No Pants 2k7

Team Captains: Agents Good, Lovejoy, Ace$Thugg, Arnheiter, Purnell, Siegel, Wright, Morningstar, Bachrach, Intravita
Digital Video: Agents Kula, Gording, Isom
Digital Photography: Agents Nicholson, Pallas, Goralnick, Rosmarin

Our 6th Annual No Pants Subway Ride took place on Saturday, January 13. Around 300 people participated this year, making it the largest No Pants mission ever. If you’re unfamiliar with our No Pants series, check the missions page for write-ups of the previous five installments. This year’s ride was loads of fun, and unlike last year, it went off without a hitch. We had a great group filled with all different shapes, sizes, races, and ages.

Organizing 300 participants
When I arrived at the meeting point I noticed there were three police officers lurking a couple hundred feet away from us. I figured that might happen, considering the chaos of last year, and the fact that several local papers publicized the info for this year’s event. I introduced myself to them, and they were super nice. They recognized that the cop who stopped us last year made a mistake and were only there to escort us this year and make sure everyone stayed safe. It was as if we were a parade.

To accommodate the larger crowd this year, I made a few changes to the structure of the mission. The biggest change was doing away with the pants sellers. Always a funny punch line to the mission, it was sad to see the pants selling go, but considering how many people lost their pants last year, it just didn’t seem worth it. This year everyone brought along a backpack (or purse, briefcase, etc) and kept their own pants with them. The other major change is we actually used two separate trains. Everyone started on one train, and then stop by stop groups of participants would depants and then exit the train and wait on the platform. In previous years we’d just run down the platform to the next car, but this year we actually waited five minutes on the platform for the next train to come. Lucky for us, it was an unusually warm January day.

Agent Ace$Thugg waits at Spring Street
It was really cool looking out the window as the train pulled into the stations. Some stops had upwards of fifty pantless riders waiting to board. If you were seated on the train looking out the window you could only see the people on the platform from the waist up, which made for a funny reveal when the doors opened on their bare legs. There were several riders who stood out this year. We had a few businessmen:

We had a Boy Scout

A dude with a bike

Agent Eng came dressed as a priest

Agent Scordelis read Moby Dick
As always we got a variety of reactions from the New Yorkers we encountered. Most laughed and smiled. Some scowled. Some ignored.

By the end, every car on the train was filled with around 30 pantless riders.

At 125th Street, everyone exited the train and moved to the downtown tracks to take the train back to our starting point. There was a drummer on the platform and as folks waited an impromptu dance party broke out. Pantless people danced to the drummer’s beat while trying (unsuccessfully) to coax him to remove his own pants.

The ride back down was just as much fun. I switched cars at each stop, and it was tons of fun to see the different reactions in each of the ten cars. When we returned to our meeting point and exited the subway, most folks chose to keep their pants off. By far the warmest January in the history of No Pants, it really was quite comfortable walking around pantless outside.

See below for a little video and links to photos and news articles. Also be sure to check out the comments section (link at bottom of page) for the individual reports of agents involved.


We don’t have too much video this year, mostly because I figured we already have enough No Pants footage from all the year’s past. Matt Besser of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade was nice enough to loan me his hidden camera eyeglasses, and we put them to use for this mission.

Agent Kula wearing hidden cam glasses
Mission Accomplished.


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  1. I was in the first car, and my group accidentally got on the 5 train that was running on the local track. We instantly realized we were the only ones getting on this particular train, but we continued on anyway. We had a police officer escort us for about 8 stops. One kid kept asking us why we didn’t have pants on, and when he wasn’t happy with our nonchalant responses, he finally asked the cop. The officer replied, “They have clothes on, they aren’t doing anything wrong. They aren’t bothering anybody.” You could tell he was briefed about what happened in no pants 2K6 and it made for an enjoyable ride. People caught on after about the fourth stop that more were coming. The would say “ooh, ooh, who’s coming on next!” And “move away from the window, are there more on the platform?” One foreign woman explained to her companion, “Maybe it’s something that happens everyday at 5 o’clock.” When we finally reached 125th street, the whole platform was full of people waiting for the 6 train that we should have been on originally. We stayed in character and waited for the 6 train along with them. This really blew the minds of the non-agents on the platform, as there were about 40 pantsless riders from my car strolling about at the Harlem stop, and then the 6 train arrives and then 200+ disembark as they are trying to get on. It made for a fun and successful No Pants 2K7!

  2. I assume that No Pants Day 2k7 took place today, on the southbound 6 train, sometime around 5ish. I was the conductor on the 4 train that the 6 connected too when it reached the end of the line. I had initially heard over the radio our control center querying a 6 train if they had noticed “anything unusual.” I didn’t catch the whole reply, but heard something about “underwear.” Later, coming by 14th, I noticed a few people on the platform in boxers, which I just took to be terribly ugly Bermuda shorts. Given the unusual warmth at this time of year, it didn’t seem as out-of-place as I imagine it has in the past. But as we passed the 6 train, around Canal St., I realized something was really up as I saw car after car of half-clad folks, and as I’ve enjoyed reading quite a number of missions from Improv Everywhere, immediately remembered No Pants Day,

    By the time we reached the Brooklyn Bridge station and were held for connection, I had some idea of what was coming, and when the 6 pulled into the station, leaned out my window and started shouting “Happy No Pants Day!” to all disembarking. Some other passengers, who had no clue what was up, suddenly seemed to realize that people were clad a bit… oddly, and asked me what was going on, but I had to pull the train out of the station before I could stick around and chat to explain. I noticed at least one group of agents did board my train and ride it to Borough Hall, although most had simply exited at Brooklyn Bridge.

    MTA employees have seen just about everything, and are pretty hard to phase. Still, folks got a kick out of it when we got to our terminal. I’m pretty new and haven’t got many stories to stack up against the old-timers. Thanks for giving me one of my first ones!

