Map of World Freeze Events

freeze map
Interactive Map of Freeze Events

The “freeze” craze started by our Frozen Grand Central mission has now reached 70 cities in 34 countries and 6 continents (come on Antarctica, get with the program!) Agent Piskvor from Prague made a very cool map showing the locations of all the freeze missions. It’s a Google Map, so you can interact with it and click through to see the video for each city.

A couple of recent freezes of note include the first freeze in the Middle East:

Beirut, Lebanon

…and a freeze in Hong Kong where legislators and councilors from the local government participated.

Frozen Hong Kong, Councilors Version


  1. The map of the ‘frozen’ events peformed in Italy shall be updated: we had a Frozen event in Trieste two weekes ago, on 12.04.08; see the official video here:
    and descripton-photos of the event (in italian) here:

    It was performed in the center of Trieste (“piazza Unità d’Italia”, the main square) and it involved more than 200 undercover agents (I’m the one repairing the bike). We gave the event the following name: “frozen – iazadi”, because ‘iazadi’ is the translation for the word frozen in the dialect of Trieste. Euro and Guendal are the names of the organizers.

    In addition, I’ve heard of a frozen event in Milano one week ago, video here:

    If there are there other international circuits keeping count of the frozen events, plase inform us so that I give the link to the video.

    Ciao and best regards
    Paola from Trieste

  2. Here in Brazil a company named Turner Latin America did the freezing thing in a mall…
    They said they where inspired by you guys…
    look the video..

    see ya..

  3. Wow its amazing how many people are getting involved.
    Does anyone have any clue if the MP3 project is happening this year or when it might be?

  4. One more white pin will be added to that map after 2:00 tomorrow afternoon.

    (There will be about 150 to 300 people all in a very open, outdoor mall. Should be great.)

  5. There was a minor freeze at a school in Australia a few weeks ago, hopefully get the video from somewhere.

  6. heres a new video for vienna.

    the video shown in the map was just a test for a bigger freeze which can be seen here:

  7. Oh please may the MP3 project happen in late July!!! I’m going to be in New York then. That or may there be some prank being pulled off that I can be a part of!

  8. After doing freeze event with the Legislators and Councillors in Hong Kong, we figure out that the mission could also complete with certain themes.
    Olympic Games 2008 Beijing is coming.

    Before the real game start, the Olympic Torch Relay has aroused people’s attention all over the world. Very soon,2nd May 08, the Olympic Torch will arrive Hong Kong . We have organized a freeze on 27th April 2008 as a respond to this event.

    But more important is we tried to share our thoughts about “What is sport?” in the Freeze event.

    Here are our video :

    We hope Olympic Games Beijing 2008 would echoing to our “Freeze Movement” and reflects the fundamental question “What is sport?” while we are waiting for the Olympic Games.

    PS We have also written a poem relating to the topic at the end of the video~~

  9. I recently saw an episode of Law and Order: SVU this evening with a similar event played out in Grand Central with a large percentage of the occupants froze in time. Did you guys have any involvement with this or was it purely an idea taken on by the creators of the show?

    I thought it was pretty awesome to see something from ImpEv be taken to a higher level like this.

  10. Hey Winnipeg manitoba canada should be added to the flash mob list … we did one in a mall …. it was amazing :D … proof on youtube w f m (i think or just try winnipeg flash mob)

  11. My friends and I did a freeze at Universal Studios City Walk last year, funny stuff. You can find the video on youtube

  12. On Feb 28, yesterday, 3000 high school/college kids went to the Roosevelt Field Mall, Long Island and had a 5 minute freeze! The mall cops must of had a heads up some how becasue it was all planned threw facebook and there were a few cops and even some dogs with the cops! The mall cops were screaming at the kids to keep moving but it was just great. No where near as successful as the grand central but it was awesome! everyone cheered at the end which gave it away but having a huge mall scream like that, it was awesome!