Site Redesign

We’ve completely overhauled and transferred our old site to this new, shiny wordpress-based site. Hopefully it will be easier to use and easier on the eyes. The search box on the sidebar should make any of our past entries just a few clicks away, and our RSS Feed should make it easy for everyone to stay updated on our latest news and missions. Let us know what you think about the new site in the comments.

Thanks to IE Tech Agent Wade Minter for helping with the redesign.


  1. The new layour is ‘cleaner’ and more versatile, however I prefered the look of the old one; this one reminds me of a forum or a blog. I guess it’ll just take some getting used to.

  2. Oh no, not another WordPress site. The other one looked so much better, it didn’t look so generic like this one. God damnit.

  3. Glad to see Improv is still alive :P

    The new site looks more generic I’ll agree, but at the same time, should hopefully be more flexible.

    G’Luck with it all.

  4. excellent! Word Press will keep the site easier to manage and will allow for on-the-fly formatting changes, keeping the site fresh and current.

  5. I love the re-design!

    I’m itching for another mission already. Everytime I get on the bus or subway I count how many months till the next No Pants. :(

  6. Not sure I like the bloggy feel of this design, but I love love love the big picture of people with no pants that’s acting as the navigation bar at the top of the page right now (the bee guy was good, too… hooray for changing picture nav bars!). There need to be more pantsless people in my life. Maybe that’s why IE is so awesome. :)

  7. Oh God, another WP site with a (mostly) default template?! And here I thought you guys were all about being different and hip :P

    Joking aside, it looks slick and I know you’re focusing more on the pranks now, eh?

  8. Yeah, I don’t like it. I mean, it’s decent, but it’s just like every other site out there. I miss the old IE. :(