No Shirts

Digital Video: Agents Shafer, Slocum, Reeves, EMartin, Todd, Lindquist
Digital Photography: Agents Nicholson, Fountain, Scott, Sokoler, Becket
Mission Inspired By: Agent Nguyen

For our latest mission, 111 men of all shapes and sizes shopped shirtless in the Abercrombie and Fitch store on 5th Avenue here in New York. Enjoy the videos first and then go behind the scenes with our mission report and photos.

Abercrombie’s hired model
Agent Nguyen came up with the idea for this mission when he noticed the 5th Avenue Abercrombie and Fitch store had a shirtless male model greeting all customers as they enter. Upon further examination, we discovered the model is only one aspect of the store’s celebration of the shirtless male. There are photographs all over the store of bare-chested men, both on the wall and on the products themselves.

There’s even a four-story tall mural of shirtless men working on boats.

To top it all, in the basement of the store, there’s a six-foot tall bronze statue of a shirtless man.

I sent out an email recruiting men willing to take their shirts off in public, and 111 agents showed up to the meeting point in Central Park. Everyone wore jeans and a shirt that would be easy to stuff into a pocket.

I explained to everyone what we’d be doing, and then the shirts came off for a very tasteful Abercrombie-style photo shoot coordinated by Agent Nicholson.

Shirts off!

The men played a giant game of football

Agent Ace$Thugg had the best running game

Some men lounged in the shade

Team huddle

Agent Hurricane Andrew (age 11), center, with football
During our photo shoot, a small crowd gathered to laugh and take their own photos.

After the photo shoot, we regrouped and got organized for the mission. There are four floors in the Abercrombie, so I divided everyone up into four groups by birthday month, to ensure we’d have an even number of men on each floor. Those on the second floor were out of luck, as they’d be shopping on the women’s only floor. I instructed them to claim to be shopping for their girlfriend. I then divided the group up by birthday year and had them enter the store at staggered times, to prevent an obvious line forming at the entrance. At exactly 4:37 everyone was to discreetly remove their shirt on their assigned floor and hide it in their pocket or pants. (We figured that if we had 100 people trying to enter the store shirtless, they’d probably stop letting us in after the first 20 or so slipped by.)

To get the best footage possible in the store, I wore the hidden camera glasses loaned to us by the UCB’s Matt Besser. Agents Nicholson and Shafer helped me connect it to a video camera and hide it away in my backpack.

Around 4:15 we all started heading down to the store. We had 11 people taking photos and video, spread out over the four floors. Five of them were women; we figured they could get away with blatantly filming and taking photographs more easily, especially if they dressed like typical Abercrombie customers.

Our men used a variety of tactics. Agent Shafer had his video camera hiding in a Virgin Megastore bag.

Agent Nicholson had his still camera poking out of a duffle bag, controlled by a wireless remote.

Agent Nicholson’s self-portrait using the wireless remote in his left hand
Agent Fountain went with a more casual approach, simply hanging his camera around his neck and taking photos when no one was looking.

Agent Fountain pretends to shop
Agent CScott was the first to take his shirt off. He thought the go-time was 4:30 and accidentally pulled the trigger 7 minutes early.

Agent CScott
He slowly realized he was the only one and that he must have gotten the time wrong, but decided just to roll with it. Employees didn’t seem to care. In fact, one went and checked on a size for him without even commenting on his bare chest.

At 4:37 the other 110 joined in on the fun. Within seconds everywhere you looked there were shirtless men.

I instructed everyone to simply mill about the store and shop. I told them that if anyone asked questions, to just claim that you’re shopping for a shirt.

Customers and employees very quickly started reacting to us. The majority of them laughed, smiled, and took photos.

A customer laughs

An employee laughs

Customers watch from the stairs
Those employees in management and security were predictably not as amused.

It’s tough to say what the model himself thought of us. He had a variety of reactions over the course of the mission. He was positioned in front of a wall at the entrance, so when the first couple of shirtless guys approached him, he had no knowledge that there were 100 more behind him in the store. He was very aggressive towards these first two agents. It probably didn’t help that the two guys happened to be both taller and more sculpted than he was. “At least I get paid to do this,” he scoffed at them.

He seemed to loosen up later, as he smiled and happily posed for photos with other guys who came by.

The model was happy laugh and joke around with Agent Uncle for a full minute
Back in the store, agents continued shopping, with some trying on items of clothing, looking for a perfect fit.

Agents on the second floor were forced to browse through women’s clothing.

Another interesting thing about Abercrombie is the mannequins. For some reason, almost all of the male mannequins have their jeans pulled down quite a bit below the waist. There’s a bulge poking out of the tops of the jeans, which if you think about it could only anatomically represent the shaft of a penis. Crazy!

Notice the bulge in the background
One agent sat underneath the statue and mimicked its pose.

