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If you’re visiting our site because you saw our profile on This American Life’s new Showtime television show, welcome!

We have over 60 different “missions” here on our site, three of which were covered in the TV show. Our missions page catalogs all of our past antics by date. To get you started here are the links to the missions covered by TAL:

Surprise birthday party on the subway
Look Up More – department store windows mission
The Best Gig Ever

Also check out other fan favorite missions like:

The Moebius
Anton Chekov
Even Better Than The Real Thing
Best Buy

If you have any questions, check to see if they are covered in our Frequently Asked Questions Page.


  1. I LOVED the piece on you guys. The windows stuff was really cool. I poked around and saw that there was an epilogue to your story. For those of you who don’t know, Improv Everywhere met Ghosts of Pasha face to face two years after the Best Gig Ever and did a show together at a comedy theatre. follow the link to “5th Anniversary Show” to see it all.

  2. I think this idea is great. I just think that the band prank was not the greatest thing to do to them. Being a performer myself, I would want ‘my moment’ to be real and not something from Fantasy Island. All in all, though, a really great and creative idea!

  3. By the way, I’ve from Chicago, too, and I’m ready to be recruited, too. I’m a teacher in ‘real’ life and I think students would love to do something like this! Wow. What a great idea.

  4. you guys are awesome
    i might not be from chicago of NY
    but if you guys ever come to cali
    i’d be all for doing something.
    it seems so cool…
    “pranks” as you call them.
    give some spice to someones everyday life.
    be unique
    its just compeltely great.

  5. Interesting how the radio version of TAL painted the Pasha prank in very dark colors, whereas the televised version had a very upbeat ending–a major psychological breakthrough as well as “best gig” for the guy who seemed to have had problems from the get-go. The 2005 radio segment and this tv version should be packaged together and sent to communications teachers as an example of how the media can slant a story different ways. I enjoyed the TV segment, thought it more accurately conveyed the intended fun of the missions, and thought Charlie and his pranksters came off looking great. Congrats!