Mp3 Chicago – Thanks!

Chicago skyline by YoChicago1

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to The Mp3 Experiment Chicago Today! Agent Nicholson’s photos are below. The video will be ready in a few weeks. All of today’s music was created by Tyler Walker.

Agent Nicholson’s Highlight Set
Agent Nicholson’s Full Set

Today was the last stop on our 4-city North American Tour. Thanks again to Yahoo! for making it possible for us to bring The Mp3 Experiment to three new cities.


  1. Tons of fun! Frankly, I think the rain added to the craziness. Well worth the trip from Madison!

    Oh, and the Red/Yellow team totally won the epic battle. I could tell. =)

  2. Wow, that was amazing! And yes, red/yellow completely destroyed blue/green in the epic battle. I was a red, I would know. My first IE mission, as well.

  3. Everyone died in the end anyway, so there really was no real “winner”. :P

    First IE Mission as well– Hope to see it again in Chicago! :)

  4. Guys, what? Where were the reds/yellows when I needed my own grandiose death? :( They were…well, dead. I had to suffer from friendly stab to get my scene. (yaaay blue)

    SO AWESOME. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say thank *you* for picking Chicago for one of your stops. :) It was an honor to be able to participate, and I can’t wait for the videos and pictures!

  5. That was one EPIC battle! I have to admit the rain and the muddiness added to the fun, though I hope the aerial shots turned out all right with the scattered umbrellas.

    Also, thanks to everyone who stuck around for the post-mp3 game of red rover — that was great!

  6. Can’t say when the last time was that I had *that* much fun. There aren’t many things cooler than 1.5 jabillion strangers playing thumbwars with each other in the middle of Lincoln Park :)

    You guys are awesome to put it together and make it happen. Thanks for the laughter!

  7. What a blast!!! Telling everyone afterwards who didn’t go- “Ya had to have been there”- priceless! My youngest niece had no clue what the “park visit” was all about, until her ipod started talking to her… :)

    Keep this up!!! Everyone needs to GET KID every once and awhile!

  8. That was pretty cool. And I have to say, I was a little starstruck to see Charlie out there participating with us.

    It’s too bad about the rain… it wasn’t horrible, but I think the combination of upsetting people’s umbrella habits as well as meaning less non-involved people in the park was a bit of a bummer.

  9. Incredible, so glad you guys made it to Chicago. Thanks to all who put this on, and to all who showed up to be a part of it. It was an honor to fight with you, against you, and eventually be pummeled by those lethal balloons with you.

  10. That was jabillion times ahhhmazing. And that chick in red who was crying during (her) epic death – your tears were truly ~epic~. Either that or somebody just stepped on your patent leather peep toes.

  11. that was great, first thing like this that i have been able to do, the rain just made the battle seem so much more epic :-)

  12. Had a great time, though I wish I had been able to stick around for a while to hangout with the cute girl from Michigan who was a part of my equilateral triangle!




  14. What an absolute blast! I was also pleasantly surprised seeing Charlie Todd out there- after seeing him in all the videos I feel like I know him. I loved the twirling umbrellas converging the best I think.

    I found a black motorola razor type phone on the “battlefield” It has a 269 area code. If you either email me (akialyn at sbclglobal dot net) with the full phone number or call the phone between 5-10pm EST before the battery runs out I will mail it back to you. If I don’t hear anything in a week I’ll drop it at the centennial store to see if they can get it back to its owner.

    I hope to see this come back to Chicago next year!

  15. Epic event guys. I do believe the rain added to it as well.

    As Lackadaisicaal said above, that post-mp3 game of red rover was fantastic too. So much fun.

    Also, if Charlie’s reading this, thanks for hanging around and talking after the event, it was nice meeting you.

    k thnx,

  16. The best thing I have done in forever. So glad I came. There’s nothing more I can say that hasn’t already been said. =]

    I would like to thank the lady that blew up a balloon for me again though. =]
    Thank you very much, as small as it was I did plenty of lethal damage before being killed.

