No Pants Halted by Cops

Yesterday’s No Pants was halted by the cops about halfway through. One frustrated cop freaked out and called in 25 more. 8 were ticketed and summonsed to court, 6 of the 8 were handcuffed and traveled in police vans to a precinct. Everyone has been released and is fine. More info as it develops. Participating agents should make comments on the mission page. Anyone not involved, feel free to comment below.


  1. I just wanted to say that I don’t see why the cops made such a fuss. You see pictures of naked women and women in thongs, bikini’s, etc. plastered everywhere. A bunch of guys in their boxers is a harmless prank. I’m the 52 yr old mother of 8 kids and can think of a lot worse things people do that they don’t get arrested for.

  2. Yikes!

    Although, I have to say I’m a little surprised this hasn’t happened already.

    I think it’s bullshit, but it’s just the kind of bullshit I would have expected.

    Of course I live in Nebraska. We’d have probably been tasered.


  3. I only found out about this event and this site because of an AP article I just read online.

    I am not a labeled liberal just for the record.

    I think your event of a no pants ride on the subway is refreshing and funny. Too bad the cops didn’t think so.

    What was the response of the other commuters? I mean before the cops delayed the train?

    Keep up the joy!

  4. Thank you NYPD. I probably wouldn’t have heard about this without you. You’ve brought joy into my day. :-)

  5. Wow, I saw the AP article on my Google news page. The circumstances may suck, but I think the group is in for a lot of publicity and recognition. Good? Bad? May make it difficult for you guys to go undercover..

  6. There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    I wonder if the subway even has a dresscode… Now that I’m in my 40’s, I’m beginning to see why older men wear Speedos on the beach. It’s just another way of thumbing one’s nose at the world.

    So, what’s the dress-code, and can I wear my speedo and sandles?

    (No, I’m not asking if I *should*)


  7. I like a good joke and think the world needs more humor, but seriously guys. Before you did this prank you had to think police interaction would be a possible consequence. So you got caught, big deal. Don’t try to turn it around by saying ‘the police have better things to do with their time’ because if it wasn’t for you guys, the police WOULD be doing better things with their time. And by the way… where’s the joke? What’s so funny about this ‘stunt’? Why don’t you guys try a different approach to comedy and use your brains.

  8. knoww what? a police state is less offensive than the state nyc was in in the 1980s and the only people who would disagree with that are those who are doing something wrong’

  9. I just got back from the event, and I’d have to say that the fact that the cops did that was absolutely heartbreaking. We were all having such a good time, and it seemed like the bystanders were certainly enjoying themselves.

    As I see it, this mission got a lot of press and the cops felt obligated to basically stop us from having a good time simply because they could.

    You want to make obnoxious comments towards the guy who said that this is evidence that the USA is becoming more of a police state? Well here’s another such comment — I’ve never seen evidence this concrete.

    We were trying to just bring a smile to people’s faces. At least I was. Cheers.

    (Got my pants back just in time to avoid an arrest myself, I suppose.)

  10. No pants was not funny, it did not add joy and the police didn’t over react. I was molested as a child and nearly raped three yars ago. Seeing men in pants does not make me laugh; it makes me think I’m going to sexually assaulted.

    What you did was illegal. If the police had no arrested you, that would have taught children that disobeying the law is acceptable behavior. You aren’t a group spreading joy; you’re a group of people who have no concern for others and are so egocentric that you feel that you are above the law. I suggest that your next event should be doing to help people rather than doing something which offeds them

  11. I’ve watched all of the movies on the dvd portion of the site. They are amazing. I love it all. None of them have the intentions of hurting anyone. They all seem to effect people positiviley or provide a story for people to talk about. I’m sorry that people may have been late to work but I understand that wasn’t your intention, as I assume the last 4 no pants rides worked without problems. Keep up the great work!

  12. wow, i’m amazed by the ridiculous reactions not only of the NYPD, but by some of the participants in the above discussion…

    this was pretty much one of the most benign stunts i can imagine anyone pulling. a bunch of people not wearing pants on the train? big deal! no obscenity or ludeness involved, just a slightly absurd scenario in an otherwise extremely mundane daily experience. the amount of exposed flesh was really far less explicit or lascivious than a mild day at the beach could ever be… i absolutely cannot fathom the outpouring of negativity in reaction to an easily dismissable prank. (‘prank’ is a poor word choice, as that word implies an ACTIVE attempt to disrupt. this was actually quite a passive activity. none of the participants initiated or engaged any of the other passnegers, nor obstructed normal operation of the subway. that was a DECISION made on behalf of the MTA with assistance of the NYPD) i fear your anger may be disdirected.

    i mean, jeez. perhaps we should all take a moment to reflect on what’s actually worth getting upset about. (mind you, this is being posted by a self-sufficient adult blue-collar guy from new york, phil, who participated in the event today. easy on the stereotyping, buddy.)

    i have problems with the trains and getting to work on time too. that’s what life in the city is about man. organized chaos. don’t blame a bunch of people with no pants for the heavy-handed overreaction of the ‘authorities’.

    something’s a bit askew with our social prioriites if this is enough to get someone genuinely upset… (good luck with that lawsuits. there’s no one to sue!)

    i certainly learned something today. and truthfully, i’m a bit disappointed in our fine city. nonetheless, i applaud the spirit of the event and its participators. down with pants!