After about 15 minutes, the Abercrombie management decided it was time to kick us out. Security employees started approaching all of our men and asking them to either put a shirt on or leave. They informed us that the model was a paid employee and his state of undress didn’t justify ours. So despite the fact that the store constantly bombards you with the image of the shirtless male, Abercrombie still maintains a “No Shirts; No Service” policy. Some agents protested that they were trying to buy a shirt, but the staff countered with the not-so-logical, “If you put on a shirt then you can buy a shirt.” Many agents just politely agreed to leave and then walked to another floor to shop some more, getting asked to leave several times before finally heading out.

Two agents were actually stopped while in the process of checking out! They were waiting in line for 10 minutes to buy some $45 shirts, only to be grabbed at the register. One of them was in the process of handing over his credit card as he was nabbed and informed he wasn’t allowed to make a purchase!

Caught in the act of buying!

An agent is asked to leave
The stairs got very crowded as agents started heading towards the exit.

Agent Nguyen, center
Everyone leaving the store at the same time created a whole new scene out on the street as 5th Avenue soon became filled with half-naked men.

Many passing tourists asked if they could get their photo taken with our men.

Others just looked on and laughed.

Everyone had their own theory on what had happened. A British woman told me, “One guy took his shirt off, you know as a rib on the model out front. Then all these other guys saw him and decided to take their shirts off too! One did it, and then they all did!” It was a pretty awesome theory, so I smiled and laughed with her without revealing the truth. Her version of events was much cooler than the truth.

Of course not everyone was as impressed. One guy took a drag off his cigarette and coolly told me, “They’re all just fat asses who are mad because they couldn’t get a job at Abercrombie.” His friends laughed and snapped photos.

Mission Accomplished.


Agent Nicholson’s Flickr photoset (highlights only) (18 photos)

Agent Nicholson’s Flickr photoset (full) (156 photos)

Agent Fountain’s Flickr photoset (97 photos)

Agent Scott’s Flickr photoset (77 photos)

Agent Sokoler’s Flickr photoset (69 photos)

If YOU happen to be without a shirt, why check out some of the brand new Improv Everywhere T-Shirts? We think they’re even cooler than Abercrombie’s fall line!

Add your own report in the comments if you were there!


  1. Hey there, great job!!! Too bad women couldn’t be included :( The policy at A&F does now definitely seem to be incredibly hypocritical. Congrats on yet another sucessful mission!

  2. Woot 2nd Post
    This is what i get for constantly refreshing everyday.
    The mission was absolutely amazing. Lots of fun.
    Love the Agent interviews

    -Agent Crunchy

  3. I would love to be in a mission….just not one involving shirt or lack thereof.

    Honestly I wish they included the e-mails with an embarrassment meter just so we know what we’re getting ourselves into. For instance moving is slow motion will get you some attention but its not really embarrassing. Meanwhile listen to an invisible voice is a little embarrassing. Naturally partially undressing in public is significantly more embarrassing -_-.

  4. This was a fun mission, and the first for me. I must say it was challenging to figure out what clothes were mens’ and what were womens’. They’re all so similar there! It was really funny being in the basement though, and all of the sudden in this fluid motion, guys start taking their shirts off one by one, as if a fever was spreading. I didn’t last very long; an employee with a very suspicious angelic voice (the kind that tries to sound nice and fails miserably) asked me to put my shirt back on within a few minutes. Then in the same voice she asked me to leave after I had already put it back on. Either way, it was fun to be a part of it. Looking forward to the next mission!

  5. That was the hottest thing since sunburn, and Abercrombie and Fitch didn’t eat it up?

    The best free public advertising for a company and they acted like typical yuppie scum.

    If I had worked there, I would’ve gave out free shirts just for the publicity.

    I’d definitly give the security the axe for stopping the show.

  6. Hi Charlie and co.-agents.

    Beautiful to see so many different forms, shapes, sizes of men’s chest.
    Funny to see how your men also ‘pose’ in front of the camera like models do, wanting to give the best shot for the ladies i suppose.
    Thank you,

    CPH, Denmark.

  7. That was so funny!!!!!! I wish I could have been there. I don’t know how I came to your site but I will book mark it. I get a feeling that you will do something even better to top this, although this one was FANTASTIC.

  8. Hysterical. Nicely done.

    Abercrombie should train its employees not to commit battery when escorting unwanted guests from the property. Had I been there, I would not have appreciated their hands on my person.

  9. This was very fun! My favorite moment was when we were all in the store, minutes before “take off”, wandering around, seeing tons of men in t-shirts and jeans, and not knowing who was participating and who wasn’t.

  10. I actually spoke with that older woman near the end of the video. She and her husband were walking by while I’m loitering outside. She stops and asks me why we’re all not wearing shirts. I tell her that I have no idea what everyone else is doing and instead that I just saw everyone else doing it and decided to take my own shirt off. Looks like she believed me.

