9 thoughts on “Agent Todd in Onion Video

  1. Awesome… Looking good, Agent Todd. Aside from the resemblance to Ben Folds, this was totally convincing.

  2. I like the use of the word “bedraggled,” and the reference at the end to “becoming a professional golf fan.” Good work!

  3. Brilliant. I saw this linked from some other site and as soon as you came on in the video I nearly fell out of my chair. Naturally, I rushed here to confirm that it was in fact you. Yes, you have fans that can spot you now…

  4. I KNEW IT!!!

    On another note, you really can’t go wrong with the convenience store diet. It’s a winner.

  5. You really love pretending to be a fan of things, don’t you? Is this some weird post-ironic thing, or typecasting, or clueless/just not carring-ness? If it’s the first one, then congratulations. Nicely done.

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