    Agent Ambrose

  3. There were without a doubt a few moments where the magic of No Pants 2k7 was made apparent to me. On our way north, the effect of people taking off their pants by one, then by two’s, then by four’s, then by eight’s had a crescendo effect of chaos and confusion for the passengers who had boarded along with all of us. I cannot express the warm and nervousness I felt as I further their confusion by dropping my pants in turn. At one point the most cliche looking little old lady boarded my car and stood jaw-dropped as the doors to her world of comfort closed behind her. She disembarked at the next stop. When I was approached by a very anxious passenger, he asked if this was an art movement. I was so tempted to explain that our pantsless riding was of the highest quality of art – because our human expression was an expression of freedom, a freedom from pants. Or, I could explain to the gentleman that I had merely forgotten my pants that morning. Well, I stayed in character, and in my explanation of my forgetfulness that morning, really I was confirming his question of art, because an artist does not reveal the magic which his work transcends. So as he stood there staring at my painfully pale hairy legs, I hope I was transcending a message of: “I hate pants and I want to take them off goddamnit!”

  4. I participated in the no-pants 07 subway ride. I was wearing a Fedora, black Flight Jacket and a Kilt (until i took it off that is)

    I was late showing up to the meeting point, having driven in from New Jersey I had some trouble getting around that area even with a map and directions, while driving around looking for a place to park i saw several big groups walking towards the subway. i had a feeling only because everyone seemed to have a bag and a book or newspaper. at a stop sign i asked if they were “agents” they said NO. but a few smiled so I had a feeling i was in the right place.

    i managed to park and get into the subway in time.

    Next thing i know we were off.

    in the first couple stops we had a few people take off their pants. some tourists commented that they must be hot. I boldly proclaimed \”see maybe if more people invested in Kilts they wouldn’t have this problem\” Which got a good chuckle, but also put me in a spot, now i felt like i couldn’t take my Kilt off with the family standing right there. so i just got off at a random stop still Kilted along with a pantless gentleman from the second doors to the same car i was in.

    as the train pulled away i realized that the stop was pretty empty so i de-Kilted there. it worked nobody but other pantless riders saw me.

    Next thing i know there were tons of people in across the platform all staring and some pointing.

    I wore a pair of bikini briefs that were just a step above the Croch-hammocks that male dancers wear.
    I have to say it was a good time on the ride up.

    a few times i would get off the train walk down a few cars and hop onto the same train (making sure to at least skip on car so i wasn’t seen)

    There was one woman with her kids who was obviously bothered. She kept spouting things to her kids about “remember how i always tell you_______ well this is why” “Honey I don’t know why so many people decided not to wear pants today” and a few other choice lines. for the most part you could tell she was getting a little pissed. hey she’s just being a mom. i’m sure if her kids weren’t around she would be laughing. which was the most typical response i saw.

    Then there was 125st. We get off and there were hundreds of pantless riders. a few of us not quite sure what to do (helps if you show up on time doesn’t it)

    There was a group all dancing and singing around a street performer. then the chant for him to get his pants off. There was also a cop but he was cool and was more concerned with people standing on the yellow safety strip getting to close and falling onto the tracks.
    then there was a very cranky old lady all bent over cursing up a storm about all these people being despicable, and horrendous, and more stuff i can’t type here. a few pantless riders and myself were quite amused at her. I also had 3 different people come up to me and tell me i looked sexy and/or they liked my hat etc. I blushed. i admit there were quite some sexy people not wearing pants.

    On the Ride back it was much more interactive. People left and right where asking what happened. I laid down my story:

    I went out to a goth club friday night and stayed at a friends house in harlem(wearing my kilt) heading back in i was getting made fun off. so when i saw people with there pants off i decided that might be better then wearing a “skirt”( ITS A KILT GOD DAMN IT!!!)

    The story went well it flowed out naturally and although people knew it wasn’t true i said it so naturally they could\’t call me on anything.

    Then the walk back. most people opting to leave the pants off.

    I felt like it was a GREAT first mission, and i look forward to many more.

  5. I’d like to report a funny incident that happened to me during the No Pants Subway Ride 2k7. I arrived at the event wearing a suit and tie. So at the first stop after Brooklyn Bridge, a group of 4 Midwestern women tourists get in my car with their 12 year old daughter and one of their husbands. So I was still in pants, reading my book when one of the women comes over and taps me on the knee and says “Excuse me?”. And starts asking me questions about the subway stops. I very politely helped her and I could tell they seemed satisfied with themselves for finding a helpful New Yorker. I heard her whisper to her friend afterwards “I could tell he was local”. So I knew this would be all the sweeter, since they’d clearly picked me out because in the suit, I guess I looked “safe” or “normal”. So my stop comes up a few minutes later and I just casually take off my pants and I just hear them frantically murmuring “Oh my god! What’s going on!” and when I got up to get off
    the train, I saw that they had all arranged themselves so that their backs were to me and they kept nervously glancing back to see what I was doing (their daughter was carefully being shielded from me). I said, “excuse me,” so that I could get past them to the doors and they of course quickly scurry out of my way as if I was on fire. Then I get off and wait at the platform and the doors are still open and the women are all looking at me in horror. One of the women asks me, “Why did you take off your pants?” and I say “What?” and she nervously sputters “No, nothing.” It was quite an experience.

  6. Just wanted to say thanks loads for doing this mission every year… I’ve loved reading about them, of course, but yesterday was my first time participating and it was incredibly fun and awesome. Loved the improv dance party. :)

    I wrote a long blog entry about the experience here:

    but this might be the most interesting/usable excerpt:

    I was a huge fan of the guy who, disembarking the train at around Grand Central after having ridden with us from Harlem, yelled out “ALL RIGHT! ALL YA’LL LADIES WEARING PANTIES HAVE A GREAT DAY!” A guy wearing green briefs and a t-shirt reading “Weird Fucker,” turned to me and said, “Well, who’s gonna argue with that?” Heh.