  13. Nobody on that train wanted the train to be stopped, and unloaded. Everyone wanted to keep on rolling. It was the NYPD, and the MTA who decided that people wearing boxers was a good reason to make everyone 30 minutes late. In a post 9-11 world we should be able to recognize what is a security threat and what isn’t.

  14. Since when is it illegal to wear boxer shorts on the subways? These riders did absolutely NOTHING to halt the train, the NYPD did that. These summons are going to be dismissed easily. Also, the IE crew is very aware that this isn’t the most insane, outrageous stunt. They’ve never tried to hurt or disrupt someone, it’s just some good fun that almost everyone witnessing enjoys. My goodness…

  15. I am surprised people are asking what’s wrong with going on the subway in your underwear. Let alone so many people doing it at one time. Why would someone even ask what’s wrong with that? Are you people really that incompetent, ignorant, and uninformed?

  16. “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or, which is the same thing, corrupt. Civil disobedience is the assertion of a right which law should give but which it denies. Civil disobedience is the inherent right of a citizen and can only lead to strength and purity.” Thank you for your illuminating contribution!

  17. having read about your campaign, i think it is a great indication of the state of the United States.

    US Govt cant find WMD’s in Iraq, yet the country is so fearful NYPD are arresting you no pants guys.

    Feel free to imigrate to Australia where you will really be appreciated.


  18. Despite all the rediculousness with the nypd today, and the disappointment of not getting all the way uptown, I thoroughly enjoyed No Pants 2k6. So much, in fact, that I walked home without my pants.

    “hey, ho, these pants have got to go!..”

  19. IEers,

    To add to my prior post, all is well with the ticketed folks, except this: I am still pant-less.

    I believe can find the strength to take on this Disorderly Conduct charge, but not without my pants at my side! They are APC, sized 34. They are for a very tall person. You who possess them have doubtless laughed at the proportions of their owner! You have said, “I didn’t think hulking ogres needed designer jeans.” Well, INDEED WE DO.

    And then I have someone’s black Rustler jeans, sized 34×30.

    I’m at robkelley(aaaaaat)

    Also, the girl with flowers on her Vans can email me whether she has my jeans or not.

  20. I am sick to death of political correctness. I am sick of people who think their feelings got hurt. America needs a good laugh. Bring me more.

  21. I’d never heard of you guys before, but after this story I checked out your website. Thanks for the unexpected shot of joy, as well as the reminder that life CAN and SHOULD be FUN. Your mission statement is the best idea I’ve heard in years. Keep up the good work; things like this make life worth living…!

  22. Humourous? well, not really. Is that the best thing you guys could come up with? It’s no wonder I only just heard about you guys. You suck. Sorry, just being honest…

  23. Thanks to the NY police action your stunt made world news. I can’t even figure how or why this has been labeled disorderly conduct. Do Americans realize that their free country sometimes seems to have restrictions and very conservative strict rules, part of which are comparable to countries they would rather not be compared to? Think about it.

  24. What about that “Naked Cowboy” guy in Times Square, who just has his undies, hat, boots and a guitar. How many times has he been arrested in NY? Anyone know? Quick google says 49 times, but apparently he tours. At least IE Agents were clothed from the waist up.

  25. This makes me even more upset that I goofed the times and wasn’t able to make it. The boy shorts boxers I’m wearing right now (still) are longer than some of the skimpy short skirts/shorts that I’ve seen other girls my age on the trains. I don’t see the NYPD arresting them.

    Sorry I missed this and a double sorry for those who were arrested. Wish I could’ve been there with you guys.

  26. I have always heard of “showing your ass”, but you all have done it literally. Shame on you for making a fool of yourselves.

  27. Violence, murders are OK in Hollywood, sex is not. Same thing in real life in America… Remember the big deal about Jane’t Jackson’s breast?

    I’m sure you made a lot of people smile that day. I don’t think cops in Europe would bother with that!

  28. I thought it was harmless and a bit funny. I thought it was disgusting a cop had to make a big “stink” of it just to assert authority. I have passed by bars and clubs where girls wearing sheer blouses displaying “sand dollars” in freezing weather that made my jaw drop. That still was no big deal and the cops cruising by did nothing.

    I guess the cop in the subway just had to show off.

