The Office as a real documentary

A few Improv Everywhere agents produced two videos to show support for the Writers Guild of America. Take a look at what The Office would be like as a real documentary (without writers.)

An Office: Ben & Sam

An Office: Expense Reports

You can learn more about what the writers are fighting for at United Hollywood.


  1. Heh, yeah, I think those are actually too entertaining. It almost defeats the purpose (of making the point that the writers are really needed).

  2. off topic to be sure, I’d just like to applaud your equal-opportunity-like use of online video sites. Before today, I didn’t even realize that Yahoo had one. Just looking at the posts still on the front page, there are now 3 players represented!

  3. Wow. Just wow.

    I’m a big Office fan, both British and U.S. versions. But if you had asked me yesterday how hard it would be to make a parody of “The Office”, I’d have said “Not very.” No fancy production, actors playing fairly easy caricatures, simple set, easy lighting, easy sound. Right? Wrong.

    These parodies hit every. single. note. Elements I didn’t even realize were there are replicated, saluted and celebrated to perfection.

    I hope someone gets a job out of this.

  4. I loved the British office. But, these videos and just as funny and even better than the U.S. version. Forget the writers. Hire these guys,especially the LeMar character. GREAT!!!

  5. Well I liked the videos but it sort of misses the point. Its much too funny. I mean people would probably watch this although it wouldn’t be a hit show by any means.

    It should have been a lot less funny if the point was that you need writers. As a video by itself it was very good though.

  6. Absolutely amazing. Jay is right- everything is there. Even things I had never noticed. Pure brilliance. I hope this develops into something more!

  7. This was great…of course LeMar is my cousin, which makes me love it even more. It was very entertaining. I’m a big fan of The Office…Give me MORE!!!!

  8. This isn’t what The Office would be like without writers. Nothing about these clips reek of “real documentary,” if that is, in fact, your premise.

    You guys basically just remade the Office with your own people. Are you trying to get noticed or get work out of this? That isn’t what I’d call showing “support for the WGA.”

  9. Yes, it’s a very complicated parody.

    It also shows what would really happen (Michael and Dwight get fired)

  10. Sam Lindquist – do you have a sister named Heather? If so, I went to high school with her (go zebras!).

  11. Some are fake, some are real. You can compare the main titles against the end titles if you’re interested.

  12. lol, wth? that was pretty funny. The first video seemed like one of those filler episodes of the office (us) and the second was better than some of the actual episodes from the office (us). lamar was awesome.

  13. I agree with the other posters who said that this kind of misses the point of its premise. The first scene in each hits the nail on the head, because this is the sort of boring stuff that actually happens in offices. If you had wanted to really make the point that The Office needs its writers, the whole show should have been just people in an office, doing boring things and making small talk. This just feels like The Office with bad writers, like people trying to make the same kinds of jokes that The Office is known for, but not really succeeding.

  14. Well done. You have proved that when writers attempt to write a mock-documentary of office life that isn’t funny, the results are less funny than when writers attempt to write a mock-documentary of office life that is funny.

    Didn’t this actually involve more effort than if they really had just set up cameras in an office? Or did they do that first, and it turned out to be too interesting?