Improv Everywhere Documentary

Senior Improv Everywhere Agents Matt Adams and Katie Sokoler are starting work on a feature length documentary on Improv Everywhere and want as many agents as possible to be a part of the film.

Agent Adams explains:

It’s going to be told from the perspective of the group and we will be focusing on personal stories from agents involved. If you have a strong opinion about IE or just an anecdote that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear your story.

After we go through all the emails we will contact those who we feel would be right to be interviewed for the documentary. We will be shooting in NYC in January and February but if you are from another state or even another country, please email your stories as we may be able to do interviews in other locations in the coming months.

Here’s a few examples of questions that may apply to you:

How would you define Improv Everywhere?

Have you made new friends at missions?

Did you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend at an IE mission?

Have you ever done a mission with your entire family?

Why do you participate in IE missions?

What was your favorite mission and why?

What is the strangest thing that ever happened to you at a mission?

Please contact us at


Matt Adams and Katie Sokoler