    Thanks again for the best train ride ever. :)
    -Agent Hamilton

  7. Here are a couple of things of note from my experience
    with the September car:

    -One or two of the photographers were following one
    person in our car. At one point they both took
    pictures of him at the same time for what seemed like
    10-15 minutes. He tried to just act like they weren’t
    there, breaking only once, at one point rolling his
    eyes and exclaiming, “JESUS!”. It was a bit much.

    -On the way up to 125th street stop, someone in our
    car started playing Journey’s “Don’t Stop believing”.
    One or two people started to sing along. After the
    song finished, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody played, and
    everyone from that part of the train joined in. I was
    in the middle, and it had gotten pretty packed, so i
    couldn’t tell if it was one of us that had the boom
    box, or who was singing. But everyone seemed to be
    having a good time. After Bohemian Rhapsody, the boom
    box fell quiet for the rest of the train ride.

    -Once the train arrived at 125th street and we
    deboarded, I heard a drummer and people cheering. I
    wandered down the platform and saw a circle of
    pantless people surrounding a subway busker that was
    drumming and singing Hammers, “Can’t Touch This”. The
    crowd grew, and everyone clapped along. One pantless
    guy walked into the middle of the clearing in front of
    the drummer, and proceeded to dance much to everyone’s
    delight. Another pantless guy joined him, and the
    crowd went wild. Soon, the clearing was filled with
    pantsless people dancing to the drummer’s beat. The
    drummer was smiling from ear to ear, and from the
    amount of money i saw dropped into his bucket I’d
    guess that he pulled in some good scratch that day.
    Once the dancing stopped, people continued to clap to
    the drummer as he sang other songs. At this point the
    crowd cheered for him, and began to chant, “TAKE OFF
    YOUR PANTS!”. He smiled, took off his jacket, and the
    crowd went nuts. The chant continued, and as the
    photographers closed in on him, you could tell he had
    changed his mind. One pantsless man spoke to him, and
    announced that he was sorry, but he wasn’t going to
    take them off. The crowd cheered for him again, and
    continued to clap to his music. It was completely
    spontaneous, and the energy in the crowd was amazing.
    It was great seeing how the mission put everyone in
    such a great mood, and everyone was game to have a
    great time.

    Overall, I really enjoyed seeing how everyone went
    from being somewhat giddy and nervous on the way down,
    to being incredibly confident and nonchalant on the
    way back. To the point that many people didn’t even
    question putting their pants back on when we got to
    the Brooklyn Bridge stop and strutted proudly down the
    street to Foley Square.

    As the ride comes around each year, I’ve thought about
    doing it, and I would always chicken out. I’m so glad
    I finally did it this year, it was even more fun than
    I expected.

  8. I was freezing on the way back on the 6 and had finally found a seat (I was standing the ride uptown). The ride back as informal as we could get, so it was amusing to see everyone (still in character) running back and forth, hopping onto new cars and basically confusing the pants-wearing folk that happened to be on the car. I realized soon however, that by the time we reached 42nd street our entire care was pantless except three well dressed 20 year old girls. So one taps me on the shoulder and asks: “Can you tell me what is going on?” I answer back, “It’s a long story, but I just forgot my pants today.” Her: (in an irritated voice) “Well can you shorten the story and tell us what this is?” Me: “I did already.”
    She looks away exasperated and repeats to her friends that it’s a long story. Having given up on me they start addressing the packed and pantless subway car, getting angrier and angrier.
    “What are you guys protesting?”
    “Don’t you want us to know what it is you guys are doing this for?”
    “Am I going to see you in the New York Times tomorrow?” (one agent deadpanned: “I don’t think so.”)
    “I will take my pants off if someone tells me what the hell is going on?”

    and my favorite: “No, no, I got it! It’s about global warming!”

    No at this point I crack a smile. I just couldn’t help it anymore. The whole car was kind of amusing, and the girls were being prety obnoxious so not letting them in on the joke was kind of great. As they left they made a big spectacle of themselves, announcing that “the only people with pants on are leaving,” and left the car a few stops before the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Not the funniest story I’m sure, but it made freezing on the way back totally worth it.

  9. Hi! I had a fabulous time taking off my pants on the subway, and I loved the little kids who kept exclaiming, as they surveyed the pantsless people getting on the train, “It’s black people! It’s white people! It’s everybody!” but my favorite moment happened right before I depantsed. I was sitting next to the very East-Village-looking mother of a 7-year-old girl in a purple fur jacket. Mom and daughter were both very excited about the proceedings and agreed they would stay on the train to the end of the line in order to witness everything. The following exchange took place as agents around me removed their trousers.

    Hip mom: Do you know you’re gonna take your pants off, or does it just grip you?

    Elderly British gentleman (as if this explained everything): It’s Saturday, it’s Saturday.

    Hip mom: Look, they’re all reading pretentious books.

    (I sheepishly put down my slim volume of experimental poetry and remove my pants.)

    Hip mom (to me): I should have known, you snooty pants-taker-offer!

  10. Agent Skully, we must have been in the same car!

    I couldn’t really sleep the night before. It was knowing that the next day I’d be riding the 6 train in my underwear. I wound up leaving my house at 1pm, even though we had to be there at 3pm since I live in Queens. Bayside to be more specific. I arrived at 2:15pm to see about 15 people..

    We waited for the train…two 5 trains came, so we waited… and waited… and waited. In back of me this pervert was hitting on a fellow agent. She said she didn’t want to talk to him anymore because he was strange, but he still kept harassing her. Finally, another agent asked her to step up with him. It was nice. The perv disappeared shortly afterwards.

    The 6 train finally arrived, and we all spread out in the car. I sat next to two agents and across from a few. I took out my Nintendo DS and started playing.

