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  1. As usual, IE, you have brightened my day. It’s funny Strand’s crack security force takes mug shots of undesirable or possibly–potentially–allegedly—apparently (maybe) undesirable customers. That’s a business practice that has eluded many retailers! I wonder what other big time hooligans’ head shots are on their rogues’ gallery.

  2. Im not sure how i stubbled upon you guys, but you are wonderful! i have watched(or read) almost all of your Missions and i desperatley wish there was something like that in Detroit…especially the Mp3 Experiment. i wish i could have participated in that! Anywho…your spectacular people!!

  3. Brilliant. But you should’ve done it during the day when the owner was there. Brian, despite his frustration (and to his credit), had to admit in the end that it was funny. Fred, on the other hand, would not have had a sense of humor about it. I can only imagine how he would’ve dealt with it. Nancy would’ve just been upstairs (if she was in the building at all) but Fred would’ve almost surely been there for the entire thing.

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