Improv Everywhere Featured on ABC’s Nightline

(from youtube)


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  1. Hi
    @Lauren: No I do not think so. Normally stuff like this also “works” if people know that there is a group like this. It is a “attack on reallity”, so when something is based in real life people are allways in the situation “is this real, or is it that group. Are they for real?”.
    I think about actions like that, it can be soo of the roof and people are still “attacked”.

    I really like your “attacks” (I guess i say that to charlie), but also to all the, so called, agents.

    I met someone a few years ago, who created a “dejavue”. He was in a train and spilled coffee over himself (the whole t-shirt, it was a fancy one, was wet). He got off, changed the “roomes-sorry for my english”, there he changed his cloth and he got back on the actuell wagon he was on. He did this a few times. (He told me the first reactions were really funny.)

    There used to be a german “company”. They wrote a book called “Ãœberfälle auf die Wirklichkeit”. They did stuff like you guys do.


  2. @James: I clean up for national television.

    @Nikolai: Thanks for sharing that “deja vu” story. Check out our “Moebius” mission if you haven’t already. Is there any documentation online of the group you’re talking about? I’d love to learn more.

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