IE on The Today Show


  1. I think that publicity is great and it’s understandable to want it, but I really think being on all these news programs takes away from the joy of being ‘undercover.’ If you let everybody in on the secret, then there’s less people left to enjoy the benefits. It’s like they’re all discovering Santa Claus is fake, and Christmas morning just isn’t the same.

  2. Hilary,

    A couple of folks have said that lately, but we’ve been getting national press for years. Until everyone in the world goes through their life assuming that everyone around them might be an actor, I think we’ll be fine.

  3. I think this is hilarious!! I can’t help but think of all the up-tight people we all know, and wonder how they would react. I know, I, personally, would fall down laughing I think this whole idea is amazing! Keep it up………. the world needs more humor, right??

  4. I like how under your name it says “Shocking pranks pulled on public.”

    Shocking? Really? Surely there’s a better adjective.

  5. Agent Calvin posted the first teaser where we were all still outside. There was a second teaser with some of us inside the studeo and some outside. Does anyone have that clip?

  6. I love all of your videos and I’m glad that you guys are getting some attention. You guys just got a youtube subscriber here :).