Mp3 NYC – Thanks!

Lower Manhattan and Governor’s Island by epc

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to The Mp3 Experiment 5 today on Governor’s Island! We got lucky as the misty weather dried up shortly after pressing play. We don’t have a head count yet, but it was probably around 1.5 jabillion.

If you’re planning on attending in one of the other three cities on the tour, stay away from the photos and the comments section to avoid spoilers.

Photo sets:

Agent Nicholson’s highlight photos
Agent Nicholson’s full set
Agent Sokler’s set
Agent Fountain’s highlight set
Agent Fountain’s set

It will be a few weeks before we have any video to show. All of today’s music was created by Tyler Walker

Details for the rest of the tour:

Toronto (9/28)
San Francisco (10/4)
Chicago (10/5)


  1. It was a lot of fun going on my second MP3 Experiment. It’s something I’m sure I’ll continue to do every year it happens. The weather was cloudy but atleast it wasnt raining like during the Brooklyn Bridge Experiment.

    And great job on cleaning up the field everyone. I was really impressed.


  2. This was absolutely fantastic fun. I was one of the first ones down as I was disarmed (de-balooned) right at the beginning of the EPIC BATTLE, but I got to do a fantastic death scene. Thanks for organizing this. I am a convert and will take part in everything you guys do in the future!

    GO Blue and Green!

  3. It was a lot of fun, but sadly, I don’t think it was quite as fun as last year. Primarily because there were hardly anyone not involved with the mission around. I think this was mainly due to the weather but also being on the island was a limiting factor.

    Still, it was great fun and I’ll definitely see you all next year!

  4. Hi! Great fun even if it was a little drizzly!

    Did anyone pick up a pair of headphones? I lost mine during the ‘Epic
    Battle’ They’re Sony, black, in ear. If anyone found them please let me


  5. An awesome time was had by all! The weather wasn’t a factor in the least (even though my butt is a little damp from the end) and it was a great time. Looking forward to the next event. Will that be the next pantsless subway ride or should we expect one before then? Thanks to all, especially the hard working IE staff!

    -Agent Pete
    -The guy in yellow with the extra-cool battle-ready balloons

  6. I didn’t want the experiment to end! Governors Island was the perfect spot. The party atmosphere was Awesome! I was on the first boat out, the one with the bear. That boat was rocking!! With everyone cheering and all. It was great seeing the expression on these tourist faces when wee got off the boat! It’s definitely something I’ll never forget and I can’t wait till next year. Oh, by the way, Go Port!!

  7. I had a lot of fun with this, but I felt that there wasn’t a lot to do. We spun our umbrellas for a long time, did equilateral triangles for a while, and too much stop and jump. There could’ve been a lot more fit into an hour!

    Also, I think that Governor’s Island might’ve been a bad location. There were only like 2 pedestrians other than security. When I do weird things in public, I want people WATCHING.

    My last gripe is not towards the Improv Everywhere administrators, but the participants. I felt that there were more people who pressed play late than on time. I hope that in future MP3 Experiments, people can time there watches better.

    Of course, these are only the bad parts I mentioned. The whole experience was truly fun and Governor’s Island was beautiful. I guess I just expected another No Pants 2K8, so I was a bit disappointed. I can’t wait till next mission!

  8. Twas fun!
    Weather wasn’t bad at all really. Was really funny to see everyone try to form squares and triangles, who knew it would be so tough lol
    Someone totally really got me with their balloon, but I couldn’t have a dramatic death lol

    Only bummer was our friend dropped her ipod and we couldn’t find it anywhere on the field :(
    So if anyone found an Ipod please let me know. I know this is prob not gonna happen, but worth a try. It’s an early model video ipod.

  9. I had a ton of fun at my second MP3 experiment event (my last one was III, I unfortunately wasn’t around for four). Though it was slightly disappointing to see that there were barely any people on the island that weren’t part of the experiment, I still had an exceedingly awesome time.
    Acting my own grisly death was my favorite part… except you people kept stepping on my artistically splayed hair. I suspect the red and yellows… they play /dirty/.
    Blue and green forever, dudes.

  10. That was fun on a bun. For the human squares, my friends and I (all are 6 Feet plus) were with a person who was 5 feet tall at most. And the boat ride was tons of fun too. I started the “improv everywhere” chant at the end of the ride, and 2 waves. Looking forward to next year! Go Port!