  17. To the green shirted fellow who let me win all our rounds of thumb war – thank you!

    I didn’t even notice the rain by the time the epic battle rolled around. I was FAR too busy having fun. And to the guy on the red/yellow team who thought to bring the bag of extra balloons, thanks to you, too!

  18. The battle was unbelievable. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun! I was sick as a dog and I was still out there rolling around in the mud. Definitely worth it though! I hope it comes back next year so I can experience it again!!! EPIC BATTLE!

  19. It was definitely a lot of fun.
    Helicopters ftw!

    I had a missed connection. Not romantic but I could tell we could have been friends!

    I was with Beatrice and we met at 1:35. You were wearing short a short sleeved red shirt and were looking for the restroom. You asked us where it was and then I said “we’re supposed to stay away from you!”.

    So if this sounds like you please contact myself and Beatrice (if you care enough at kabbadonna at . I didn’t mean to me rude and accept my apology if you choose not to contact us. :-P

    Also, props to the guy that I thumb-war-ed with.

  20. Was an awesome time! Really glad my Dad and I flew out from Maryland to do it. The thumbwar, “attacker and defender”, hug, and epic battle were definitely the highlights of the mp3. Hopefully, I’ll be able to participate in a mission again sometime soon.


    P.S. I was bummed I only got to see you before and during the mission. I couldn’t walk up to you because of the rules, but it would’ve been kick-ass to get a picture with you to brag to a few friends. haha. Maybe sometime in a future mission!

  21. Wow that was sooo fun. my friends brought me to it and all the while I kept thinking what are they getting me into LOL — I’m so glad they did , it was really a cool experience. Lots of cute guys too LOL LOL I was trying to tell another friend about it and it’s just something you can’t describe very well. You have to experience it first hand. I hope there are more in the near future. Thank you to Improve Everywhere for doing this!!!. And yes the Red/Yellow team WON hands down!!! :-D

  22. That was an EPIC battle. (Epic battle!)
    The game of red rover after [even though I got in late] was awesome.

    On a more serious note, I found some car keys on the field durring Tetris. If anyone lost their car keys, email me at:
    andres.paz020 {at} gmail {dot} com
    Please include a description of the keys [objects on the key ring, type of car, etc] so that I know they are yours, and a phone number, so I can call you back and try to meet you [ Although it may be hard to meet you, I’m grounded because I got home really late >_< ]

  23. It was wonderful! I can’t wait to see the videos and pics from it! My first IE as well!! LOVED IT!

    Can you do the CTA no pants ride this winter too? PLEASE?!?!?!

    -im an archi-

  24. That was indeed highly entertaining despite the weather. I arrived half an hour early, and was amused as I realized just how many colored shirts I was seeing. The EPIC BATTLE (epic!) was great. I think someone was sitting on me after I died, though! And green/blue totally won.

  25. It was a blast. Much thanks to the organizers.

    Thought I’d share a brief conversation I had with a nonparticipator before the event:

    Guy with Dog: What’s going on here?
    Me: I’m not quite sure.
    Guy with Dog: Looks like some kind of photo shoot.

    Guess he wasn’t that far off!

  26. It was a blast and I was surprised at how many people I knew who were there.

    the helicopter form above was a little unnerving but I hope they got some good documentation.

  27. Thank you so much for coming out to chicago. I had this sweet moment of togetherness, which was so refreshing in a big city.
    Note to self: even if you have your ipod on hold and your earphones get unplugged, the music gets switched to hold and can’t be turned back on again until after you switch hold off again.
    I had such a great time and will be talking about it for quite a while.

  28. Good times. I’m glad I read ahead of time that in previous Mp3 experiments there was a little buffer at the beginning. I was still on the Lake Shore bike path with a semi-flat tire at 2:00 but I pulled over to press play and kept going. I was doing breathing exercises on my bike as I peddled across the bridge. Stretching on a bike not recommended however. Thanks for a beautiful rainy Sunday afternoon!

