Mp3 Experiment 5 – Save The Date

The Mp3 Experiment 5 will take place on Saturday, September 27 at Governor’s Island in New York City. The start time and all the details will be announced the week of September 15 via our email list as well as this site. It starts at 3:15 PM, but we’re encouraging everyone to arrive early and enjoy this beautiful island. The event is free and open to the public.

We have a sponsor lined up this year that is enabling us to bring The Mp3 Experiment to Chicago, San Francisco, and Toronto as well.

Tour Dates:

NYC – 9/27
Toronto – 9/28
San Francisco – 10/4
Chicago – 10/5

If you live near those cities, mark you calendar! More details on these events will also be announced this week. Subscribe to our RSS Feed and our Newsletter to stay informed.

If you’ve never heard of The Mp3 Experiment, check out our coverage of the past four years:


Praise Steve!


  1. You know, I think Governors Island is a really bad choice for this. It’s a park with limited access via a free ferry. Why would you want to monopolize the limited space on the ferry for your silly prank, perhaps taking space on the ferry away from someone who really just wants to enjoy the island.

    I enjoy your website, and think many of your improvs are fantastic, but this is just wrong.

  2. Chicago!!! I will try very hard to make that. Thanks for bringing it here.

    Oh, and Anon, lighten up. This plan may not be the most brilliant logistically but it’ll probably still be plenty of fun.

  3. @Anon

    We’re an official event on the island. They’ve invited us. Ferries will run every half hour all day long and we’re encouraging people to arrive early (per above.) Their ferry holds 800 passengers. We’ll be fine. I hope you can join us.

  4. Can’t wait – last year’s was a blast.

    Will the experiment location accommodate to large amounts – like over a thousand people?

  5. that weekend is the same as new york anime festival.. [NYAF]…. hopefully i can make it to both, since thats what i want to heppen ^_^
    does anyone know how far gov. island is from the Jacob k. Javits center? that would be helpful to know ^_^

  6. awesome! i’ll definitely try and make the chicago date and bring along a few friends. this is great.

  7. I am so excited! I lived nowhere near any of these events until I got to college like a week ago. I am saving the NYC date. If I cannot make it that day….I shall be very put out.