    I was Stop 5: 14 Street/Union Sq. And holy poop, let me tell you what went on! When the agents before me took off their pants, some bystanders were whistling for them. I was one of 4 women in that car, but the other 3 were on the other side of the train. So here I go, I stand up, kick off my shoes, take off my pants and put them in my bag, only to show off my bright blue, red & yellow Superman underwear! I made sure to get my female bits & butt in so that everyone would see! And it worked. Everyone was like "wtf is happening?"

    I get off the train at Union Square, exposed and still playing my Nintendo DS. People walking into the train and waiting for the 4 or 5 were walking very close to where I was standing. I know they were checking me out. That’s really where my confidence kicked in. I’m not at my ideal weight, and I’ve always been paranoid about my belly fat and my thighs. But I figured, what the hell, this will make an awesome story.

    It was so cool to look down the platform and see everyone in their underwear. Thing is, you had to keep a straight face at all times, so I was laughing to myself, and seemed mentally retarded the entire day.

    The next 6 train comes, and those of us in underwear board. Most of the people are like "wtf", but I wasn’t really paying attention. You’re supposed to pretend that you don’t know anyone who is in their underwear and make up a story. Mine was "OMG! They’re in their underwear? Who would do that!". When they said I wasn’t wearing any pants too, I’d reply "Oh, I took mine off, because they got really wet with the rain, and I figured it would be nicer without them, so I took them off." People were still all "wtf?"

    There was these teens that must have taken 50 pictures of my butt. I decided not to acknowledge them. There was also a lot of press around. They were also supposed to take off their pants.


    – So there’s this dark-colored woman with her two young children. I’m leaning against a pole in the train, innocently playing my video game. The kids ask the mom why we are all in our underwear, and a few more questions. She responds nastily, "I’ll answer all of your questions right now!". That woman was the biggest b**** I’ve ever seen on the train. Oh, but that’s not all. She was telling the kids about not talking to strangers, and said that WE’RE THE STRANGE PEOPLE! I was thinking "Lady, you’re the strange one, you have pants on!" She also told the kids that we kill people and touch little kids "parts you’re not supposed to touch". Wow.

    – A lot of people were asking about why we weren’t wearing pants. A lot replied "we’re striking against Global Warming!" They didn’t get it. lol!

    – I made friends with so many people, including cops!
    Me: Hey there!
    Cop: Hi.
    Me: Aren’t you hot wearing those pants?
    Cop: Yeah, but i can’t take them off. Maybe next year I’ll ask for the day off and take my pants off too!
    Me: Uhhh see you next year! …this is my stop! *gets off and runs two cars down"

    – Pre-prank:
    Agent Todd: Okay everyone, lets take our pants off!!
    Agents: WOOHOO! *claps*

    – So we get off on our last stop, and we’re waiting for the 6 in the other direction when I hear some’s drums.. OMG it’s a party! I walk down to see what it is, and it’s a guy behind a drumset. All agents are dancing and crowded around this guy (remember, there are 200+ of us). The guy finishes his song and all agents start to chant "TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS!" over and over again. The guy played a beat to it, and started taking them off as our train arrived.

    – On the way back, I’m seeing how many times I can go from the last car to the first and back, when one of the women who was in my group sees my shirt.

    woman: WOAH, does that shirt say Dream Theater?
    Me: YES!
    another agent: OMG I love them!

    We got into a huge conversation, and then went to different cars to terrorize people.

    – I leaned over a seat and totally stuck my butt out at people because I was bored.

    – When we finally got off the train, we all left in our underwear to go back to where we were supposed to meet. I started skipping and saying "wheeeee" all the way there. Everyone laughed.

    All in all, it was an incredible mission, and I can’t wait for the next mission!

    – Agent Kaye

  11. Great time. I so enjoyed my pants being off that another agent friend and I kept them off all the way home. With limited deliberation, we decided that stopping into McSorely’s in the LES for a brew was a phenomenal idea…

    the crowd went wild. another successful day of being awesome accomplished.

  12. Hey everyone! I’m the guy on the front page of Improve Everywhere. The guy wearing the Fendi business suit. Wow, I’m famous, Reuters put out a photo of me, it ended up in the news around the world! I’m in The Age(an Austrailian paper), and I’m even in a very well known news website in China (a Chinese friend alerted me of this!) The Chinese news article is located here:

    I figured the media would get a kick out of a guy in a designer suit and no pants.
    After the event, other agents complimented me on staying in character so well, which I appreciated. I noticed a group of teenage agents on my train who constantly broke character. And some of the photographers blatently ignored Charlie Todd’s request to not take pics on the way up, only on the way down. That kind of blew it for us too, because when the bystanders saw all the photographers snapping away, they know something was up.
    In fact, at around 59th Street, a very well dressed couple walked in the subway car, immediatly noticed me, and the woman had a "wtf?!?" look on her face, then suddenly a photographer started snapping rapidly, then the woman relaxed and said to her friend: "oh, their just trying to get pictures of people’s reaction to a man with no pants on . . ."

    As with other IE events I have participated in, it’s just such a joy to be in such a large crowd of people, gathered together for nothing but to have coordinated fun!

    Thank you so much Team Captains, for organizing this magnificent event . . . see you next year!

