Lots of Thank Yous

We have found a long term solution for our hosting. A very cool San Francisco company, Joyent, has generously volunteered to host us free of charge. A huge thanks to David Young and everyone at Joyent for helping us out. We’re now proudly rocking an “Accelerated by Joyent” badge in our sidebar. The next time we have a mission go viral, our site should be ready. Thanks be to Scott Beale from Laughing Squid for connecting us with Joyent.

Thanks are also due to our tireless IT Agent, Wade Minter, for making the transition to the new server and all of his hard work on this site over the years.

Finally a huge thanks to all of you who made a donation over the past few weeks. We had nearly $900 in bandwidth bills and your donations covered it all. Lots of people giving $5 and $10 really adds up. We don’t have an immediate need for more donations at this time, but we always welcome them. Your donations help us buy equipment to further our missions, like a new hidden glasses camera to replace the 10-year old model we have now (on loan from The Upright Citizens Brigade.)

Donate here.

Also, be on the look out for a brand new mission very soon.