  11. That was absolutely amazing. I thought Governor’s Island was a great location, except the weather prevented many non-participants from heading out there. Still loved it, and can’t wait for the next one.

    (Hi Rude Bear!)

  12. I agree, it was a downer that 99% of the people on the island were there for the experiment and it was painfully obvious — doing weird stuff is way more fun when there’s hapless bystanders around, so a rain date would’ve been ideal but hey if it’s not possible it’s not possible. Awesome time had regardless! And thankfully my iPod didn’t die in the middle like it did last year…

  13. Had a fabulous time at my 3rd IE event (and 2nd MP3 experiment!).

    Met up with James from BostonSOS (who I originally met at MP3 4) and some of his friends before the event and spent a couple hours wandering the island (strange baby farm is still creeping me out, more so than Tyra Banks). And picking up Elle (I’m SO sorry if I spelled that wrong) as we wandered the island pre-event definitely added to the day.

    I will second the thought that it would have been a bit more awesome if there were more non-participants around though, especially for the beginning.

    My lasting memory from this, though, will be how I got punched in the face during the epic battle (an overzealous red-or-yellow-shirt swung their balloon and missed, pretty badly, into my lip), having my glasses FLY off my face and having to scoop them up before someone crushed them! But, you know, other than the bloody lip, it was an awesome time!

  14. Hahahah Tom, that was me you were with. it must be me you’re talking about, you were the three guys in blue shirts, right?

    Actually, I’m 4’10” ;) haha.

    But yes, ’twas an awesome day!

  15. I had a blast today. I’d like to apologize for falling on that guy’s face when I died during the epic battle. I feel really bad about it. Hopefully you came away with nothing more than a headache.

    PORT SIDE!!!

  16. Why don’t we have a mission on the Staten Island Ferry and do all those chants, waves, and etc.? It’ll be crazy!

  17. I had a BLAST today! Governors island was truly a great place to stage this event! PORT SIDE!!!!!!!!

  18. I had a great time. I’m curious as to what the Tetris pieces might have looked like from above. Most seemed confused at the time. I definitely want in on the next one!

  19. Amazing time :)

    just wished it was at a more populated area.


    waiting for pictures anxiously!!!

  20. I actually expected to see a cameraman on the large steel tower that is visible from the field, but I didn’t see anyone there; at least not during the tetris. I doubt they’re gonna have pictures of that.

    Someday I want to plan one of these, not because I think I could do a better job, but because it sounds like it’s fun to come up with ideas, make the recordings, scan the location, and talk to press. When will the opportunity arise, though?

  21. This was the first time I’ve been able to attend an improve everywhere. Thank you for a fun day. I agree that the weather was a factor in less spectators.

    The miniature golf on the island was fun to play and a good place to start the improve.

    I was disappointed in the number of participants that helped pick up all the balloon litter.

    So which way was it to Nicaragua?

    Thank you for free fun in NYC.


    Blue and Green forever, mostly green tho.

  22. I had an amazing time today. It was my first appearance at an Improv Everywhere event and I promise you it will not be my last. Im going to attend every one I can from now on.

    If you saw a a person crawling under a huge blue chase umbrella, say hello to me!!!! =)

  23. Kristen H, that was me! Cyber High five! Also, ya’ll go on facebook and search “Port/Starboard” and you’ll find a plesent suprise! It’s the with (for at least green/blues) a very framiliar view on it… {My head is dead center in that, in the blue shirt}

  24. Yes today was extremely fun! I was also on that first ferry with the chanting, although I was riding on the top deck towards the left lol. I was also the guy who had someone die in his arms. Green polo, gray jeans =p. Cant wait to see the video!

  25. PORT SIDE RULES/Red-and-yellow 4life. D: That was probably the most fun thing I’ve ever done, and I feel I owe a debt of thanks to my yellow allies, especially the guy who dragged me up from the brink of death screaming “YOU CAN STILL FIGHT!” Thank you, you-can-still-fight guy.

    So, next year needs to come faster. Also, I agree with the person saying we need to do chants on the SI ferry. D:

  26. Hahaha I’m from Staten Island and ride the ferry almost every weekend. That would be hilarious and amazing, but I don’t know how much they’d allow that. They let those super religious people scream about us all going to hell, but I dunno how they’d feel about a ton of people….they might just stop the boat and throw us all off…=D

    And there’s too many people from the port side posting, so I feel the need to represent my fellow starboard side heh.