  13. Short note right now. Just wanted to point out the song I listened to during most of the mission.

    Favorite by Liz Phair

    Don’t look sexy but it just feels right
    Not too dirty and it’s not too tight
    Why I never threw it out, I’ll never know exactly why

    Keep it in the drawer beside my bed
    It’s faded pink now, but it used to be red
    Starting to fray at the seams, but I know that you’ll still love me
    Like you did, like you did
    Like before, like before
    Like we will, like we will
    Be doin’ it once more

    Oh baby know what your like?
    You’re like my favorite underwear
    It just feels right, you know it
    Oh baby know how you feel?
    You feel like my favorite underwear
    And I’m slipping you on again tonight

    Leave you lyin’ on the bedroom floor
    I leave you hangin’ on the bathroom door
    Take you for granted, but I’ll always know exactly where you are

    Lost you once you were hard to find
    Got you back you didn’t live like mine
    Thought we were falling apart but you make me feel so pretty
    Like you did, like you did
    Like before, like before
    Like we will, like we will
    Be doin’ it once more

    Oh baby know what your like?
    You’re like my favorite underwear
    It just feels right, you know it
    Oh baby know how you feel?
    You feel like my favorite underwear
    And I’m slipping you on again tonight
    Slipping you on again tonight
    Wrap me and roll me, hold me tight
    Tear me apart and make me new
    Like you always do

    Oh baby know what your like?
    You’re like my favorite underwear
    It just feels right, you know it

    You feel you’re like this is what I want
    You feel, you feel

    Oh baby know what your like?
    You’re like my favorite underwear
    It just feels right, you know it

    You feel you’re like this is what I want
    You feel, you feel

    Slipping you on again tonight

  14. I was one of the people in the 9th car.

    One lady (probably a tourist) kept saying to her husband "Sal! Did you see that?? Did you see them take off their pants?" She, at one point, turned to me while my friend was depantsing, and said, "Isn’t this weird?" Little did she know that I would start to depants the next stop :).

    And then after a while, this group of guys who were obviously not part of the prank got such a kick out of seeing random people depants that they themselves were actually considering to depants themselves as well just for the hell of it!

    At 125th, we heard a bunch of drumming noises and headed over. We decided to jump in the middle of the circle of underwearers to dance sing, jump around. After that, everyone hopped in. The famous "Take off your pants" line- wished the drummer would’ve actually taken off his pants though hahha. Then I heard someone say "Did anyone remember to tip the drummer??"

    Fun fun fun… what should I wear next year?

  15. I was the Team Leader for the 3rd car of the 6th Train. We had a lot of amazing volunteers in our group, including a set of twins, a guy in a suit and I kid with a mohawk. There is no way any of the passengers on the 6 could have expected any of us to know each other, that is until we all started to drop our trousers. As soon as we boarded and the doors shut my leadoff guy stood up, depantsed and casually waited for the next stop. The best part about this was this gentleman of Asian decent sitting next to him, who was completely taken aback. He immediately started to look around the train making eye contact with anyone he could to see if they were seeing this too. He even shared a glance with a few of our agents, so when the same people stood up during the next few stops and took off their pants this guy went nuts. He started asking people including myself what was going on. I shrugged then dropped my jeans and casually walked off with the last group of about 8 people.

    Once on the platform there was even more commotion as a group of teenagers were not being quiet about seeing a group of people who just got off the train with no pants on and none of them seemed to know each other. One of them said he was going to join in, but apparently thought better of it. When the next local train came it was packed, I’m sure in no small part due to our 20 people already on there. The only problem was that when it is that packed the riders couldn’t see that there were so many people with no pants on. There was one woman got pushed into me then made a comment about how cozy it was and smiled. As soon as she said that she that she looked down and saw my underwear and I could tell by her face that she was shocked and quickly turned around. As we got closer to 125th street, the crowd in the 3rd car began thinning out, but there were still no reactions that really made me feel like we made an impact. That is until we stepped off the train. From that point and on the entire ride back, everyone seemed to be catching no pants fever.

    The response getting off the train was instant. Of course having 250ish people getting off the train at the same time and having a no pants parade back to the 6th train downtown stop would certainly turn some heads. The conductor of one of the trains stuck his head out and yelled, "Happy No Pants Day, this is my favorite holiday." Then as we all walked down stairs a crowd was waiting, including a few members of our press corp. There was one woman in particular who had her own camera out and was trying to take as many pictures as she could, so I took mine out and tried to get one of her. Once we got on the 6th train downtown a lot of people got in the same few cars. A few members of my train went to the end and tried to spread out. The second we walked on people were talking. One woman asked, "what day is today, that everyone’s in their skivvies?" After rides a stop or two I moved one car over where I was alone for a minute. People were looking and making comments to themselves or other people. As soon as the doors opened at the next stop Charlie Todd walked on. Now not being able to contain themselves everyone started voicing their opinions. There was a lot of, "look they both don’t have pants on." and "do you guys know each other?" A few people had apparently changed cars as well and interjected with, "there is a whole bunch of them on this train." When I was asked what the deal was, I said, "I just forgot my pants and I’m a little embarrassed and I feel a little better knowing I’m not the only person that happens to." Apparently a few people had asked other pantless riders the same question because before I could answer some of them they would throw in, "let me guess, you forgot your pants too, right?" There were a few people walking on the platform during one stop who pointed at me and yelled, "Look there’s another one," then quickly ran off to see who else they could find.

    There were some great responses on this train. A girl in her 20s and her mother, who were on the train for the entire ride, kept looking at my boxers then whispering to each other. I’m pretty sure they were talking about whether or not anything was going to pop out, because went to adjust my "situation" they started cracking up and tried to discreetly take a picture or two. There was couple who were also obviously enjoying the goings on. Then a Hispanic gentleman who appeared inebriated boarded and took a turtle out of his pants. He was playing with him and throwing him around a little bit. A few people made comments about him including the mother and daughter from before. The mother even said to me, "see there are worse things then seeing people in their underwear." The boyfriend from the jovial couple looked at me and then the turtle and actually said, "ok, NOW, things are starting to get weird around here." He was not going to let anything spoil his mood as he followed up with, "this is a great Saturday, this is what New York is all about." Finally getting back to the Brooklyn Bridge the mother and daughter stood up to exit and almost kind of annoyed the mother stopped and turned to me and said, "there, we rode the whole way with you, now are you going to tell us what this is all about?" I swore that I had no idea to what she was referring to and walked away. This was definitely a successful mission. The fact that a half an hour after we were done nearly everyone involved was standing in Foley Square still in their underwear, not wanting to repants for the trip home, shows how great it was. In fact I’m still not wearing pants now.