  29. Let’s be honest. This IE group did this for the sole reason of attracting police attention. And then they could be in the “victim” role and cry that the police issued them summonses. Boo hoo.
    This is just another stunt that a bunch of rich “trust fund” kids thought would be oh so funny. I dont think it should be illegal, however. It’s just pretty disgusting seeing these guys like this. Seeing Cindy Crawford in her underwear is a thing of beauty; seeing these retards’ hairy asses, well, is not.
    Again, these idiots did this for one reason: attract the police, then cry “oh poor us”, we are in a police state. Get a freakin life.

  30. To the fellow poster who is going to wear a kilt next time: better ask the police first..the legal hem-length of a kilt.

  31. I think your idea of harmless fun is wonderful, especially the no-pants subway ride. I would’ve laughed a lot but for some reason wouldn’t want them sitting next to me.

  32. As a fellow NY’er I applaud the collective stunt. There’s nothing like underwear to cause a giddy giggling spectacle. As for the cops reaction. Who can really say. People these days are almost never suprised, but are easily offended. Ironic in a way. For those who were dismayed that the passengers commute was halted, well that’s the status quo on the NYC subway lines. Seriously get over it. For those of you who are against such silliness, such attitudes are borish. Do everyone around you a favor. Take an improv class and lighten up.

  33. Kudos – what fun – we just had the Santa Rampage here in SF (hundreds of santas roaming enmasse around the city) – these kinds of silliness are needed in our stressed our uptight world. I think my favorite moment was at work the next day when someone said “there must have been some kind of protest, i saw hundred of santas marching in the Mission District in front of my house” – hahahaha

  34. In the days of streakers, the cops didn’t bother with them as much as this…& they were naked!!

  35. I’m curious…
    Would the NYPD arrested individuals in their underwear during the summer? Because I’ve seen many people, especially women in tooth floss…I mean bikini’s on the subway on their way to the beach, and police officers salivating over them! I guess it’s a “SEASONAL” thing! No wearing tooth floss in public in the “WINTER” because it’s not politically correct. “Summer…sure go ahead!” I think it’s crap! Does anyone know? What is the definition of, “Disorderly Conduct?” Because, if anyone is famous for being disorderly, it’s the NYPD! I can almost guarantee that they caused the “disorder”! NYer’s have seen it all, a few people in underwear is not going to shake a true NYer!

  36. It’s cheap behaviour and not at all funny! Why not put all the energy and time into doing something constructive in your communities. What good does your nakedness on the subway do for New York or the communities for that matter. No Pants, No brains!

  37. heyy!! i was best friends w/ the girl who passed out the lolipops on the 6 train home in the “singing car”… holy shiitt dude… what a BLAST!! hahaha A PANTSLESS PARTY IS THE BEST KINDA PARTYYY

    it was NOT public nudity
    itw as NOT an offense


  38. ew!! what hte hell is wrong w/ you people that try to come up w/ statements like, ‘u guys suck, you did this for attention, your improv sucks, you just wanted to be victims..”… WTF?? are you guys INSANE????… what do YOU do with YOUR lives that is so special, huh?? OH, i bet YOUR sunday consisted of going to church where you PRETEND to pay attention to your preachings about ur so called god, sit in front of the tv slurpin up Ben n Jerry’s finest getting FAT and are just becoming another one of those Obese precentiles that composes up America. everyone on that train was an incredible character, and we all were pretty thin… YOU GUYS, my friends, who BASH US for having FREE and ORIGINAL fun are the ones who have no lives. so “EFF” YOU

  39. Just another example of how, as a nation, we have lost our sense of humor. Everyone needs to take a step back from the mirror in the morning and take a good, long look at ourselves. Then, we great gusto, we should see ourselves as we truly are and have a hearty laugh about it.

    We are insignificant, when compared to all of the seemingly insurrmountable problems in the world; therefor we should not take ourwelves so seriously.

    Unfortunately, in today’s (love this cliche) post 9-11 world, the authorities are trained, not to truly size up a situation, but to react first and question later. This is a dangerous road to travel upon and, given the current administration’ attempt to hide behind child pornography laws and violate our Google privacy, we must be ever vigilant.

    Those who would give up freedom in search of safety, deserve neither. Benjamin Franklin (or was it Thomas Jefferson?) is rolling in his grave in the year of his 300th birth anniversary.

    As for me? An ACLU advocate? A liberal? Afraid not. I am a recovered Republican who now is an avowed Libertarian.

    God help us all (who ever SHE is :)

  40. Did Agent King get arrested? ‘Cause I’ve seen him without his pants. More impressive than offensive, I’d say.

  41. Kudos’ Improve thank you. I guess one has to feel sorry for the negative respondents. I don’t think I saw a single one where they could express their opinion w/o insults and name calling. I am truly agog at the marked difference in literacy and intelligence, between the majority of laughers and cussers. Let me know where to send donations for fines if so improbably any. Thank you again from out here in Oregon. And Thank the lucky stars I don’t have to attempt a conversation or (shudders) share a subway ride with any of your nay-Sayers.

