IE Global: Freeze Events in London and Toronto

Improv Everywhere Global

This past Saturday “frozen in time” missions happened in both London and Toronto. They were inspired by our Frozen Grand Central mission and organized via Improv Everywhere Global. The idea seems to be spreading like wildfire, as other groups in other towns are organizing similar events as well on IE Global.

The London event took place in Trafalgar Square and had an estimated 1,000 participants.

(youtube video) (official video from the organizers coming soon.)

The Toronto event took place at one of Canada’s busiest shopping malls and was covered by CBC news.

(youtube video)

There was also another London event last week in Waterloo Station:

(youtube video)

Get involved in your area at Improv Everywhere Global.


  1. Stockholm also had a freeze this Saturday, with 200 – 300 participants freezing at the Stockholm Central Station!


    Stockholm had a freeze and I missed it >_<. William, where do you sign up if you wanna join in the future events?

  3. Ledde: On facebook, search for the group Stockholm flash mob.

    Note that there are two groups, Stockholm flashmob – they did the “bang bang” in Gallerian this summer, and we have Stockholm flash mob – the new and more active group, where we did the Centralstation freeze…

  4. wow, this is so cool. One of these movement things. It is popping out everywhere. love it.
    Stuff like this shows me, that there is a chance to really change society. We are living in a time, where you have the ability to “move” global.

    letz rock

  5. Not sure the details but if NBC was the one that said no they must be pooping their pants now at the attention this is receiving!

    Congratulations Charlie! This is amazing.

  6. London was great.. they are trying to organize one here at the Capitol Building, but using it to protest immigration laws.. It’s not right to mix art and politics, IE should remain for entertaining purposes IMHO

  7. Beautiful! It wasn’t as great as the New York City Freeze in Grand Central Station, but good stuff nonetheless :). Keep it up!