  16. I traveled up from Philadelphia and my companion traveled from Albany just to be a part of No Pants 2K7. We were on car 9, October.

    The car was fairly well packed soon after we left CH/BB stop. I was sitting reading a book next to a non-agent couple. The train was packed enough the female leg’s leg and mine were touching. After the first stop, they started whispering. The woman was upset the man hadn’t gotten his camera out of his pants soon enough to take a picture of the pantsless man who had gotten off. As they were ranting about how weird that was, the next stop came. Soon they were frantically trying to figure out who would be next to take their pants off. Across from them was our Team Captain. They noticed he had a backpack with him. They outright asked him if he was going to take his pants off. The look of abject horror and shock he gave them was priceless. I nearly started to laugh out loud. This was all the better because my stop was next. As the woman kept looking up and down the car trying to figure out who would be next she didn’t notice me kick my shoes off. For a second she seemed dissapointed, thinking no one else would be de-pantsing.

    And that was the moment I stood up, flicked my belt buckle, and dropped my pants. The audible gasp she let out was worth the trip up to NYC. I sat back down to put on my shoes. She did her best to lean away from me as she laughed into the man’s chest. Then the train stopped and I got off.

    Mission accomplished.

  17. My first mission ever was the Fake U2 concert and I even was prominently featured in the footage that was on the VH-1 special (chick in red sweater/coat, white shirt and jeans, who let out the scream)–so of course I had to do "No Pants Day 2K7." My boyfriend was nervous about me getting arrested like the Pantsless 8 did last year, but once we learned that the cops were coming with us this time and I relayed that to him on the phone, he relaxed.

    I was the third person to de-pants in car five. I’d deliberately worn my Kmart-bought boots so I could board the train with them unzipped and ready for kicking off. I stood next to one of the doors, opposite one of the camera guys who was clearly ignoring Agent Todd’s request to not take pictures on the way up. Photogs… you can’t take them anywhere. Through our time waiting for two 5 trains to pass, I kept scratching my left leg, like it was itchy. I was totally getting into character, and kept scratching my leg and putting an "I’m starting to get annoyed by my itchy pants" face on.

    Once the doors closed, I dropped my bag from my shoulder and it hit the floor of the subway with a loud THUNK. Mr. Photog swivels around and starts his shutter clicking just as I kick my boots off and start to slide my jeans down my legs. I had hoped to be able to get them off without them turning inside out, but when you’re not sure how much time you’ve got between stations, you end up taking them off as fast as you can.

    I think I just barely managed to zip up my boots when we reached Bleeker. I exited the train and went to sit on the bench right in front of me, camera still clicking away. I noticed the conductor looking up and down the platform with bewilderment at the many pantsless people, and Mr. Photog was still clicking away at my hopefully nonchalant pose. I sincerely hope I remembered to keep my thighs closed.

    Once the train left, my hear trate returned to normal, and then it increased again because a train didn’t come for a long while. I stood up and waited for the train standing up while trying to read my book.

    I think I made a mistake as I entered the other train because I was still in character as a regular subway rider and instead of standing so I could hear the effect of our pantslessness on other riders, I immediately chose one of the "jump seats" near the door–because that’s what I always do when I get on the subway and that seat is open. So as the train slowly filled, I didn’t get to hear any choice remarks, except for that of a Midwestern couple, and then later a chick who expressed much confusion.

    It was my turn to be confused later because I’d never been to the 125th St. stop and had no idea where the downtown track was located. So like a dummy, I exited the turnstiles and went above ground, walkign to the catty-corner. I got lots of strange looks, but I remained in character. I felt like John McClain from Die Hard 3 walking around in my underwear, but I kept my cool. I eventually went back down and found the downtown track, but by that time the dance party was over.

    *sigh* Oh well, there’s always next year to get this right…

  18. When I moved to NYC a few months, having never even visited to pursue my career, one of the things I was super excited about was being able to be a part of Improv Everywhere missions and No Pants! especially.
    So when I recieved the email with the details for the mission a few weeks ago, I was beyond stoked and realized I really, really am in NYC. Day of, I started getting nervous until I got to Foley Square and saw a few hundred people standing around waiting for instructions.
    The fact that I was now going to be a part of this hit me. It was great. I then proceeded to text my best friend (who still lives across the country in my hometown) to brag that I was doing this.

    Despite efforts to spread us all out and stagger our groups, I realized when the Junes started walking that it wasn’t going to work– traffic held up the group or two ahead of us, and we went from groups of 30 to a group of 100 again when crossing the street. On the way down, we talked to a few reporters and asked if they were depantsing. One said no, he couldn’t because he wasn’t supposed to be involved in the story. Lame? Yes, very.

    When we got down to the station, we had to wait for 2 or 3 cars to go until we all boarded a 6 train (after people going around yelling "FIVE! FIVE!" to tell everyone NOT to board).

    The ride up, for me, wasn’t too crazy. I was to depants at Union Square, and I stood up a stop before mine to prepare. An older black man had taken my seat, and I was still standing right there, so when I leaned over to take my pants off, as did several other people in my car, he just started saying, "What? WHAT?!" Highly entertaining.

    Standing at the 23rd St station waiting for the next 6 was possibly the hardest time to avoid laughing at the absurdity of the whole situation.

    The rest of the ride, to keep myself from cracking a smile, I kept my iPod cranked up and my face buried in my copy of Good Omens.

    Once we got to 125th St, however, things changed. Once people started moving down to the lower platform for the downtown 6, the huge dance party broke out and people started talking. It was great. Initially, I’d suspected most of the people would put their pants back on once we got up there, considering there were no "rules" for the ride back down. I was shocked to see that NO ONE did.

