Global Roundup

IE Global

Roundup on the latest activity at IE Global:

**The Boston Society of Spontaneity created a line of “human dominoes” at South Station.

**Mission:Singapore had an artist pretend to paint on a plain white canvas.

**GuerilLA had folks who seemed like strangers spontaneously come together for a game of Follow The Leader at the Getty Center

**The Global Freeze Phenomenon continues. We have a list of all 52 global freezes (in 27 different countries.) The latest freezes in Brussels and Beijing were covered by CNN.

Get involved in your local area at Improv Everywhere Global.


  1. Hilarious! I like the human dominoes one a lot.

    The Singapore one was great too. Very creative.

  2. We (BostonSOS) had 7 cameras for the dominoes prank so we caught a few really good reactions in addition to getting the fall from multiple angles. Eventually before the next millennium (hopefully) we’ll get all the footage together in one short clip on our website. There’s a very short clip of it from another angle here:

  3. The idea for the painting one sounded weak, but the execution (and crowd) made it really funny. I wonder how many of the onlookers were agents, though. I think it may have been better to have him using actual white paint on a white canvas — people would think he really was painting (because he was), and then when they saw the canvas, it would create some, “oh…I guess I just don’t ‘get’ art” moments.