No Pants Report is Up

An exhaustive report of our recent No Pants mission is online in the missions section. Loads of photos, video, and documentation. Enjoy!

Written by Charlie


  1. Hillarious, but I think the women (and men) who wore panties (and skin tight underwear) went beyond humor into soft porn. This was not appropriate.

  2. I agree with you, Stacey.

    Hey does anyone know of a beach I can go to and not see “soft porn”? I haven’t been able to find one since the 1950’s.

  3. I give this report a grade of A plus. The only problem was that it was just too darned funny, which forced me to take occasional breaks to compose myself. You did a great job of compiling all these reports, videos, links and pictures. I particularly enjoyed the report from Agent McCarson. What a great Southern gal!

  4. Why was anyone arrested? I see joggers walking around Manhattan all year long in shorts. You mean if you wear MORE clothes by adding a winter jacket then it’s suddenly considered “public indecency”? It sure is great to live in a free country. This was a great mission that you crazy kids pulled off again!

  5. Your mission was a question on the NPR game show “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!” Congrats guys, job well done.