    The ride down was also fun. Most everyone broke character (which I was kind of bummed about) and either told people the truth or that we were actually protesting something, but I was on the same car as Agent Hamilton, and sitting next to the man who told all the ladies in panties to have a great day as he left. He was so confused when he got on but thought it was awesome after a few minutes.

    I also got several women talking to me on the ride down, asking what was going on.
    The first was a woman, probably about my age, who said to me in a very snotty tone, "What’s the occasion? What are you protesting?"
    I responded that I’d forgotten my pants and was on my way home to get them, but she wasn’t having it. Later on, Nashvah (sorry if I spelled your name wrong, girl!) came by and told the woman we were protesting global warming. At that point, she was almost convinced to take her pants off, and wondered if she would get in trouble going to school without pants.

    Later on, an older lady asked what was going on and I gave her the same, "I forgot them" response. She’d started talking to a lot of other people, and eventually figured out exactly what was going on and that we were all told to take our pants off and say it was because we forgot them. She was amused, not upset, and I thought that was great.

    The best part was that we greatly outnumbered those actually wearing pants.

    Once we finally got back down to Brooklyn Bridge, and most people left the station pantsless. I was a little nervous about this, because I didn’t want to get arrested in the street after the prank or something, but I saw most everyone else walking back to Foley Square pantsless. I finally put mine back on once I got down there, but I hung out with several kids that evening who didn’t put theirs on till much, much later. We also discussed the fact that it felt weird wearing pants on the subway again when we headed out to get some dinner.

    Overall, great day. Just a good vibe and everyone’s attitudes were awesome. I’m definitely looking forward to being part of more Improv Everywhere missions.

  19. lol.. gotta love you guys – in fact my friend had been on one of those trains and she told me about it in school.. i had to explain to her that you guys weren’t so crazy and i showed her the site – now she wants to come on the next mp3 experiment. good job as always!

  20. Help! There was a female photographer who got a GREAT picture of me on the 125th St. platform. She showed me it on the ride back. She said she was goibg to post it on the ol’ Flicker, but didn’t. I had on a black leather jacket, headphones, an umbrella, and orange boxers with tiny skulls. If she reads this or if anyone has her contact info email me at

  21. Some moments from my first ever mission…

    Waiting for the train at Brooklyn Bridge, at first I was reading a book, I figured that way I could hear the reactions to the mission. But after a few minutes, I put it away and put on my MP3 player. That’s how I always ride the train, so to be truly committed to the mission, I decided I shouldn’t do anything differently than I normally would. Except for not wearing pants.

    When I first sat down after we all boarded, I looked across at one of my fellow agents, and noticed she was wearing a triquetra ring on her right hand. I wanted to catch her eye and push my hair back and show her my triquetra earring, but it was too late for that, the mission was on. A few stops later, she depantsed, the stop before mine.

    When I depantsed, I was so focused on getting it done in time, I have no idea what might have been going on around me. The adrenaline shot was massive, the last time I felt such a rush was also supposed to involve Agent Todd. But he went to play cards in a pool in Vegas instead. :-(

    After boarding the train pantsless, it took a lot of concentration not to respond to the strange reactions I would glimpse from the corner of my eye. But by a couple of stops later, as the adrenaline settled, it became almost normal. Just another ride on the subway.

    On the way back downtown, I decided to get off at 96th Street to get the next train. I was the only agent who did. After the other disembarking passengers left the station, I was all alone for a moment. I sat on a bench and silently enjoyed what little I could catch of the reactions of the unsuspecting riders as they entered to catch their train.

    When the next 6 finally came, it was packed, including many agents. The ride from there was partly disappointing. Many of the agents seemed to have aborted the mission and were goofing around. I had committed not to break until I was back above ground, and I stuck to that.

    Back at the rendezvous, I managed to find Agent Purnell, our team leader, gave him a thumbs up and, "Mission accomplished!"

    It was just today that I finally found some pantsless evidence of myself. The very last clip of the "Fancy Pants" montage of Agent Kula’s Spectacle-Cam footage has a flash of me, and then just as Agent Kula turns to lean against the door and is about to face directly at me, fade to black. Agent Todd, you vex me! Re-cut! Re-cut!

  22. I’m so mad. This was supposed to be my first mission. I was so psyched when I got the email about it. But I chickened out because I didn’t want to go alone and none of my friends would go with me. They all thought I was crazy. Oh well, perhaps next year.

  23. What a difference a year makes! No shackles or paddy wagons? Where are Officer Panton and all the angry responders from 2k6? It restores my faith in silliness to see that it’s possible to have fun in NYC without incuring the wrath of all the lunatics.

  24. Oh man. This event was everything I had pictured it. And more.

    You may of seen me, I was the kid in the flowered shirt with a T-shirt under it. Spent most of my time sketching another depanted Miss across from me on the train.

    I was a part of the 1st car, and I got off around the 8th stop on the ride down. I remember sliding to the side of my seat to allow one tourist to sit down (apparently the sight of a bunch of people exiting the train without pants on while she was coming on made her weak in the legs). She remarked to me, "The city seems to be getting crazier every day." I agreed, and mentioned half-heartedly that it was, indeed, a rather warm day out. My hands were shaking before I took my pants off and I was just about ready to chicken out when the girl sitting across from me (Blue shirt, never caught her name) got up and depants. The sight gave me courage, and I followed suit, offering the woman who had sat next to me a cheery little wave while I exited to the sight of her sadly shaking her head; as if everyone had finally cracked.

    My favorite quote was from one artsy-looking kid with thick rimmed glasses as he exited the train, "You can almost sense the feeling of freedom in th…Boxers?"

  25. So, you know Goralnick? (See my flickr.) And William Lobsterrocket? (Featured in one of these photos.)

    ‘Cause if you do, I’m pretending to be Jimminy Cricket today, all day.