  11. A lady customer was suprised/aghast when I took my shirt off next to her for no apparent reason. She scoffed, and said to herself outloud “Ok, whateva!” while rolling her eyes. And then she turned around and there were 3 other guys with their shirt off behind her and she said “Oh god, this is so weird.” And then preceeded to walk away with her head down.

    Upon being asked to leave by the A&F staff, I informed them I took my shirt off because when I walked in I saw someone with their shirt off and thought it was okay for me to do the same. They informed me that the model in the front worked there and I didn’t. I said “ok, I’ll go shop for a shirt then.” And they let me walk away and shop for about 5 more minutes shirtless.

  12. the last 3rd of the images don’t load for me, just stay red x’s… sheesh, talk about a tease.

    p.s. great mission, the AF advertising inspired football shots are particularly awesome.

  13. I took my shirt off in the elevator along with a few other guys. One lady remarked to her husband, “I guess we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

    I wondered if maybe they were from Kansas, and thought that this must be what New York is like all the time.

    Here’s to IE for working toward that goal.

  14. Congratulations on a wonderful and very funny mission.

    I hope the female only mission lets us keep our clothes on. It’s getting cold! Can’t wait.

  15. Me and my wife drove in because my brother lives in NYC, and this was definitely one of the events that we had made sure was in our “weekend itinerary”.

    The prank had been something that my brother called me about as soon as he got the email, I guess, which told about the up-coming Improv Everywhere event this past Saturday, and I was immediately in with it. I spent some time the next few days exploring your website and past experiments, and was completely taken back by the creativity and hilarity of the things that the group did! We spent the time thinking about what the new “shirtless” experiment would entail, and each day we were more excited.

    Needless to say, although it wasn’t my sole reason for coming out to NYC, it is reason enough to come back!

  16. Great Show Everyone! I love the word ‘predictabley’ when using the management and security words! Headline: ALIEN SHIRTLESS MEN INVADE ABACROMBIE & FITCH CLOTHERIE ACK! How persuasive! How enticing! How certainly safe and endearing! Poor management slobs, “Sorry, you can’t buy a shirt unless you are wearing one” Sheesh! Turning down money in a retail outlet! Was that an executive decision or Corporate?

    Imagine: Uh, Hello Corporate, this is the manager of store 47 and uh ,,, heh heh, we got a situation here at store 47! There are literally 50-100 shirtless men here, walking the store! Uh … what should we do? Yes, Shirtless!
    “No, they’re not really doing anything except … uh … shopping! Uhh, is that all right? It doesn’t seem normal. What? Ok, I will stop them from making any purchases! Good! Thanks for your Help!”

    One big Duh and a big DOH! for management!
    Another great idea, beautifully executed and fun all around, prank!

    Good JOB! These things always make my day!
    Agent Bubster

  17. Idiots. What did you accomplish?

    You seemed to have forgotten to explain why you did this.

    And it no one in the comments I’ve read seems to know, either!


  18. This mission was loads of fun to do.
    Wes, the reason we did this is the same reason that any of the Improv Everywhere missions were pulled off. The reason is to brighten other people’s days, and pull of non-offensive pranks. There doesn’t have to be a “point” beyond that.

    Employee: “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to either put on a shirt or be escorted out of the store.”
    Me: “But… I’m looking for a shirt…”
    Employee: “Where is the shirt that you came in?”
    Me: “That shirt was awful. Your shirts are way better.”
    (Then I walked away and continued to shop in another part of the floor, or on a different floor).

    Random Person: “What are you protesting?”
    IE Agent: “Shirts.”

    Can’t wait for the next mission.

    -Agent Slobatch

  19. I am so jealous of Agent Nicholson’s camera lenses!

    I wish I had taken better photos indoors. It was challenging. It was also challenging to look like I was “shopping.” How boring are those clothes? Now I see why they need to distract with the sex appeal. A&F is crappy sweatshirts on sexy shelving.

    It was fun walking around undercover, watching the guys act casual and listening to employees talk about how the shirtless thing must be “some kind of protest or something.”

    Fun mission!

  20. Wes: “You seemed to have forgotten to explain why you did this.”

    Dammit, Marcel, why did you bolt a bike wheel to a stool? WHY? If you don’t have a real reason you’re wasting everyone’s time! What did that accomplish?? Imbecile!

  21. I love the idea… it’s as creative as a good ad campaign but not so plastic. Kudos to Agent Nguyen.

  22. I can’t believe, in this era of terrorism, that you guys didn’t even consider the well-being of the…. just kidding.

    Great mission! Simple and inspired, and 111 guys! Considering the moxie involved on the part of the participants, that is just incredible. My kudos to the bold shirtless men in this prank! That is awesome.