  29. Blue/Green Team were totally the winners!

    It was fun to finally be apart of the Experiment; thanks so much to those who organized it. I was the guy in blue (blueish hair an all) who was yelling “hold the lines!” and I also helped get people for the after-game of Red Rover. Thanks to those who played! and I that the ladies who fell really hard didn’t get hurt too bad!

    If anybody wants to try and help pull some ideas together for our own pranks feel free to find me through facebook!

    Brit L. Castañeda (copy and paste cuz you need the “ñ” or you won’t find me…

  30. That was freaky. I didn’t think that many ppl would show up.
    When we were asked to go hug someone with a different coloured shirt, i was surprised when a random chick ran up to me and practically jumped in my arms.
    Durring the “Twister game.” About everyone had their hands on my head!
    Super hilarious. I got to try more of these.

  31. I am from Michigan, and my friend and i drove to Chicago for IE. I LOVED it! I got so dirty and wet, and my shoes are shot…but it was such a blast. I hope there is another event soon!

  32. Thanks Charlie! I managed to make it into a few pictures on the sets. :D

    If anyone has any other pictures I’d like to see them, just post them in the comments!

  33. This was amazing guys. My crew and I drove all the way from Dayton, Ohio (5 hours) to be there and it was worth everything; every minute squished in the car, every penny spent on gas and tolls and every iota of mud on my jeans. Thanks, so much, and how bout hitting up Columbus or Cincinnati (or even, gasp, Dayton) for an event?
    We freaking loved this. Can’t wait to do it again.

  34. Where do I go to get emails about this? I’m in the Chicago group on IE global and got nothing in my mailbox.

    My gmail is trevdak, if you have any info on getting in on future chicago events.

  35. So! What a great time! Even thought my player for some reason only took the first 8 seconds of the file, and I ended up having to share headphones with my friend, and every time we accidentally unplugged them because we moved our heads in different directions we ended up further behind because of the automatic-hold function, and it was raining the whole time, it was still a blast! Note to self- next time wear clothes that don’t fear mud! And also double check the file >.<
    Red/Yellow TOTALLY won the Epic Battle (EPIC BATTLE!). I was one of the guys who brought extra balloons, some people were having trouble blowing up the ones they’d brought, so I’m glad I had some to spare. I really wanted to stay and play Red Rover, but my friend was allergic to mud and wanted to go =\
    The heckalopter kinda freaked me out, I thought maybe the cops thought we were rioting or something… heh.
    Looking forward to next year! -N.

  36. Ahhh Chicago!
    Coolest city ever.
    Or, at least, of the ones I’ve been to.
    Can’t wait to see the video!! I’m sure it’ll rock our socks.

  37. Wow! This was so great! It was definitely worth standing in the rain. Though it might have been better, had I actually remembered to use the ‘hold’ switch (yikes!). I pressed something that confused my player and it wouldn’t let me get back to the right spot! So thanks to whomever was dictating the human twister moves to me. I felt like that maybe wasn’t the point of the whole thing, but after driving 3 1/2 hours, I wasn’t about to give up. The epic battle was my favorite part (mostly ’cause I didn’t have to ask somebody to explain it to me). By the end, when there weren’t many greens and blues left standing, the reds and yellows turned on each other! I went down yelling, “Friendly fire!” (I was yellow). The whole thing was so much fun, despite the malfunction! Thanks IE for making it happen! :)

  38. Hey Charlie [Or anyone else with access to the WP admin panel], could you delete my email up there? A few weeks after I put it up here [I don’t use that email anywhere else, it’s my personal email] I started getting spam, I’m guessing because Ronald put it up as a direct email… Anyways, if you could delete it that would be great. I hate getting spam from these stupid web crawlers.