  27. Port Side for life!

    Also, I just used google maps so next time I’m at Governor’s Island I can point to Nicaragua.

    Now if only I could get “Rainbow Connection” out of my head.

  28. That was really fun, especially since my friend’s idea for the umbrellas and the humming was used for this MP3 Experiment. Super fun guys. Minus the very brutal EPIC BATTLE scenario where when I died I was still pulverized with balloons. Those relentless Blues and Greens.

  29. Kristen: D: Every weekend? >>; I go to school in the city, so I have to take it daily, I don’t think they’d notice us. Ever ride the ferry on the day of a big parade? same concept, just we’d do it on the way there and on the way back. D: No big deal, right? We’re from Staten Island, everyone thinks we’re batty, anyway.

  30. had a blast….not that many people who weren’t involve there but it was fine by me.

    and whoever gave me and extra balloon and to the guy who tied up my balloon thanks a ton

    had a blast leaving too…singing my nsync’s tearing up my heart with my friend and that guy who sang along…u rock guy

    and i cant forget bout the bear
    good fun cant wait till the next event

  31. True haha, I was on it last St Patty’s Day and people were going crazy. There was a point in time last summer when I was on it every day. Hopefully I will soon be employed and that’ll be true again hah.

    Love the pictures.

  32. Thanks to the guy who shared his headphone splitter right before the “EPIC BATTLE” w/(blue) asian girl and a (green) guy. Thanks to everyone who filled me in since my mp3 file didn’t download correctly!


    (That wait to get on the ferry and the ferry ride ROCKED!)

  33. This was so good. I was the one in a dark blue hoodie with clunky DJ-ish headphones with the boy in the light blue striped shirt. My boyfriend and I were a bit late in the beginning (I think I might have synched up his watch a minute off ;P ) and then his cd player stopped playing so I spent the whole little chasing thing trying to catch that up while sharing the MP3 player I had.

    It was amazingly fun! I kind of do agree with the lack of people, but I think that it was still fun, and that’s what’s mostly important.
    Tetris was actually kind of tough. The blue group I was in didn’t do so well making a good tetris shape…we had a circle.

    Anyways it was lots of fun and the Epic Battle was great! I also loved the moustache disguise. Even the waiting to get on the ferry was fun. Sadly I was on the top part of the boat so I couldn’t really hear what people were chanting down below. ;P


  34. i LOVED the epic battle. I was off for most of the experiment though, and that was kinda lame. I do agree that Governors Island was a little bit too secluded for having innocent bystanders stare at us in bewilderment, but the epic battle makes up for all of it.

    ALSO, I feel that the thumb wars were totally unfair to me because i have ridiculously unnecessarily short thumbs. I lost all three rounds :(

    Please have something else for us New Yorkers to do soon!

    PS: Rude Bear, I love you. Find me!

  35. It was an awesome day. I manage to introduce my friends to Improv Everywhere. It was awesome that it didn’t rain. We had a great time and then went looking for a random guy named Tood (andrew). The boat was the best. We were chanting and making a lot of noises plus we got the bear. Go Port Side!!!

    Signing off from another great mission.
    -Agent Chris (Red Shirt)

  36. I had a great time!! I was the one with the blue shirt that had stars on it. At some point I was on top of my friends shoulders calling out people’s names to find them.
    I came with a whole bunch of people and then we scattered away from each other when it came close to the play time. We eventually found ourselves though.

    I had a great time, especially with the epic battle! That was so funny. Gotta do this again! :)

    Thanks for another awesome mission!

    -Agent Nadi

  37. I had a great time, even if it was rainy and not that many people not doing the experiment were there. I definitely want to do this again and be involved in more Improv Everywhere events!

    I was the girl in a red shirt with pink hair that carried around a bag with a friend for people to put the balloon bits they picked up in.

  38. Just wanted to update, we were able to track down her ipod! Thanks to those who wrote us to let us know! Ya’ll rock!!!

  39. After six years, two DVDs, and practically all the YouTube videos, I finally left the Washington, DC suburbs and participated in an Improv Everywhere mission.

    My friend and I got there kinda early, like 12 PM, so we walked around and ate while we waited. I got to wave to two out of three members of the Massari family, and checked out the little mini-golf course.

