What We’ve Been Up To

We’ve been getting emails asking why we haven’t done a mission lately, so we wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to for the past few months. We actually have been executing missions, but they’ve been for the new NBC “Improv Everywhere” pilot we’re producing. We’ll give you more info in the coming months as to what’s happening with it. For now, check out our mention in Variety:

Pilot Watch: NBC Pickups

Wish us luck!

UPDATE: Our pilot was not picked up, but we still have hopes to put IE on TV one day. Thanks to all New York and Los Angeles Agents who helped us out with the pilot missions – it was a blast to do.


  1. GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS!!! I’m soo happy for you; you totally deserve it. You’re totally fabulous, I hope that the show makes it so that everyone can know and appreciate what you guys do.

    Keep it up!

  2. Congrats, hopefully your show gets picked up. I know that I’d watch it.

    If it doesn’t though, will you guys at least be able to release the segments/pilot online?

  3. Good luck! Too bad I don’t own a TV. I know some networks have clauses in their contracts that disallow redistribution within so many months of the original airtime. It would be very cool though if any such production from IE was available for download through some online service (iTunes, or similar) for people who don’t bother with TV anymore. I would certainly subscribe for a reasonable price.

  4. what about us in the UK? are they going to be made available online or through some other source?

  5. I *need* a new mission! Even if it’s only me… and agent todd, he’s cute.

    new mission! new mission! new mission! new mission! new mission!

  6. Wow, nice job! You can bet I’ll be watching that. The only thing I would worry about is it becoming more known then before, as some of the imrpov you perform relies on the fact that people don’t know it’s a comedy group. Still, I’m sure you guys can get around that. Can’t wait!

  7. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

    i would definetly watch it if it was made available online because unfortunately no t.v. in our house..xDDDDD

    crack us up!!!!!

  8. Am I the only one who’s a little bit disturbed by this? I mean, on the one hand, ok, yes, it’s wonderful, and it’s a chance for this creative and good intentioned guys to “make it big.”

    But in a larger sense I feel like it could be kind of a sellout. Sure there will be wider exposure, but it will make the whole thing look like a cheap, disposable stunt if it airs on NBC in prime time every week. I think this concept is something more than that and that its power will be diminished by it being presented as something done on tape to be mass consumed on tv. I don’t want people to want to watch this stuff every week with a nice heavy dose of commercials, I want people to want to do it themselves for the gratification of others and therefore their own gratification.

    Call me crazy, but I’m wary of something this inventive and altruistic being assimilated by major media outlets to be sold however they like. Won’t it take the soul out of it eventually, if not right away?

  9. I’m getting a bit nervous about the people at NBC…

    I’m watching “Thank God You’re Here”, the terrifying pilot of… something… on channel 4. I suppose it’s a class in How Not to do Improv, I dunno. It takes place in some Twilight Zone alternate universe of improv in which the entire principle of “yes, and” is completely forbidden and B- actors are, um, automatically masters of improvization. Oh, and costumes are inherently funny, with no acting required. (The actors are really trying, in spite of the show.) Improv Everywhere, show NBC what improv is really made of!

  10. That is great news ! Can’t wait to see if it’ll get picked up !

    I have to admit that, given the chance, I would have totally stolen the idea to do the same in Montreal (where I live…) : that’s too bad, we’ll just have too pay way more for the rights for now on, that’s all !…

    I wish you guys the best, and I’m really hoping that this project will still use the WWWeb to recrute agents and organise big events like the “Best Buy Mission” or any MP3 Experiments !!

  11. I’m a little worried about Improv Everywhere going on television broadcast because NBC just might make you guys do the things THEY want and not how you want it. If that happens, then it’s not unique anymore. I’m happy that you guys made it this far though. Well, best of luck.

  12. The non-profit, community based “people’s” comedy, with scores of volunteers, has gone Corporate. No longer done for fun, now its all about the money. No more volunteers, just paid ‘actors’.

    The quality will go down, and the group will be lumped in with all the other candid camera “hey, its just a joke!” shows that have come and gone.


  13. I hope you didn’t sell your souls just for a chance.

    If you don’t get picked up, will you at least still own the rights to the missions you’ve been doing?

  14. LinkMan,

    We’re not fools! We didn’t sell our souls for anything. We did four missions for the pilot, had a blast, and had total creative control. If NBC passes on it (they are still deciding) we will continue to own the rights to everything on this site and be able to go back to doing missions here in NY per usual. Or if they pick it up it will be on national TV – win win!


    That’s a pretty bleak view, dude. We’ve worked our asses off for 6 years providing fun content on this site for the masses, fun times for perfect strangers in New York to come out and be an agent, and fun stories for the random people we’ve encountered. Can you really fault us for making a TV pilot with NBC to try to do this stuff on an even larger level? We had total creative control and are very proud of the missions we made for the pilot. Plus, NBC bought the pilot because they love IE for what it is, not for the purpose of making it like something else. Not sad at all!

  15. The idea that one who attempts to find further success with a project they love is a sellout is absolutely absurd.

  16. If you get on TV, that’s wonderful. I vow to watch every episode. Question: won’t you become more recognizable after people see the show? Some people would be more likely to figure out what was going on then. I don’t know. I kind of like it not being on TV. Seems more special instead of just another show. I probably would not have watched if it had been on television before I found it on YouTube. It’s just not the same, you know.

  17. Wow! You guys are hittin’ it big time. o_o That is amazing though. I think you guys are incredibly talented and creative. Though it would be weird seeing it on TV, I’d still watch every episode and I’ll be cheering you on. IE is one-of-a-kind. I’m glad you’ve brought it this far. Good luck man! ;)

  18. That would be one of the coolest things, like reality Tv thats actually GOOD!!!
    I hope NBC doesnt screw you guys over and make it like “the real wedding crashers” or other crap like that

  19. So, How long does NBC have “to decide?” And, if they pass, do you have another Mission in the planning stages?

  20. Man, they picked up singing bee and not you guys? that is ridiculous! Not to sound like a bad sport or anything, but I LOVE watching you all online and I’ve seen the commercials for singing bee and it looks like a waste of time and money to me.

    I love you guys! keep up the good work, I’m sure you’ll make it to network tv sooner or later.

  21. MAN! It sucks that they passed. but you will not quit being awesome, OK? Is it possible to see what you did for NBC? food court musical? frozen grand central? IT ALL SOUNDS AWESOME! If you cant show us the video, could you at least describe it for us???

  22. Please explain to me how “The Singing Bee” got picked up and not “Improv Everywhere”. I would MUCH rather see you guys then that show!

  23. I will be very sad if you can’t post the missions on your site now that you’re been unjustly rejected by NBC. It’s like giving me a taste of some really good chocolate ice cream and then telling me I can’t have any more!

  24. Sad that they picked up the IT Crowd and not IE. Hollywood would rather continue remaking British shows than take a chance with an original idea. Well done, them.

    Good luck on future projects, been a fan for a long time…

  25. I might sound selfish here, but I’m glad Improv Everywhere was not made into a tv series. It should stay as an internet thing. Too much exposure and the pranks would be ruined.

  26. Is it some point NOWWWWW?
    I bet with the writers strike you’d have better chances if you re-pitched the show now.

    I think the hardest part for the networks is how to market such a format.