant while secretly having a grand old time.

  7. a little chilly here in Denver – one issue with the Wackenhut guard who told us that we would be cited for indecent exposure because the trains and the stations are private property – we rode anyway

  8. This was so much fun.. after it was over, we got a group of like 15 people to go “pants shopping” in American Eagle… it was so funny! The staff was laughing at us.. oh man..

  9. I joined the GuerriLA (and BKLA?) for the Los Angeles Mission. Went really great. No police problems whatsoever. At least, that I saw; I and a friend broke of from the party heading back so I may have missed everything that happened on the train back. We should have planned to eat somewhere in Hollywood before returning. :( My friend and I wore pants on the return trip. We had a very fun time walking around Hollywood without pants.

  10. Unfortunately DC was stricken with weather problems so pants were taken off in an entryway to our subway system. Because things got clogged up DC police were called in.

    No arrests were made and many riders had no problem, but there were some people that were told to put their pants back on, truncating the event a bit more than many would have liked. Some of the group scattered at that point, but most people did complete the mission without problems.

    We still have some great shots and video and had a great time at the event and after-party.

  11. We had a couple different groups in Portland, OR. Ours was a smaller group which was perfect– about 15 to the 2 car train. Everyone was so well behaved and stayed in character. It was 38 degrees out during our event, which sounds pretty toasty compared to some of the other city. Pictures are on our event page. Happy No-Pants Day! We need a report from the 2 other Portland groups!

  12. Frickin’ freezing in Chicago today. Standing on the platforms, with snow collecting in my leg hair, was murder, but all-in-all today was great. I struggled to keep a straight face while explaining to a CTA employee that I had just forgotten my pants this morning. After a few stops of confusion he hopped off to alert the driver, “You know there’s half-naked people on your train?” Good times.

  13. As Agent Teddy above said, the Toronto mission went well. It was -9 without windchill. But we had a great turnout of 300 people. Also the police basically baricaded the stations. They were waiting at every station in the area, and they came along for the ride with us on the subway.

    Charlie I’ll be emailing you pictures tomorrow. Though the video may take a couple days.

    And there’s a working link of the Toronto Sun article:

  14. Superb turnout in Phoenix! The trains were packed, and as Michelle noted above, a lot of the media heard about us through Facebook and Twitter.

    Our light rail is pretty puny compared to NYC (one line, back and forth) so we just grabbed a few cars and coordinated through Twitter, sharing pics as we went.

    Everyone was well behaved, and we hope we raised the awareness of the local IE group to get momentum for other local events.

    Great set of AZ pictures building on Flickr:

  15. Viennas Event ran perfectly smooth, no police, no complaints …

    We were kind of shocked when at the meeting point all of a sudden there was a HUGE camera with a big microphone from some production company that wanted to film the whole event …. we had to discuss a little but in the end they promised to only make footage of the instructions we gave beforehand with that camera, later in the metro they used their small camcorder to record more material.

    Hopefully, we will have some pictures up soon and there will be video material as well, we will send it your way charlie as soon as we have it, just not sure how fast we can manage :(

    The group participating was rather small, about 21 pantless riders, but we had a blast and it was great seeing the reactions from people around us.
    All in all it went a lot smoother than I had expected. Vienna tends to be …. a little prude … regarding such activities … :)

  16. The San Francisco group was a blast. The highlight was when we all disrobed in front of our meeting place outside the Dalva bar a few blocks from the Mission BART station. We flooded the sidewalk just as a blind guy was coming through. Took less than a second to make room and he was highly amused when another agent explained what was going on. (I have some of his reaction on video.)

    We proudly marched down 16th street, cheered a fire engine, and caused quite a ruckus once we were in the station. Slight buzzkill when the cops came through carrying some maybe-homeless, definitely-did something-bad, and bleeding from the head guy up the stairs as we headed to the platforms.

    Got off at Embarcadero and got on a MUNI line towards Ocean View (The J?) in two groups, me being in the second. Extremely cramped with mostly pantsless folks and there was a near incident when a group of thugs came in and started giving us attitude about being in the freezing cold (mid 60s at least) and taking pictures. One of them may have been trying to touch the butt of somebody in the middle of the train and I think most of us were happy to finally get off in the Castro at Harvey Milk Plaza.

    We walked right into the middle of a Palestine-Israel protest, with a huge crowd with drums and signs and Palestinian flags on our side, and a small group of counter protesters in front of the bar we wanted to end up at. Some hit the bar, some made the well-dressed Israel side look silly, and the rest of us dispersed, not all pantsed.

  17. Cpp here, funny story.

    I was out with PKLA, an LA-based parkour meetup group (we jump over stuff), and our fearless leader decided he wanted to go see the pant-less people on the subway, so we headed over there. Then i took off my pants. It was great fun, thanks everyone!

    so thats why there were people yelling “PKLA” and “PK”, so our members didn’t get lost.

    Even the ones who were wearing pants :p

    By the way, if anyone is interested in pk, just look up the meetup group.

  18. Portland went super smooth. There where two groups of us (never saw the other group) we started with around 35 and people kept joining us. Great time, kind of cold but we all had a good time. Many onlookers and many overheard phone conversations…
    Memorable moments; Son no older than 9 takes mom’s phone and starts taking shots of the girls from very low angle. Mom gets mad because son is using up all her memory on her phone…
    Man joins in the fun has no underwear on and begins to jump up and down…

  19. No Pants 2k9 went off without a hitch for Plan B.

    Parking at the Mall of America was a nightmare, as the day was relatively nice and everyone was out and about.

    I walked into the Transit Station at the Mall and purchased my event ticket, and then placed a phone call to Scott. I spoke loudly into the phone for the benefit of the crowd around me and said “I don’t know if anyone else is here.”

    Immediately, two people waved at me and said “We are here!”

    The plan was to meet at 2PM and then board the Light Rail. We would then ride all the way into Downtown Minneapolis, and back. The pants would come off before the first stop.

    After we boarded the train, the plan changed “disrobing” before the third stop in line. We would then disembark from the train, and run to the next car and reboard.

    This went off without a hitch. As the stop was announced, everyone stood up and dropped their pants. We got some interesting looks from the people around us. As soon as the train stopped, we moved from one car to the next, and proceeded to ignore each other, and read our books, sight see, or talk with strangers.

    Noone approached me during the event, but several people looked at me and the others as if we were nuts.

    The best reaction I got was a woman in a parka as she boarded the train. She sat down, lowered the zipper on her parka and lowered her hood, before looking up and noticing us. She immediately put her hood back up and rezipped her jacket. She rode the rail the rest of the way like that.

    After we got back to the Mall of America, we went into the Transit station, and put our pants back on. We then went into the mall and sat at Ruby Tuesday’s while we talked about the event, and planned for the 1 year Plan B Anniversary Event…

    We had a lot of fun, I hit on the waitress of course, and she played along wonderfully.
    All in all, we had a great time, and the Youtube video will be posted shortly.

    Plan B Minnesota Mission Logs:
    Plan B’s Youtube Video!

  20. @Jeff,

    It looks like you guys had an Associated Press camera guy at your event. Either that or one of the local news outlets sold footage to the AP. Once it’s AP, it can show up anywhere, even the Netherlands. Maybe one of the guys from Shoqs (the Dutch urban prankster group) can translate.

  21. Atlanta got onto the 6 o’clock and late night TV news (after football game) on the local Fox affiliate. We are going to try to get a copy of the video since they have nothing on their website. We also made the AJC print version of the Sunday Paper, 2nd addition – Metro Section. Same writer of the online link above and same photos in B&W.

    Photo updates on Facebook: