No Pants Update

This past Wednesday in a Manhattan criminal court, the 8 Improv Everywhere agents nabbed in the “No Pants 2k6” Mission were found guilty of “Disorderly Conduct” and sentenced to the maximum sentence of 15 days in prison at the Riker’s Island Correctional Facility (five male agents) and the Rose M. Singer Center (three female agents). We have delayed making this information public for several days as their attorney was investigating the feasibility of an appeal. It has now been made clear to us that no appeal will be granted. The 8 agents began their 15-day sentence today.

This is an incredible injustice. I am absolutely amazed that what was meant as a fun, harmless event resulted in such a ridiculous inconvenience for 8 law-abiding New Yorkers. Next weekend we will be organizing a pantless rally outside of city hall. More information to come very soon.


  1. Wait. Seriously? 8 improvisers are in jail?! I want to be outraged but I also want to be sure that these facts are right. Please post more details…names, etc. I’ll be there to protest next weekend and help spread the word. Ridiculous (if true). How many fucking penises have we all seen on the subway with nary a caring cop or conductor?

  2. I can’t believe this! Really! The naked cowboy, flashers, billboards, media…everywhere there is far more flesh than what these brave few showed. I think this is bullshit! What can I do to help?

  3. Girl in the purple coat…When you get out of the slammer, do you want to have dinner with me? Jail time is hot!

  4. Dear NYPD,
    Thanks for ruining everything! You know, people got mugged and shot while you were arresting some innocent pranksters.
    Your Friend,
    A. Mason
    PS~ I saw a toddler running around the park today in a diaper. I think that baby should be arrested!

  5. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard…

    I don’t know what else to say other than I’m appalled and disappointed. It’s not like they were NAKED! There was still plenty of coverage… geez

  6. Can you provide contact info? In order to write letters of protest….

    What I find most disturbing about this is that your convicted agents might not be able to ever vote, apply for financial aid at a college, work with kids…etc. Just for a simple joke that some idiots want to classify as a crime.

    Its actually a very broad statement to people all over the U.S. …”get out of line just a tad and YOU WILL PAY”. It raises the question of how far the ruling party will go to put people into the norm? Why dont teachers just shock kids who commit “jovial” actions..

    Good luck .. best wishes

  7. I live in California. I have been keeping tabs on your group for a while now. If I find the means I will hop on a jet and join the rally. Otherwise, what can I do to help? Do you need e-mail lists, press, airtime? What can we do to make sure the pantless masses converge?

  8. Stick it to the man. Leverage the press to bring this to the
    attention of the general public. Shouldn’t the authorities be
    spending their time working to stop violent time? What a disgrace.

  9. I am amazed, and angry.

    If there is a phone number, or email address to the proper authority, that
    you can provide us, where we can express our thoughts, please let us know.

    Don’t let this get you down.

  10. What will this kind of precedent set for the other No Pants Day happening
    on May 5? That’s it, this world has truly gone mad, when innocent people
    can’t have innocent fun anymore.

  11. Watch my show for tips on how to survive in the big house. Agent McCarson, I have a nice knitted poncho–slightly used. I’m having my driver drop it off for you at the Rose. M. Singer Center. Enjoy!

  12. Bastards!!! Unbelievable….
    You have a big fan in LA who wishes she could be a member ! :)

    Keep up the good work,

    PS….next week you should all wear thongs

  13. Oh no….I am so dismayed to hear your news. This is awful, really awful. Can you get the newspapers out there and the media to give some attention to this so that there can be a release….? I am very concerned about the safety of the actors/agents and also about you…and how you must be feeling.

    Do you have attorneys working on this for you and your group?

    To make things safe for you all from this point forward, can you team up with a professor at a university so this becomes part of a research endeavor? Please stay in touch, I really do think that what you are doing is great stuff… and creative and not harmful….in fact, I’ve given the students in my social psychology classes extra credit for going to your web site and studying it, selecting a clip and either bringing it into class to show and discuss how it relates to our class material or, if they are shy, writing up a one pager about it…and the value of it.

    Again, I am so sorry to hear your news……

  14. Sorry to hear that. I can’t believe that we’ll arrest and sentence
    people having harmless fun while there is so much crime.

    Don’t let that deter you. Keep up the good work!

  15. OMG, I can’t believe these fellow agents are actually going to be imprisoned for some harmless (and clothed!) fun. I’m absolutely infuriated and will be counting the minutes until I can protest with the group at City Hall!

    I will take my pants off any time and anywhere in support of Improve Everywhere!!!

  16. I support you utterly!
    The Best Gig Ever spot on This American Life had me literally belly lauging
    and crying with real tears at the same time. I was also driving but I am an
    ultimate multi tasker, so no harm done.

    I bet Ira Glass could help you! Also a better lawyer?
    There must be one out there who has a sense of humor and appreciates
    performance art!

    Keep up the good work. Let me know if I can help.

  17. I’ve been in jail before. Let me know if anyone needs anything while
    they’re in there – money, stamps, etc. I’m happy to help.

  18. Truly incredible.

    But I guess they were lucky not to get sentenced under some more obnoxious law in your country.