    We started off inside the middle fort-like building of the island. We kinda scared this one security person who had a sudden barrage of people wanting to high five her. ^_^ I lost all three rounds of thumb war, though. =(

    I’m really glad there was time for everyone to make it to the Parade field. I saw some people coming from the Kayak part of the island, which is a bit of a walk. It was a stunning site seeing so many spinning umbrellas coming from various parts of the island to the main field.

    I loved the humming! Hearing that one note vibrate under a canopy of umbrellas was awesome (although it got kinda hot).

    Human twister was crazy! This poor yellow guy got hoarded by people trying to touch his elbow!

    The Epic Battle was truly epic! I loved all the Braveheart impersonators.


    If anyone lost a purple flip phone with white jewel things, we left it at the security office on Governor’s Island for you to pick up.

    Thank you Charlie Todd and the rest of the Improv Everywhere staff (oh yea, and the Yahoo staff for all the neat purple umbrellas)!

  40. It was so much fun, I wish there was like a cap gun or a direction to tap in time 20sec in the syncing directions before we all hit play. Just a thought…? Then we could have done a longer cool down at the end, BTW great script you guys! lots of fun!

    It was so epically to much fun (JK)!

    I totally agree with everyone, wish there were more innocent bystanders to preform for, No matter… I’ll be a blip in the mass for you guys anytime!

    I also was happy to see that everyone picked up after themselves that was a great closer!

  41. BIG thanks to the girl in red that shared her mp3 with me!! =) My mp3 file got screwed up and played different directions at different times =/

    and hey oscar!!! facebook me!! =)

  42. “Human twister was crazy! This poor yellow guy got hoarded by people trying to touch his elbow!”

    :) I was one of many of those yellow guys. Would’ve fallen down if it weren’t so crowded (Help! I’m up and can’t fall down!).

  43. I have to give props to Agent Sokoler for getting a picture of my brother and I hugging at the end (its the first time I’ve seen him in what seems like eons) thank you soooo much for that picture!!!

  44. my first mp3 experiment/ improv everywhere event and it totally rocked my socks!! the epic battle was epic indeed! and i also enjoyed the “defender/ attacker” sequence!

    sign me up for the next event, whatever that may be! i’m hooked!

    ps- port side rules! WE GOT THE BEAR!!

  45. My daughters and I, (in Redskins burgundy), would like to thank you for the fun and laughs we had on Saturday. My boyfriend also came with us wearing a white Redskins jersey but didn’t participate…UNTIL he was bombarded with approximately 50 people who needed to hi-5 a non-participant. Love the pics. By the way, we traveled to NY specifically for this event this weekend, driving 3 1/2 from DC. See you guys next year.

  46. According to Governor’s Island’s official count, there were a little over 1,400 on the island at 3 PM. Obviously not all were us, but I’m thinking 1,000 is a good bet.

  47. Hey there fellow MP3-ers!!

    Great success (minus the lack of bystanders)

    Pete, I was the guy in yellow trying to pull you up saying “You can still fight”. DEATH TO RED AND BLUE!
    We should seriously think about having a red+yellow vs. blue+green reenactment! I was way too into that battle…

    Thanks to the everyone for joining in on my “Left-Side”/”Portside” chant and the girl on the starboard side who rallied her side into joining.
    Whoever the guy was who took over with the chants and led us in a round of the “Gilligan’s Island” theme… you rule man!

  48. Hey Charlie,

    These events really make day to day life more enjoyable. Even though we’ve stood in the rain for the last two events. I hope we can do them more often.

    Congrats on the corporate sponsorships (“start wearing purple” was hilarious). I’m glad you’ve managed to get sponsors, without losing the spirit of Improv Everywhere that we have all grown to love.


  49. This was definitely the high point of my week! I’ve wanted to MP3 Experiment for years, it was so great to finally participate. All the weather-wussies really missed out. What a blast!!

    Our tram driver Alfredo asked if we were from St. John’s U… must have been all the red shirts (of course, no one enlightened him).

    Because everyone in the fort rushed the security guard for high-fives, I found an old friend I hadn’t seen for years who beat me at thumb-wrestling (Hi, Seth!).

    Just before the epic battle began, I was unexpectedly disarmed and plunged through the southern battalion screaming, “My weapon! Stop my weapon, I’ve lost my weapon!” as the wind carried it away overhead. Special thanks to all the blue & green soldiers who halted its cowardly retreat so I could fight the good fight!

    It was really cool how people cleaned up the field afterward. (If anyone found a ladybug umbrella, please post a comment, I’m sure the girl who lost it would like it back.)