    If they hadn’t thrown you out, what was the exit strategy?

  23. is it gay that i didn’t find this at all gay?
    awesome job fellas, im coming in shirtless to work tomorrow.

  24. it seems no one goes out anymore just to give people a laugh. this is excellent, no reason to do it, no reason not to do it.

    well done boys!

  25. Brilliant. F***ing brilliant!

    If I’d been the manager I’d have called the news channel, not the security guards. You guys weren’t doing anything dangerous or damaging and it would have been great “public interest” story on the local evening news.

    I still can’t believe they forced the guys in line buying shirts to leave without making a purchase.

    Someone needs to take the corncob(s) out of their ass(es).

    Carry on, noble Agents!

  26. how do i get a hi res of that….i would love a print….the first one that is….or one of the other group shots….would be a great desktop background….thanks…’s totally viral….love it

  27. Finally! I thought this place had died on us fans. Once again, an outstanding job improv everywhere!

  28. I’m not prominently featured in any of these photos, but I’m okay with that.

    I was a tiny bit apprehensive when I heard what the mission was going to be, but when it was all said and done I found the experience quite liberating. I may never wear a shirt again!

    One other thing: As our throng our shirt-free dudes was leaving the store, I heard a middle-aged lady on the street corner say, “They SHOULD leave! None of them has the body for Abercrombie & Fitch!”

  29. AMAZING LOL!!!! so recent tooo!!! you guys are the best, i’m so glad that i check my e-mail! i really needed a laugh!

  30. This was my first mission and it was absolutely hilarious. It was amazing and I hope to do many more in the future.
    It was interesting how some employees were so mad, and others just didn’t care. I personally only got yelled at over and over again

  31. This was my third IE mission, and as usual, I had a fantastic time. My secret shame is exposed for all on the first video, at 2:53. I was waiting for the elevator when a store employee, under the guise of herding everyone out, decided to put an uninvited hand on my pale, shirtless back. I’m working on it with my therapist, but I’ll definitely be back for the next mission!

  32. What a great way to end my day–with a dozen chuckles and more than five dozen great pics. You should package this set as the first-ever IE trading cards.

  33. Too bad you couldn’t do this in San Francisco or Berkekey, there you would have had lots of very topless women!


  34. I absolutely LOVE you guys for doing this, and I absolutely DETEST A&F!
    Like someone said before, they are bunch of racist, ageist, hypocritical, vapid, narcissistic yuppie scum, who make their money from sweatshops! I would’ve made them call the police on my ass and then I would have sued the shit outta them! Stupid discriminating bastards!
    Keep up the good work, guys!

    P.S. Agent Nguyen is HAWT!

  35. Damn I wish I lived in NYC. You guys had me laughing all day with this. It is so wierd how something like this can literally make the whole day seem fun! MADE MY DAY. THANKS

  36. You made the biggest Belgian paper!

    It’s also online on

    I will translate:
    “Shopping bare-chested

    The sale-persones of the New York shop Abercrombie and Fitch were surprised to see 111 men coming in their shop en taking off there T-shirts. Bare-chested they began to shop.

    Behind the stunt was the weblog Improv Everywhere. Abercrombie and Fitch Store advertises mostly with bare-chested men. After fifteen minutes the halfnaked men were put out of the store.”

    I’m sorry for any mistakes in my English and congratiolations in conquering the world with your funny stunts and good vision about lightning up the world around you. I wish there were more people who would think like you guys.

  37. Wow, that’s brilliant.
    The point? Bah, who needs a defined point or reason when it’s this absurd and beautiful? I love it. Just throws people off, which, in itself, is a great point.
    Love it
    Wish I could’ve been there.
    Is there any IE type groups that you know of in Montreal? I got a link for this from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s French website.
    Great job guys.

  38. Bravo. I can’t believe you survived 15 minutes inside the store. I walk past the store and get a headache from the cologne.

  39. This is brilliant! Hilarious! I laughed out loud at these photos. I work very close to this store and have come to loathe the pathetic scene that one must struggle to walk through on the sidewalk: Bored models chatting with each other as hypnotized camera-crazy tourists linger and stare at them. They even blast the air conditioner for these models (who stand in an open doorway) in the summer, even during the energy crisis we had last year. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget how Abercrombie fired their cleaning staff who were unionized because they “were too expensive.”

  40. Man, I wish I could have been there! That was just great. Why can’t a bunch of sexy, shirtless guys walk around any stores here in Illinois?

    Thanks for the laughs!

  41. As usual, a great job. Very funny. Almost as funny was my boss walking up behind me as I’m watching a video of a 100 shirtless dudes.
    “What are you watching?”
    “Uh, long story.”