    I live in Kolkata, India, where there is a law (Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code) that disallows the assembly of more than four persons. Unknown to most people in this crowded city, the section is in force round the year in the area around the seat of government.

    So if five friends are out moving in a group, the police can actually arrest them at any time, pants or no pants!

  19. I’m with Lizzy! Let’s all go pantsless for the next 15 days in solidarity for our imprisoned agents!

  20. I’d definitely attend the rally if I sadly didn’t reside on another continent. I think I’ll be going pantsless here as a show of support.

  21. I’ve never been completely proud of the American justice system, what with the rate of prison violence as well as the thought of all the people who should be in prison who are not simply because of some technicality.
    And the only people you disturbed were NYPD officers on a donut break! (Remember to never interrupt an officer’s donut break; it increases the chances of police brutality by 50%).
    In all seriousness, I would have expected the subway people to freak out long ago! The fact that they waited this long shows that they aren’t sure what to react to anymore.
    If this protest is being held in May, tell me when and where and I’ll be there! With pretty boxers!

  22. I have a solution to this debacle, we’ll put the SYSTEM on trial! Streakers unite! (begin chant)
    What do we want?
    No more pants!
    When do we want it?

  23. To those in jail:

    I recall what happened when Traci Lords was arrested on location of John Waters “Cry-Baby.” Everyone got together to make Traci feel better when most of them announced that they, too, had been arrested. Your arrest was much cooler than most of these guys, obviously. Many very successful people have spent some time in jail–only, they are the coolest and best people.

  24. I’ll be going pantless in Germany in solidarity with your movement.

    I am deeply shocked and/or saddened that “justice” in New York City is so shorts sited.

  25. These people will come off that sentence hardened pant’s droppers who will contribute nothing good to society. That’s like sentencing people to jail time for smoking a joint. Oh, wait…bad example. Still, say it ain’t so.

  26. Guys and Gals,
    Keep doing what you’re doing because without individuals to push the envelope, in whatever manner, the seed of tyranny is planted. I seriously can’t believe this shit!

  27. I am heartbroken! You all have given me so much hope! Very, very sorry. Hang in there, and keep on spreading fun and silliness wherever you go. We need more people like you in the world. Disorderly indeed. You are a real breath of fresh air in this crazy world.

  28. What would they have done if we’d been wearing bathing suits instead? I just cannot beleive this! Women have the right to go topless, but apparently underwear is too taboo.

    REALLY bogus. I feel very sorry for those guys. I mean RIKERS? Eeeek.

  29. I am fighting for Americans to wear what ever they want where ever they want. I thought the Police were on my side; fairness, freedom, and justice. You know, Constitutional Rights. I guess I was wrong.

  30. All this and Donald Duck is still walking the streets. He doesn’t even have underpants.

  31. That is absolutely ridiculous. No one’s life is made even mildly
    worse by the no pants missions. The quality of life in new york is,
    in fact, made better. There is no reason to punish the agents at all,
    and sending them to prison is an absurd overreaction, if punishment is
    going to be dealt out. Is this simply the city flexing its muscles.
    I would like to join you for the no pants rally. No pants = freedom.
    Pants = no freedom!
    Also, If I can be of any assistance at the rally other than simply
    attending, or if there’s anything I can do leading up to it, please
    let me know. I will be very glad to help out.

  32. And you wonder why i left NYC? I live in a UTOPIA! Potsdam, New
    York. Police presence? ZERO! Rent? 1/4 of NYC. I could go on, and
    on, but the people have lost total control of NYC after the RNC
    fiasco. It ROCKS here! :-) ed

  33. This is an absolute travesty. Whatever judge sent them to Riker’s Island is a complete fool! I am outraged! Maybe I should short-sheet his bed?

  34. It’s my fault.
    Even with the extra long boxer shorts, I still didn’t have it covered. This computer room at Rikers rocks

  35. Holy shit, that is UNREAL! And look at Naomi Campbell, she beats the shit out of maids every year yet gets no time, even though each assault can get her a maximum sentence of 7 years. Russell Crowe is another punk who was let off the hook.

    What you guys should do is if Naomi gets off this latest maid beating, or gets community service, is do a pants down in front of City hall in her honor. Don`t do it just in protest of the jailing of the agents because it will be looked upon as contempt and you all will get jail. Point out the hypocrisy so the Judge will have a reason to go lenient. Or better yet, hold a rally asking for justice for the maid …With all this talk about illegals now, and this inequality of justice, I`m sure you guys could come up with a great idea. For one, I wouldn`t be suprised if the maids she beats are illegals, so maybe you can make pretend you are illegals as well.

    Damn man, that is ridiculous though they got time. I drive a taxi in NYC and just about everyone I pick up after 11pm could be busted for “disorderly conduct”. I had one asshole I picked up last week who puked up all over my cab, then pulled down his pants and started to piss himself, and when I called the cops after he passed out, they simply threw him on a train. No arrest, nothing. And guess who had to clean all that shit up? And I didn`t even get paid!

  36. I was totally fooled and have been highly indignant until I spoke with an agent’s Mother last week and she reminded me that the news release came out on April Fool’s day! Duhh!! Ya got me!

  37. I’m getting confused here. Why do you have two contradicting jokes posted on April fool’s day?