    Can’t wait for my third mission! Hope my sister in Chicago has this much fun, it’ll be her first!

    Thanks to Yahoo, I have a purple souvenir to make me smile on future rainy days. Praise Steve, IE rules!

  50. Lots of fun. Thanks for a great time IE.

    To the tall man with black hair and glasses in the red hoodie, sorry sharing my ipod was such a disaster!

  51. Just wanted to say to the guy who fell on my face, its alright. You have to expect the worst in epic battles. I thought the worst was being beaten by a group of red shirts after I was already dead and on the ground, but you showed me that was not so. I had an awesome time, and the face pain was only for a short while. Still, I had a blast, and I will be there again willing to put my face on the line for another great time.

  52. —> Kingfox
    Hey! Great photos & video esp. of our party boat ride back to Manhattan!

    Agent Jubilee (aka: the random girl (blue shirt) who annexed herself to your group in the beginning)

  53. This was my first Improv Everywhere anything but it won’t be the last.

    Only complaint for me was that my bright, bright yellow soccer jersey (go brazil) kept attracting bees.

    Favorite part (I) – Finding my sister (a blue shirt) during the Epicness and “killing” her.

    Favorite part (II)- Being the yellow shirt in human twister. I felt so needed.

  54. This was a totally awesome experience…the biggest highlight for me was how folks picked up after themselves after the event. Such an actionKind gives you a picture of the independent and environmentally/socially conscious thinkers Improve Everywhere attracts.

    Thanks Again!


  55. I Had a blast.

    Agent jubilee, that was me (guy in green shirt) and you’re welcome xD.

    During the epic battle, I don’t see why nobody grabbed the 1up (my shirt).

    It was fun but my only gripes… I didn’t have a watch so I couldn’t get it on time. Also I lost my pink glowstick =*( One more thing, my friend wore boots with heels because I thought it was gonna rain bad, and it didn’t.. And she was in pain the whole time.

    And hello rude bear, we got a pic of ya after the ferry ride. You hugged my the asian girl er my friend. I got a pic on fb!

    -thomas tom moy

  56. Yeah me and my GF were like the only 2 people not in this thing, but seeing a massive amount of hipsters wearing 4 different colors with balloons kinda tipped us off. So I just googled the suspicious circumstances and sure enough I found what was up.

  57. I’m not sure I know what the term “hipster” means anymore. People love to use it to describe IE participants. But, really?

    These days you’ll find people of all ages, races, and backgrounds showing up to an IE mission. I don’t think you can put a label on us anymore, except maybe “fun loving.”

  58. To Charlie,
    That fourth pic in your comment, in the background you see two guys in blue dueling with their umbrellas. Those are the two that I brought along to my first IE event. We had a great time and you will def. be seeing more of us.

  59. I didn’t think I’d ever see the day I’d get classified as “hipster” hehe. Thanks to everyone who sang on the equally awesome SECOND BOAT. (yeah, lets get some second boat love up in here!)

    My little bro couldn’t make it to the city so he sat in his room and hit play the same time we did.

    Also, anyone else insanely jealous of the adorable little boy in the blue shirt. I would have LOVED to do this as a little kid thus, parents of the blue shirted child. you rock.

  60. I hope everyone took their balloon with them. I did. Next time we use balloons — get them from Trader Joe’s. They are biodegradable.

  61. @Charlie:

    “I’m not sure I know what the term “hipster” means anymore. People love to use it to describe IE participants. But, really?”

    Then let’s redefine it!

  62. Well this 46 year-old non-hipster thought it was a blast! Went on my own, met some wonderfully fun folks who were game to take a chance…all ages and several different countries. My triangle consisted of me, a 9 year old and a 30 year old. So Charlie Todd is right…quite a mix.

    And I was also impressed that without prompting from the mp3, folks spontaneously picked up all the balloon pieces. It’s great to do this and even better to leave no real footsteps behind. Thanks to all for making it a terrific day! See you on the next mission.

  63. i couldnt go to this, because i was going to NYAF the same day.
    TURNS OUT, i couldnt go to NYAF.

    so i didnt get to go to this either. T.T
    hopefully ill get to come back up for one of your other missions soon :)

  64. That first pic Charlie Todd posted (the four showing “hipsters”)
    are my pals! One of them lost their ipod and due to the awesomeness of IE she got it back that same week!
    Can’t wait to show them the pic :)