5th Anniversary Show

Digital Video: Agents Goldman, Kula’s Tripod
Digital Photography: Agents Nicholson, Pallas

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we put on a big show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Manhattan. In addition to the world premiere screenings of some of our older missions, we had a number of very special guests drop by from Improv Everywhere’s past.

Hosting the show in my new IE T-Shirt

After the world premiere of the new Anton Chekov mission video, Mr. Chekov himself stopped by to say hello.

Our next guest was the biggest surprise of them all. Ghosts of Pasha came all the way down from Burlington, Vermont to perform for us! The band has slimmed to a two-piece and has a tight new indie-rock sound. It was really awesome of them to make it down. They even brought promo CDs of their new album for everyone in the audience.

Ghosts of Pasha

Chris Partyka

Milo Finch
The band started with two quick songs.

A few folks in the crowd had been a part of the audience for Best Gig Ever, including Agent Montague who held up his lighter just as he had done at the Mercury Lounge.

Montague at the UCB show

Montague at the Mercury Lounge
For their final song, Ghosts of Pasha had the entire audience participate with kazoos they had hidden under everyone’s seats. It worked out really well.

We had the McDonald’s Bathroom Attendant stationed in the men’s room at the theatre before the show began. He took care of our audience’s bathroom needs and made $8 in tips.

Later in the show we got an update from Suicide Jumper Will Hines and officer Randy McNabb. He’s still ok!

To end the show, Fake U2 rocked the house with “Vertigo” and a surprise encore of “With or Without You” (a song not included in the band’s famous rooftop set).

Agent Baer running lights and sound
Near the end of Fake U2’s set, our good friend Rob took a lap around the stage, still trying to find his seat.

Mission Accomplished.


You can see more photos (in larger resolution) at Flickr:
Agent Nicholson’s Set
Agent Pallas’s Set

Ghosts of Pasha’s website

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show!


  1. Hehe. That’s so funny and neat that you were able to have some of your memorable ones have an "encore".

  2. Wow. That is terrific! Knowing you, the entire audience was made up of plants, with the exception of three very bewildered outsiders.

  3. Judging by what I saw, those 3 outsiders were in the front row on the left chunklet of seats. They looked pretty frightened the whole show.

  4. FYI:
    I am hanging onto a contact lense I found in the bathroom that night. I tried it on but it’s the wrong prescription for me. Email Charlie if it belongs to you.

  5. I think it was around the third or fourth season of Friends when they started making episodes that consisted of footage from previous seasons, so IE was way overdue. VERY cool of GoP to make an appearance. Faux Anton Chekov is funny. Apparently I’d completely missed the Suicide Jumper on my first go around, so seeing that was like seeing an entirely new mission for me.

    I was mildly disappointed there was no mention of The Moebius, which has got to be my personal favorite. There shoulda been a brief appearance by Steve, the omnipotent voice from above, suddenly interrupting the procedings by making an announcement over the loudspeakers, Oh, and whatever happened to Ted? Guess ya gotta save some things for the tenth anniversary. =)

  6. We screened the Moebius video at the show, and I did a small “time loop” bit when I introduced it. We screened several videos that aren’t mentioned on this page because they didn’t have special guests. Eventually I’ll probably put some of these videos up on the site, but for now they exist only on the DVD.

    As for Ted, that’s one of the few pranks we didn’t film! It was such a personal prank that we felt that adding a video camera would be too much.

    Steve himself didn’t stop by, but we did screen the 15 minute “Mp3 Experiment 2.0” video on mute during pre-show.

  7. The best part of reading this was reaching the bottom, to find that “Near the end of Fake U2’s set, our good friend Rob took a lap around the stage, still trying to find his seat.” Good ol’ Rob! ;)