$5.99 T-Shirt!

Our friends at Neighborhoodies have our sweet new Improv Everywhere shirt for only $5.99. Now that’s what I call a best buy!

IE Logo Tee

It’s available in boys and girls sizes and 19 different colors!

Check out our full line of shirts at Neighborhoodies, all custom designed by our own Agent Dressler.


  1. Awesome! Any idea how long they’ll be around, and will the price be a permanent thing? Got laid off last week and I’m on a spending freeze at the moment, but I’d love to pick a couple up eventually!

  2. What no “Best Buy Blue” ???

    Seriously, though; for the guys there’s Royal Blue, but not for girls. That’s just not fair! I want Royal Blue; or what about the shades of greyish blue that are so popular now? Cornflower, Steel, Denim etc??

    Anyway, it’s a great shirt. Simple, I like it!

  3. You should make a “moebius” t-shirt. I’d buy one of them.

    Though, I’m not sure how I’d put it on… it might hurt me to twist that way.

  4. I just got the Best Buy shirt: it’s beautiful!! Thanks Improv Everywhere and the people at Neighborhoodies!!