  42. Sorry Agent Nguyen,
    I think I got you mixed up with someone else. Whoever that is coming out of the store in the first video (at the 3:37 mark, wearing glasses) is the hottie I was talking about.

  43. this was my second mission with IE and it was a pisser! the reactions from confused staff and shoppers was priceless..i had several female employees take my picture with their cell phone cameras, in fact i’m the agent in the video still above, “standing laughing and joking with the model for a full minute”
    when they started asking us to leave i kept trying to tell them i needed a shirt, my hanes was just not worthy compared to theirs. after a few times being asked and then told i decided it was time to bail, but not before an impromptu group shot in the lobby! thanks IE for making us laugh and reminding us you can’t always take things too seriously.

  44. Great job, folks! A&F really lost out on this one. They created a LOT of ill will toward their stores heading into the X-mas shopping season. If it were my company, then the managers on duty that day would no longer be in management. Furthermore, the comment about being rough-housed by security does seem evident in the videos and NYC law was indeed broken. They need to retrain their security staff.

  45. That’s an excellent mission!

    I gotta say most IE members are totally hot! I remember thinking when I was reading the set-up that I often find the IE agents attractive, wondering if you’d screen out the hotties. Thanks for letting them all play! Great mission–you guys are teh Bestest!

  46. @ SoulBrotha
    You’ve got the right guy (that indeed is me at the 3:37 mark). Thank you for the compliment. If you know any SoulSistahs who might feel the same way, do let me know. :)

    @ Agents
    That’s the spirit!

    @ Improv Everywhere
    Thanks for pulling off such a well-organized and coordinated mission. You guys are real pros. And your presentation (the video editing, narrated photo roll, etc.) is perfect.

    Lots of smiles and laughs and good memories all around. Thanks!

  47. I really enjoyed seeing my son in the “ shirts”…at least he’s trying to get into the movies…what is NY without “showbiz”?


  48. I totally am going to write Abercrombie a letter. There is NO WAY that they could kick people out for not wearing shirts when they have featured both MEN & WOMEN shirtless in their ad campaigns. I totally agree that the NYC staff should be fired.

    This was amazing and thanks to everyone who took part. I agree – it took guts!http

  49. This is hilarious! I would have loved to have been there.

    Any chance you can export some of your agents to the Los Angeles area? Make this a bi-coastal experience!

  50. glad to see you guys doing another mission. I have to say that the Best Buy one is still my favorite ;]

  51. Oh. My.

    This was one of your better IE stunts! :) You guys are so brave to go around shirtless (in October.. brrr….) in this society of ours. I applaud you. I applaud IE.

    What an amazing group of guys! :) Now, if you could just bring a mission to Portland, OR…. :)

  52. The A & F store is like being inside “Man’s Country” in the East Village or Club Thermos in Amsterdam in the 1970’s. No store better resembles a high quality gay bath house of the 1970’s, before Aids, than A & F.

  53. Oh my gosh, I love this. You guys were all very brave. And I wish I could have seen it because it looks so funny. I love that it’s just like something fun to do. Keep it up!

  54. i used to work there. i got this link from my friend who is currently employed there. trust me when i say this…90% of the employees hate the store as much as you do if not more. good job i know you made everyones day. working there is like working in a cave. ps maybe someone should complain, im pretty sure the music is way too loud for people to be working there without hearing protection. i used to work at laguardia and jfk airport and i had to take hearing tests because the aircraft noise damaged hearing. im pretty sure, since i worked at both, abercrombie noise level is worse.

  55. I think that is hilarious! It might be awhile before the idea catches on with the general public, but that’s all to the good; keep the chaos coming!

  56. It appears A&F can dish it out, but they can’t take it. If anything, A&F should have enjoyed the publicity. All around the store you see a male model, posters and a statue of man topless. And if that doesn’t beat all, the bronze statue is topless, pantsless and well endowed!! HYPOCRITES!! A mission well done fellas!!!!!!!!!!

  57. I’m pretty sure it’s legal for women to be topless in NYC. How about including women in your next topless escapade? A bunch of women milling about in Victoria’s Secret in their undies would be a hoot – esp. if you could get a bunch of women that defy the VS archetype: older, fatter, people with a sense of humor.

    A store would have a very difficult time throwing women in their underwear out of the store based on a “no shirt no service” policy – we so sexualize women that a female can walk around in anything and get away with it.
    How odd that we have this weird double standard for men.

  58. Love it!!! I just found this from the NY Times City Room site. I can’t stop laughing. Wish I had known, I was up there the next day, & would have gone up a day early to see this! I’ve now subscribed to both your email lists, & hope to be an agent soon.

  59. I was working that day, and i must say it was pretty funny. My managers nearly died! All the associates thought it was funny… for the most part.
    Just be careful next time because some guys were very rude to the shirtless greeter that works there. They said some things that pushed him over the edge.
    Besides that i say mad props to you guys. You made my day more intresting.

