5th Anniversary Show

To celebrate our 5th Anniversary, we’re having a big show at the UCB Theatre on Saturday, September 30 at 7:30 PM.


  1. The song "Standing Still’ being piped over the PA system was not just a ‘freaky coincidence. It was God. He likes what you are doing.

  2. I like like that! goes to show that art can be a living collective .very inspiring for us artist who are living parallel with the over paced world.

  3. Take the show on the road and come to Texas!! This stuff is great–wish I could participate.

  4. I’ve viewed No pants & Slo-Mo. The camera catches the inner beauty of a thinking consciousness in a harmonious collective. I wish you all a future where your minds are never taxed.

  5. The full ten points and both thumbs up for your efforts. Its good to see people helping others realise that IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE SO SERIOUS ALL THE TIME!! Good clean fun taking the piss out of the mundane, I like it. I’ll give you guys five bucks CASH if you make it to Sydney… think about it. Marc

  6. I had the most boring week but from just watching the IMPROV EVERYWHERE videos it just made me feel so much better. The entire time i was laughing and was like "what the heck?" hahah, i hope i can do one of the events one day, that would be sweet

  7. nice one but you sould do something kinda like that but with costumes and make-up so they seem like zombies. now that would be better!!!!!!!

  8. come to Australia and everyone here will be eternally gratefull…
    and i’l start to spel and form sentences good.

  9. i think the fine arts suck.it’s been shit for decades.
    what you all are doing is the most creative and inspiring artistic social comentary to hit me since "south park" and "jack ass" combined with the ralley of madigascar. thanks.id love to get involved. it looks like great fun.

  10. You should come to Pensilvania! I live close enough to NYC that I might beable to be involved in one (which I SO WANT TO!) I can only hope… Oh, by the way, I totaly love what you do!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! ^.^

  11. Agent Todd, the next logical phase of the ImprovEverywhere experiment is to attempt a national coordinated improv event, to take place in multiple cities at the same time.

  12. I have been waiting for this DVD for what seems like eons. This has brightened up my week. Here is a haiku about my excitement.

    Improv is the best

    Way to kill time when you are…

    Bored out of your mind

  13. What you are doing is really art.In this stressful and trying time in America,you are giving us all a fresh breath of laughter and joy.Keep up the good work.We really enjoy it!!!

  14. Hilarious! The Moebius would have been so funny to see! I was in NY recently and everywhere I went I was looking for The Amazing Hypnotist and riding the subway hoping for No Pants 2k6. Keep it up!

  15. You should do what ZachsMind said and do a national cordinated improv event

    If you Dont then at least go on tour. Come to Lansing Michigan and I’ll pay you with 10$

  16. I happened upon youtubes vid and found it to be very entertaining. Come to San Francisco and do this as well, Please.