Mp3 Experiment Update

via hobnox

We’ve got some new Mp3 Experiment content to share. We did a live show at the InterFilm Festival in Berlin earlier this month and held an Mp3 Experiment right in the heart of the city. About 300 Germans came out to participate. It was a blast to do it in such a crowded urban area, and the language barrier was interesting to see. Most Germans speak English quite well, but certain words were lost in translation, like “charge,” which led to me being the only person to run at the start of the battle! Check out the results in the video above and this photo set.

Yahoo! has some awesome new stuff up from this fall’s Mp3 Experiment Tour of North America. Head over to their site for an awesome behind the scenes interview as well as outtake clips from each of the four cities on the tour.


  1. To my mind it’s a kind of arrogance to say “everyone knows english” and offer the mp3 in English only. Yeah, for sure, almost everyone taking part in that event is able to speak and unserstand English – but not with that “nice” voice distortion effect. It took most of the fun and left as being angry at the organizer for his arrogance.

  2. @Andreas –

    I don’t think the use of the English track was due to “arrogance” actually. It sounds from Charlie (Agent Todd)’s post that it was an impromptu experiment, and I’m sure they didn’t have enough time to record a whole new track in German. It was exactly what the name suggests–an experiment :) A cross cultural, cross language one.

    It doesn’t bother me that IE used the English version in Germany; what DOES bother me is attitudes demonstrated by people like sam, who posted above.

  3. Nice to see more missions in Europe.

    That the track was in English shouldn’t be too much of a problem, as most people in Europe speak English pretty well. It might even be better, as English allows people from different countries to participate.

  4. ¡¡¡That was so cool!!!

    ¡¡¡You have to come to Madrid!!! ^^
    But there would be really confussion.. the most of the Spanish don’t speak english :(

    But i’m sure you would find good translators ^^