  60. One of my friends’ younger brothers used to work at A&F and she’d poke fun at him for being a himbo (= male bimbo). Gonna send her this link.

    If you’re looking for girls to prank Victoria’s Secret I’d be up for it. I do have that toothpick figure, but more realistically than their models, also no bust. OO

  61. This was so funny to see! I don’t think I will ever bother buying from A&F – they do seem very hypocritical. Too bad I wasn’t in town when y’all did this; it would’ve been a hoot to take part, too.

  62. Hey, I’m so bummed I missed the chance to walk half-naked through A&F and along 5th Ave with a bunch of fellow gagsters.

    Congrats to all.

    Count me in for the next one, PLEASE!

  63. so funny, the photoshoot is priceless. i love the staged football game and models “relaxing” yet they’re still posed uncomfortably. and the shirtless men mural working on boats! hahaha

  64. Very cute!

    The sight of all those shirtless ribs and tummies makes me want to run through the crowd tickling. Mwahahahaha!

  65. ROFL PANTOFL(!)@&$

    I’ve always thought A&F was ridiculous with their posters of half-naked men and laughed hysterically when offered a gift card with one plastered on it. They do, however, seem very full of themselves and very hypocritical.

  66. hahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahhahahahahah that is by far hilarious… madprops to all the agents! very cool

  67. Wow, I wish IE was in Chicago. These events are priceless.

    Not to get too political, but am I the only one who considered that the A&F dopes didn’t hassle Agent FScott — who de-shirted early — because of skin color?

  68. Marisa says:
    >As a female I greatly approve of this mission.

    Affirmative, I second Agent Marisa’s commentary: I heartily approve of this delightful mission. Please restage at a location more convenient to myself. Repeat, please restage. Over.

  69. hey I just came across this site, great pranks by the way (as a theatre major I really enjoyed the Chekov one!) I actually work for Abercrombie at another major store (i don’t want to say where because i love it there and they are like family and I don’t want people dissing them) and i found this HILARIOUS!!! but as an employee I also feel offended at some of the comments people have made. such as these:
    “Like someone said before, they are bunch of racist, ageist, hypocritical, vapid, narcissistic yuppie scum, who make their money from sweatshops! I would’ve made them call the police on my ass and then I would have sued the shit outta them! Stupid discriminating bastards!”

    I’m sorry but most of that does not apply to about 85-90% of the people that work at Abercrombie. Like I mentioned before I work at a major store and about 70% of the models that work with me are of an ethnic background and lets just say I’m no wasp either. Most of them are college graduates working an extra job for the discount. One of my managers is actually working her way through medical school. I could probably say only about 1 in 20 people I work with are dumb (and who couldn’t say that either?), most of them are in college making As and Bs. We have 18 year olds but we also have 30 year olds working with us. And I’m sorry but its a double standard because as an 18 year old,I probably couldn’t go into barnes and noble and get a job(I know because I have many friends that have tried). Its not age descrimination its that they want to higher people closer to the age of the people that shop there. They have a store for adults, its called Ruehl and they higher people alot older than 18 there. Alot of stores do this: Limited Too, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle.

    We are just like all of you, maybe some of those people had horrible days and they knew if they didn’t get ya’ll out of the store they may get fired. And really, Macy’s sell’s men’s boxers with pictures of shirtless men on them and if you walked in there shirtless you’d also be asked to leave and you wouldn’t be throwing a fit about that. I just think it is wrong to judge millions of people (which Abercrombie and fitch do employ from the US, to Canada to their flagship store in London) on what, 15 people? Thats really wrong. If I walked into starbucks and got bad service, I wouldn’t hate all of starbucks. Another thing is there are people I work with supporting families working 15 hour days and they like it and they want to work that much because they love what they do; and to hear that there are people out there that have such disrespect for them is just hearbreaking. I feel that this joke was AWESOME and great but really some people are just reacting far to rudely to the results. You should never insult an entire company because you have no idea who the people are that work there.

    p.s. I have about 15 managers and only 3 of them are white so I guess your the ones doing the stereotyping now.

  70. Hey,

    I saw the best buy one first, and then looked at this A&F one. Reading the comments takes me back to one of those questions early Christian monks often had heated debates over…did Jesus own the clothes on his back?

    Fastforward to today to a shirtless man trying to buy a shirt with a credit card from a store that sells shirts by flashing pictures of shirtless models… There’s almost so much recursion there that my mind might blow up.

    Congrats to IE, I can’t wait to read more of your exploits…

  71. This is awesome! I couldn’t stop laughing as I read all of this! I wish I was a guy so I could have joined you all in the shirtless undertaking. :)

    Grats on the successful mission!

