Improv Everywhere Documentary

Senior Improv Everywhere Agents Matt Adams and Katie Sokoler are starting work on a feature length documentary on Improv Everywhere and want as many agents as possible to be a part of the film.

Agent Adams explains:

It’s going to be told from the perspective of the group and we will be focusing on personal stories from agents involved. If you have a strong opinion about IE or just an anecdote that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear your story.

After we go through all the emails we will contact those who we feel would be right to be interviewed for the documentary. We will be shooting in NYC in January and February but if you are from another state or even another country, please email your stories as we may be able to do interviews in other locations in the coming months.

Here’s a few examples of questions that may apply to you:

How would you define Improv Everywhere?

Have you made new friends at missions?

Did you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend at an IE mission?

Have you ever done a mission with your entire family?

Why do you participate in IE missions?

What was your favorite mission and why?

What is the strangest thing that ever happened to you at a mission?

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Matt Adams and Katie Sokoler


  1. Agent Hurricane Andrew has two missions under his belt – the MP3 experiment 4 and No Shirts. Andrew may be one of the youngest agents to participate on his own in a mission. He is the little kid that was interviewed after the “No Shirts” mission, after emerging out of Abercrombie & Fitch, was asked, “What did you find funny?” and his reply, “The Prices!”

    Mission “No Shirts” was the most fun because I got a lot of attention. I got the football after the mission was over. I still have it.

    The strangest thing happened to me at a mission – No Shirts – “A young saleslady walked up to me and said, “You’re too young for this. Put your shirt on.” She made me put my shirt back on. She said, “You have to put your shirt on or you have to leave.”

    Agent Hurricane Andrew, aka Andrew Mitchell, resides in Hoboken, NJ.

  2. Improv Everywhere is one of the only one of the best intertainment video i ever seen in my whole life,it’s awesome ,wonderful,greatest performances of a lifetime on comedy scenes.I loved it!Keep it coming for more!Cheers & Congrats!!

  3. Hi, I’m a London agent and a huge fan of IE. It’s especially important in the UK, particularly in London, where British culture enforces a resolute ‘No Eye Contact’ protocol among ‘strangers’ in public. In this way, the recent High Five intervention in NYC might have made a very different impact among the British who don’t know how to do a High Five, much less negotiate the friendliness of a stranger making contact in public.
    My favourite one though was the spontaneous dancing at Liverpool Street. It was perfectly designed to appeal to the British love of eccentricity without imposing on personal dignity or demanding direct contact. I think this is the kind of event that helps Brits break out of their self-imposed public isolation and see the whimsical charm and delightfulness of their fellow passangers in train stations. It certainly made loads of people smile and laugh and dance a little on their way home. That’s the very best we can hope for and the most meaningful aspect of art and IE. It keeps us human in the face of overwhelming urban indifference and reminds us all that the world is yet run by PEOPLE, live people, with humour and kindness. IE makes it easier to like each other, relax the fortress walls a bit and stand down the guar.
    If you need any help in London with your documentary, I’d be very keen to do whatever I can to support your project. I can be reached through my website, or by email at
    All the best, Meg Green, London UK