Frozen Grand Central: SVU

We didn’t see it, but we’ve received about 50 emails this evening about tonight’s episode of Law & Order: SVU. It apparently centered around a group of New Yorkers who stage massive public events. The leader of said group was played by Robin Williams.

(still from the episode)

There was footage of the group staging a freeze in Grand Central Terminal, which I guess makes it a fictionalized account of our Frozen Grand Central with a dose of murder tossed in somehow. The group also organized a public pillow fight (organized in non-fiction New York by our friends at newmindspace.)

For the record, we had no idea about any of this, and the show didn’t get in touch with us about it. Last year the Idiotarod was fictionalized (also with a murder!) by CSI:NY, so I guess crime drama writers are really plugged into the public spectacle scene in NYC.

If you saw it, let us know how it was in the comments. And if you have a link to video of it, post that too.