  72. One thing I noticed about 99% Of the photos in the store was the amazing lighting. It seemed like every photo had the perfect amount of light

  73. God Bless Improv Everywhere!! Y’all should open up a chapter down here in Dallas — I’d love to be an agent. I’ve found some of the funniest things on the ‘net on your website. The world needs more of your work — please keep it up!

  74. Wow ok first of all its illegal to take photographs in the store… second of all i dont understand why so many people get upset with abercrombie and fitch and the fact that we primarily promote to skinny teenagers… i guess this whole thing was kinda funny tho

  75. At one time, A&F was an “outfitter.” Canoes, clothing, boots, guns, rope, leathers. Stuff for men.

    All they are now is a yuppie Old Navy. They wouldn’t know what to do with a canoe and would wet their pants at the sight of a Holland and Holland ($37,000, will that be cash or AmEx?).

    It’s interesting to see time and again that managements don’t know how to respond in a positive fashion.

  76. HAHA! This is amazing!! If only I could’ve been there to witness this, even though I hate A&F I would’ve been there to see all the lovely IE agents go topless.

    Great one, guys, hope you do another (:

  77. Oh my gosh! You guys are just nuts, but extremely funny – LOL! I’m an Abercrombie model myself and I didn’t think we took our shirts off anymore since a few years ago. Nice pics of the 5th Ave store. I always wanted to see it! I wish A&F would reopen an original themed store in New York with camping and outdoors gear to honor David Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch. I hope to see myself one day walking in their footsteps. You guys are true Abercrombie shoppers!

  78. A better idea would be to get a group of 200 men ‘n’ women of Asian ethinicity and have all of them parade around the store talking loudly in something other than English. Imagine how it would freak out the racist management, it will obviously effect their targeted demographics.

    Best thing is, they can’t do a thing short of being sued for racism.

    Far out I’m a genius.

  79. hey guys…I’m from Brazil, I saw this notice in a magazine called Marie Claire and came here to check it out. I loved your idea guys! Very funny, I wish I was there to watch it! Congratulations ;)


  80. Great job guys. I would have so joined in had I been a New York native and known about this :P Abercrombie is one of those stores that though entertaining, I must say, I hate the concept behind… If you are going to exploit the imsge of shirtless men, at least do it with S&M or Interesting fitness equipment a la Dolce and Gabbana!

  81. I love your work, and as I was reading this, “I’m Too Sexy” came up on my iTunes. I’m too sexy for my shirt, it says.

    I would love to join your squad (as a clothed female agent) when I move back to manhattan this fall!

  82. This is totally awesome! (: I am so royally pissed at Abercrombie for not letting you guys stay, you’re probably the best customers they’ll ever have…hahaha :] You rock!

  83. One night, my brother, his friend, and myself were out getting some taco bell at 1 am.
    We pull up, order, and then pull around to the window. My brother has one of those hookups where your iPod plays through the car radio, and we were playing some hip hop or something. We paid the guy at the window, and he went to go get our food. While he was gone, my brother’s friend, who is not the most toned individual in the world, whips off his shirt and my brother changes the song to “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne, and CRANKS it. The guy comes back, says, “Here’s your…” and as he sees my brother’s friend in the passenger seat, he pauses, his eyes lock on his bare torso, and he meekly finishes, “food…”
    We kept relatively straight faces the whole time, but as we pulled away from the window, we about died laughing.
    Ahhhhh…good times…

  84. WOW!! this was so awesome of u guys to go and do this! wonderful! i laughed for such a long time, my side hurts =]
    keep up the brilliant work!

  85. Great job! Thanks to IE to bring so much fun into routine of the day.

    If you like this, you’ll probably also like the MadTV skit of Abercromie. Just search Youtube for “Mad TV – Abercrombie Skits”.

  86. i know that abercrombie actually hires female models sometimes to stand next to the shirtless male model, wearing only a men’s button-down shirt and her underwear – no pants. it would be interesting to see this done again with girls with no pants

  87. This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. You guys are so great and so inspiring. You need to do a bikini version next for the girls.

  88. I work at Abercrombie and I wish I had been working that day. I got hired that month, so I’m so upset I wasn’t there! As an employee, I agree with the statements that 90% of the employees hate it there. They definitely discriminate in that store. Managers always show favoritism towards certain models and place them on the “desired” 1st floor behind the bars. Although not allowed to hang out with their employees outside of work, they do it and give preference to some employees over others. There’s actual proof of this on websites like myspace and facebook where there are pics posted up.

    Put it this way, when the CEO comes to visit the store the managers go insane. They put most minorities in the back, and make sure everyone on the first floor is either white, or have white features. Proof of this as well! I wish there was something I could do, even managers are immature, and don’t speak up when they know things aren’t right.

    Anyway, I loved the prank, I really think you guys should try a different approach: something that shows the discrimination!


