IE Featured in Time Out New York’s “Essential” issue

Time Out New York included us in their “Essential” issue this week where they featured top secret information about essential New York things.


Improv Everywhere

Although Improv Everywhere creates some of the flat-out funniest scenes in New York, you won’t see them in any theater. And unless you join the group’s e-mail list, you won’t know when the performances happen, either. Founder Charlie Todd eschews mean-spirited pranks and says his goal—and that of his cadre of agents—is simply “to make scenes happen.” This could involve putting a bathroom attendant in a McDonald’s or staging an Olympic-trial synchronized-swimming practice in Washington Square Park fountain. Watch footage of past stunts on its website, and then join in the next one.

“Two U.S. senators—who requested anonymity—have participated in Improv Everywhere missions,” claims Todd. “Improv Everywhere missions never take place on odd-numbered streets, and if you plot all of the Improv Everywhere missions on a map of Manhattan, it creates a giant smiley face.”

Time Out New York


  1. I am glad you guys are finally getting the recognition you deserve. Improv Everywhere missions have been one of my favorite things to do as a New Yorker. Keep us smiling…. even if it requires no pants!