Mp3 San Francisco – Thanks!

Mission Dolores Park by ianmain

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to The Mp3 Experiment San Francisco Today! Some photos are below. The video will be ready in a few weeks. All of today’s music was created by Tyler Walker.

If you’re planning on attending tomorrow in Chicago, stay away from the photos and the comments section to avoid spoilers.

Agent Beale’s Flickr set
Agent Nicholson’s Highlight Flickr Set
Agent Nicholson’s Full Flickr Set

A big thanks also to Yahoo! for making this tour possible.


  1. I’m still sitting in the park relaxing from the great battle. That was so much fun! Thanks for making this happen!

  2. This was totally awesome! There were some syncing problems and I had to adjust my iPod a couple times, but it was one of the raddest group activites I’ve been a part of. More! I want more. But this time no balloon fights, and perhaps there’s a better way to get everyone synced, like have an IA agent with the correct sync there so people can get re-synced.

  3. Oh man, that was good times. I especially liked the “walk, stop, and jump” part. I felt like a kid on recess or P.E again.
    Like Lisa, I wish I’d been able to get people to join me, but oh well, maybe next time. Oh man! There’s gotta be another soon. Please do more stuff in SF!

  4. in-credible! Thank you for letting us unleash our creative inner children and partake in the best Monty Python-esque romp ever! Will you be posting the pix/videos somewhere??

  5. This event was beyond awesome and the epic battles rocked.
    I love when we made shade with our umbrellas. <3

    By the way, RED team is the best. :-)

  6. Man, this was so much fun today! I was so happy to finally be part of this group! This goes right up there with newmindspace’s pillow fight!

    Thanks guys. I hope you bring more events to SF in the future.

  7. This was HUGE fun.

    I can’t wait to see the pics and vids.

    I’ll be there for the next one, too. Don’t be too long.

    Thanks to the organizers and all the folks who came out.

  8. Thanks so much guys! This was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The weather was amazing and the games were a blast.


  9. I brought my roommate with me and, like everyone else, we had so much fun! I hope to see more of these events take place in SF. And just so everyone knows, Yellow Team was the best (I asked around and they all agreed :) -Raymond aka Agent BlueRay

  10. AMAZING. Fun time, great weather, happy people. Hey, you in the red shirt.

    Maybe coordinate a countdown clock somewhere for the start. :-)

  11. Thanks so much for bringing this to San Francisco! I had been hoping for years that I would be able to participate in an IE event and you guys finally gave me the chance :D

    Now to get on the IE Global site and help organize more fun!

  12. GREEN WOOT! Thanks for the fun! Post event, my mini group sat around over drinks trying to think up more fun events like this. We can’t wait to do more. It was awesome, thanks so much!

    PS- Hey Carmel. Looks like we both went home with the same intentions.

  13. This was a blasty blast! I’ve been a big fan of improv everywhere for a lil’ while now, and it was thrilling to have you guys in SF, hopefully you’ll be coming back soon.

  14. Horray for IE! Thank you soooo much for bringing this experiment to SF. I’ve been desperately hoping that a mission would be brought out here so I could participate, and it happened!

    Loved the umbrella canopy and the walk/stop/jump game. It was hilarious when everyone just jumped up and down continuously. =)

    I even found someone who had the same Threadless t-shirt that I did. GO TEAM RED!!

  15. MORE! Here in SF!!!!! Soon! Human beings being playful rather than fearful. YaY! Thank you gEEsuUs! BTW, the Grand Central Station mission was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen. So simple and so exquisite.

  16. This was INCREDIBLY fun. Thanks so much for organizing this!
    Twister was definitely one of the highlights – and also everybody jumping and clapping at the same time.
    It was great!

    My friend and I were a little late, so we missed the beginning hugging and hi-fiving but we got there in time for the umbrella-spinning and everything else.

    And by the way, team GREEN definitely won the epic battle. <33

  17. There will be links posted above soon to pictures from our official photographers. They’re great. And of course video (including helicopter shots!) in a couple of weeks. It was so much fun meeting so many of you and bringing out experiment to a new town!

  18. That was amazing! Am I the only one who was not at all surprised that half of SF seemed to know about the event? … But anyway, good job you guys!

  19. Wowza Wow Wee! That was a ton-o-fun today. I’m grateful that Yahoo! made it possible for you to come to SF for the MP3 Experiment. I totally agree with a prior post, it was a great way to bring people together in a world that seems to always be in a hurry. Thanks for the opportunity to “play” and be a kid again, if only for an hour. :-D Please come back soon!

  20. Hi IE! This is the most fun I’ve had in ages. Thanks for bringing this to SF. My faves were the hugs, thumb wars and, of course, the EPIC BATTLE :-) All colors rocked it out. Can’t wait for the rest of the pics and video.

  21. Any idea of Nicholson’s photos will be posted in high resolution? The ones up right now are really low res, and they also look like they were sized down using a very low quality scaler, causing lots of aliasing. I’d love to save some high res versions!

  22. Hey everybody. I’m glad you guys had fun. I’m listening to the mp3 right now, as I wasn’t able to go yesterday. I can’t wait for the video, and I REALLY hope the mp3 experiment comes to somewhere between San Diego and LA next year or something…

  23. That was so much fun!! I have been following your site for a no. of years now and was so glad to have the chance to play. Thank you!
    Green rocks!!

  24. drove up from la for this event with some friends, and was glad i did. had such a great time. thanks for putting it on and i hope to participate again next year.

    go green!!!

  25. As a native New Yorker and an undergrad in Boston, I missed out on a ton of these right in my backyard because I hadn’t heard about it at the time. I graduated and got a job in Bakersfield, CA.

    So when I heard about MP3-SF, I didn’t hesitate. My wife and I freed up our weekend, booked a hotel online, packed up the car, woke up at 6am drove 300 miles north for this.

    How come no one told us it was LoveFest weekend?! Heh!

    We had a wonderful time; hopefully for the next tour, L.A. gets a turn (if only to save a few bucks on gas!).

  26. I was happy to finally participate in an I.E. mission, but thought this was pretty disappointing. I’m glad everyone else (as judged by the comments) had a great time, but I thought much of this was not that fun (like, moving in triangles) or confusing (pick someone to attack, and keep someone in between you? i’m still scratching my head over that one). Twister was great, battle was fun. But my friends did this earlier this year and it had tons of dancing and easy but fun instructions. I was hoping for something similar (and, with the i.e. reputation, even better)!

  27. I was impressed by the turn-out, considering the competition offered by LoveFest & Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, as well as the threat of rain. I was glad to participate. The fun came as much from the spirit of the participants as through the activities. A favorite moment was when I was trying to keep my defender in sight, but was continually blocked by another guy, who finally yelled at me, “Stop moving! You’re my defender! Defend me!”

  28. I’m thinking about doing an mp3 experiment in Lowell High. It was so much fun, I wanna replicate it.