  26. Sounds like a beautiful thing! I’m english so when I saw the title of this on YouTube… little bit scared! It sounded suspisionly like people running around with nothing on their bottom half cause we call underwear "pants". I wish I was there.. sounded really fun!

  27. Dudes and dudettes of Improv Everywhere, I’ve previously lamented the fact that I’m on the wrong continent and thus can’t participate in missions. After this, I’m considering a trip to NY just to join No Pants 2k9 or 2k10.

  28. And pets – were there any impressionable pets on the train that may have been harmed?

  29. Oh, please…get a life, Worried guy. Kids see much worse on television every day. No pants doesn’t mean naked; it means “without pants.” Most people wore much more than they would wear at the beach, and there are some horrible parents who take their poor, impressionable children there. You know, come to think of it, we should keep our kids indoors at all times, as they might see or hear something outside that offends their lovely delicate little ears. We should also keep people from talking to one another, because sometimes people say things that inadvertantly hurt someone else’s feelings.

  30. Ok, you win, this will be my last post criticizing your understanding of fun as disturbing and disrespecting other people. I can see from all around this site that you choose to ignore the harm you cause (except occasionally to laugh at it or celebrate it as a sign of success). And your standard response to those who do worry about these negative consequences of what you do is to say “just lighten up and don’t be so PC.” Well, “lighten up” is what the woman telling the lazy Mexican joke says. It’s what the guy grabbing the ass of the new intern in the coffee room says. It’s what the guy in the priest costume standing with his tighty-whiteys in my kid’s face on the subway says (and no, standing there in your undies is NOT the same as standing there in a bathing suit, as you claim—not to a small child that can be frightened by such things anyway). Yes, good comedy sometimes transgresses middlebrow norms and sometimes offends, but what you do by forcing your form of comedy on unsuspecting others and by setting out specifically (not inadvertently) to cause them discomfort, even though they never chose to be disturbed by your show, goes beyond merely being offensive. And worse, ignoring or ridiculing the clearly negative emotional reaction of some people when you do this to them is fundamentally inhumane. Whether those of us who criticize you have a good sense of humor or not is not the issue—I can laugh ‘til I piss myself just like you. It’s about respect and decency toward the other humans you share the streets with. Acknowledging their humanity means caring about it if they are genuinely fearful or anxious when you decide that causing them this distress is just the medicine they need for what you deem their bland lives. But I know now that I’m talking to no one, so I won’t bother you anymore. Peace.

  31. Okay, Mrs. Worry-wart, calm the heck down.

    I did not participate in No-Pants day (I live in the south), but I can assure you none of the agents “stood in their tighty whities in your kids face”. I am sure that each and every one of these agents, if faced with a small child would have made some move or another for a bit more decency. Whether it be a briefcase or a newspaper or a purse or bag in front of themselves, or even slipping away to take a seat out of sight of the young child, should young child not be cracking up with laughter that more than a hundred people weren’t wearing pants.

    They see much worse on TV all the time, and I’m sure they hear worse in school.
    It’s New York for crying out loud, and NO, it is not different from a bathing suit. Bathing suits show much more, and I’ve known quite a few guys that go swimming in their boxer shorts, and not swimming trunks.

    Like I said, they’ll see and hear worse on TV and in school.

    To All the Agents who participated,

    I LOVE YOU!! You all are an inspiration to Improv Actors and Actresses everywhere! I can’t wait to read up on what happens next year!

  32. I think this is a great stunt. We live in a world where we need to laugh, and have fun,anyone who doesn`t get what your mission is just doesn`t know how to have fun. I hope to join you in “NO PANTS 2K8” keep up the good work, and thank you for bringing a smile to my face.

  33. please do this within the second week of january next year, so native new yorkers who go away to college can join in on the commotion!!

  34. haha, i’d never heard of this before but last year my friend would do something similar while we were studying abroad in germany. except instead of just riding around on public transportation he would walk down by the river where there were almost always people sitting and one time he even went to the supermarket. he got a lot of catcalls from sober people! and that’s real rare in germany. he just liked the way the breeze felt between his legs.

  35. I don’t know if you’ve already been made aware of this group, or this song, but I thought I’d drop a line anyway.

    There’s a group based in Pasadena, CA, that performs on the California Renassaince Pleasure Faire circuit called the “Poxy Boggards.” Amongst their repertoire, they perform an a cappella number tastefully entitled “I Wear No Pants.”

    Here’s a YouTube link to one such performance to give you a hint of what it’s like:

  36. I have a great sense of humor, but I was on the subway today and have to tell you, the agents” were coy, and just stupid. It seems like the people doing it were so obvious, even though they kept lying to the passengers asking them why they weren’t wearing pants,and it just seemed like you are all a bunch of followers. Like people who join a fraternity. It seems like you are all very desperate for attention. I’m not judging you, honestly, you put your genitals in my face, now I’m putting my opinion in yours. If it brings you sincere joy, good for you really, just think for yourself, that’s all Im saying. Best of luck to you all.

  37. Hey guys! I had a great time with all of you in Union Sq, sorry I missed the whole subway ride : (.

    Someone Interviewed me for some Tv thing, I would really like to see that!!! I was the male Hula Hooper in UnionSquare with the I love Vagina underwear on. if anyone has some pictures or video of that i would greatly appreciate it!!

    my email is hit me up

    Love and light

  38. I really love the Improv Missions, especially the No Pants, but from reading the other mission reports and this one it seems as though these events are becoming more publisized and therefore less shocking to people who observe. There should be some way to do the No Pants without the media involved, and especially without novice Pantsing people who break character. Maybe Agent Todd can pick a group of experienced Improvs to do the No Pants without breaking character…? I think No Pants would flow more smoothly with that. Anyway, great fun! If I lived in NYC I would love to witness your missions. This truly is improv at its best.