  89. Hey guys, I loved every minute of watching those shirtless men walk around AF. If you ever consider doing anything in or near Ohio, let me know.

  90. Dude’s that shit was hylarious and probibly worth it, but what was the name of the song by DJ Jesus Lopez you used that shit rocks, and so do yall. Keep it up IE !

  91. It is really sad that all these people have nothing better to do. Yep, I am looking forward to our next generation of adults – NOT!

  92. This mission sounds like it would have been AWESOME to see – or even to be part of, were I a guy. I love how the “crowd” for the football game is mostly girls. :) I haven’t seen all the missions, but I’ve noticed that no one ever gets mad at people being shirtless/pantless/whatever in public places – trains, parks, etc. aren’t stores also “public” to some extent? anyone can walk in and shop, and they aren’t going to get mad at someone if they are in a Buddhist religious costume, or all black (although jumping jacks are totally not allowed :p)… Does anyone know exactly how public a clothes store, or a restaurant is?

  93. What’s funny is that over half your guys were WAY hotter than the model (or ANY A&F model) by far!

  94. genius! you guys are the new banksy! those misogynists definitely needed to be taken down a peg.

    love your stuff!

  95. the great music- a remix to Israeli Sarit Hadads’ “Bahura MiBayit Tov” (“A girl from a good house”).

  96. this is so retarded. So you get a bunch of guys, most which are ugly and out of shape, to go into A&F shirtless?!?! Like someone else asked, WHAT exactly did you accomplish?? So what, Abercrombie & Fitch has an image of good looking people working at their stores. WHO CARES. I work at A&F and we have some bigger people working there. It’s really not a big deal. This is probably the most pointless thing you could ever do. How about making a video on something that actually has importance in life?? Instead of bitching about being too ugly to work at the fuckn store, or not being able to afford the clothes, or not being able to fit into them….WHOO CARESS. so shop somewhere else.

  97. More than a year later and I’m just now finding out about this stunt. Despite Brad’s objections, I find it hilarious. Great work!

  98. Simply Brilliant! Good on Ya Gents! very brave of you all! I kind of wish I was there to see this in person. Harmless yet smile provoking.

  99. You are great!
    We are the same style.
    Maybe we can play some originalities in Beijing.
    I have a lot of ideas that can play in different enciornmengts.

  100. This was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen you guys do! I loved it… especially since there were a lot of hotties out there. :-P

  101. This was outrageous when are you going to have that incredable group the Stun Gunz pull one off again! theyre planning one in Times Square in 09 I heard! right on 47Th St at time Square! This summer!

  102. Love your improv! I’m happy to say I don’t shop at A&F, and due to the reactions and telling you to leave when you were going to pay good money to them makes me proud to not be an A&F shopper!

    Love your work!

  103. First of all, I am a girl and I thought all of the IE guys were gorgeously handsome, brilliant and totally hot. Great job, guys, you ALL have what it takes just by virtue of being you – muscular and male!

    Nice guys being nice and being themselves… what a perfect combination!

    Although I’ve never shopped at A&F, I’m so glad & thankful that A&F shows off the maleness of men! I have no problem with that whatsoever. I DO have a problem with them not letting you make your purchases or walk around shirtless since that IS their marketing strategy! DUH!


    Second of all, in response to Twilight. GROSS with a capital G! I so don’t wish I was a guy at all. I’m so glad to be a girlie who thinks that men are strong and handsome. Even tho I’m only devoted to one man and I highly respect men, I’m so glad to be a girl so I can appreciate men for their unique differences as I’m sure they appreciate us for ours! Great Job Guys!

  104. That is so cool!!
    We really need to do this in Paris. But actually we haven’t got A&F store in France, so, let’s do it in Dior store :p

    we’re waiting for you guys !

  105. Thank You for this one! This is definately my all time favorite mission because those models in Abercrombie and Fitch are so arrogant and kinda make me want to barf. I wish I could have been there, and please feel free to do that one again!!! And your two agents got kicked out for trying to buy a shirt!! Wonderful!

  106. That place is soooo creepy. SOBs flat-out lied to me and said they weren’t hiring, when the only reason I went in was because I called an hour before!

  107. lol i love the Improv Everywhere stunts, they’re amazing!! It’s too bad that the cool stuff like this never happens in Canada!

  108. hahaha This is great! My friends and I have done this locally for quite some time. Its so great to get a rise out of the customers and workers; Sometimes you question yourself why people surrounded with nudity are surprised by it at the same time.

  109. This is awesome!

    I love A&F and all the other ones but I do agree the guys need to pull their pants up and put on some shirts =]. I love this

  110. And this is how the latest D&G (wasn’t it?) advertisment was made! Did they ask if they can use your ideas?
    They had those sillies pictures of men and women in underwear aaaalll around the London, even on busses :D