Mp3 NYC – Thanks!

Lower Manhattan and Governor’s Island by epc

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to The Mp3 Experiment 5 today on Governor’s Island! We got lucky as the misty weather dried up shortly after pressing play. We don’t have a head count yet, but it was probably around 1.5 jabillion.

If you’re planning on attending in one of the other three cities on the tour, stay away from the photos and the comments section to avoid spoilers.

Photo sets:

Agent Nicholson’s highlight photos
Agent Nicholson’s full set
Agent Sokler’s set
Agent Fountain’s highlight set
Agent Fountain’s set

It will be a few weeks before we have any video to show. All of today’s music was created by Tyler Walker

Details for the rest of the tour:

Toronto (9/28)
San Francisco (10/4)
Chicago (10/5)