IE on How Stuff Works

The popular website How Stuff Works did a feature on us this week. Check it out.


  1. I first heard of you guys on Howstuffworks. I think what you do is totally amazing. I wish I lived in NYC.

  2. That is great, Congratulations! You’ve joined the ranks of Fusion Reactors and Desalinization Plants on "How Stuff Works"!

  3. Just came in from HowStuffWorks, looks like you guys have a lot of fun!

    I, too, wish I was in NYC so I could take part!

    I always thought a joke was funnier if an absurd amount of effort went into it’s planning. This proves it!


  4. Hey!
    I am a *huge* fan of your group. Unfortunately, I can’t be a part of your missions, (too far away :-( ) – but still its great to come and see the descriptions on the site. Keep it up.

    I just had one recommendation/comment. Could you remove the stupid home page which says ‘Enter’! Why don’t you link the site to directly hit home.php?

  5. I’m mildly disappointed in How Stuff Works though. All they do is describe examples of what Improv Everywhere has done in the past. Any effort on actually explaining HOW it works is not explored. What resources are required for a group of people not in New York to successfully pull off their own ‘missions’? How much money should one expect to contribute to make it work? What legalities does one need to address before or during preproduction of a mission? How does one scout for suitable areas to utilize as a staging area? What’s IE’s official stance on it (there’s a FAQ around here that explains some of these answers). Whoever wrote this How Stuff Works thing didn’t really approach it in a way that is helpful. It’s like claiming to explain how a TV show is produced, and then just offering a synopsis of some episodes.