No Pants is Tomorrow

Last year’s No Pants

Reminder: No Pants 2k9 is tomorrow in New York City and 24 cities worldwide! There are 9 countries involved this year, including Korea, Poland, and Australia. We’re expecting snow in New York, which would be a first.

New York City details

Details for other cities

Check back here Saturday night and all day Sunday for initial reports and photos. We hope to have a video up by early next week.

Complete history of The No Pants! Subway Ride


  1. 17 hours untill the Dutch event… I wish all participants worldwide a load of fun, can’t wait to see the results!


    Ps: The central heating in the Amsterdam subway system broke down, so we’re up for a very very cold trip… Luckily, they will be handing out free hot chocolate to make up for it! ;)

  2. I wish everyone good luck for the eighth anual No-Pants Ride! I really wish I could be there in Manhattan but I’ve got so much to do. I would go and get to my underwear but sadly, well, let’s just leave it at that. Once again, good lucky to everyone and hopefully you guys have fun!

  3. OMG that was so awsome my favorite is the one where all of these random twins are on a subway mirrorring each other.Well good luck i wish i could be there with my pants off but im busy so good luck!!!