  42. I’m so surprised that people WHO WEREN’T EVEN THERE were commenting on whether or not it was funny. And that they seem to have some magical knowledge of what our intention was. Oh I forgot, I like to pull pranks in public so I can be victimized by cops and offend people. Hahahahah get it?!

    And HELL YEAH the singing car was WHERE IT WAS AT. When we got down to 0 pants on the train (ala 99 bottles of beer style), that place EXPLODED. My real battle is against the Zombie State (not the government, the state that people walk around in all day, gaahhhhhhh, braaaaains). During the no pants singalong, so many people that weren’t even with our group joined in and LOVED IT. It doesn’t get any better than that, those random communions with random strangers. Proves you’re not Really alone in a sea of people.

    But when it was all said and done, I’m still missing my original pants. (black jeans… anybody find them?)

  43. There’s a guy who lives here in Frankfurt, Germany whom everyone calls “The Naked Joerg,” cuz, well, that’s what dude is. I once saw him riding his bike totally naked through the city. Legend has it that he is allergic to clothes and has permission from the city to go without.

    And, to quote Homer S., “Don’t you hate pants?” or “I have misplaced my pants.”

  44. Wines Milikin – “I was molested as a child and nearly raped three yars ago. Seeing men in pants does not make me laugh; it makes me think I’m going to sexually assaulted.”

    Your days must be filled with fear – I see men in pants all the time!

  45. Jerry Seinfeld is funny. Chris Rock is funny. Riding the subway in your draws is NOT!!! Inconveniencing all those subway riders is not funny, its just selfish. Grow up!!

  46. I don’t understand how people can possibly think this is acceptable behavior! Has everybody just FORGOTTEN about a little thing called 9/11? This city has been through enough, we don’t need crap like this making our lives more difficult! You spoiled liberals need to go back to your liberal arts universities and let the good, decent people of New York go about our lives in peace! This is America, not Nazi Germany.

  47. Angel – “Jerry Seinfeld is funny. Chris Rock is funny. Riding the subway in your draws is NOT!!!”

    Clearly, some people think it’s funny. It certainly doesn’t hurt anyone. And it wouldn’t have inconvenienced anyone if the police hadn’t decided to arrest people for doing something that wasn’t illegal. I think your complaint stems from all that sand in your vagina.

  48. I think you’re hilarious. I’ve lived in NYC for 23 years, and believe me, I’ve seen a lot worse on the subway. Keep bringing a smile to everyone’s face!

  49. Yeah, I really don’t see the humour in this myself. I’m sure a family with younger kids on the subway would be uncomfortable as well with it. I believe the new city rule is that if you have a gathering like that you’ll need to get a permit

  50. You people seriously need to get lives! You know what you liberal dicks in manhattan have way too much time and money on your hands! By the way I could care less if you were totally naked! But your asshole liberal friends were the people who complained to us. Theye were the one’s who found it offensive.

  51. NYPD the fashion police!!?? Is there a dress code for the subway? I don’t understand; how would it be different if you were dressed in shorts and swimming trunks?
    As long as no one was obscene, I think it is great! I will bookmark this site now that I know about it! Thanks!

  52. Really, if all of you have that much time to burn, go help the homeless, go work at a battered women’s shelter, or how about picking up the trash that’s all over NYC? If you must inflict yourselves on the public, do it in a positive way. Otherwise, you are just trying to get attention along the lines of a 2-yr old who cries for a cookie.

  53. I love that this has become a political discussion. It was meant to bring joy and humor to the city so it has to be liberals behind it? Don’t we conservatives have humor? Aren’t we funny?

    I say we are. I don’t see anything “liberal” about this little scene.

    Ironic, that someone that supports the police enforcing morality would compare the comedians with Nazis.

  54. Section 240.20 Disorderly conduct

    A person is guilty of disorderly conduct when, with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof:

    5. He obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic; or

    6. He congregates with other persons in a public place and refuses to comply with a lawful order of the police to disperse; or

    7. He creates a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act which serves no legitimate purpose.

    Only eight summonses issued means that these eight people did something the other dozens didn’t. Stop crying about it and laugh. It’s only a summons and everyone said they had a good time.

  55. I think the trouble here was that they kept the underpants on. You can walk through some train cars and see a guy like that on any given day. They just look like they have problems. Guys in well-taylored business suits completely baring their asses—now that would be funny.

  56. This argument that “you can see more at a beach” is no defense! Beaches should be regulated too, it’s disgusting that people can just parade around in speedos in public! The morality of our society has been breaking down, and until people start dressing respectably– yes, even on beaches– this descent toward Hell will continue.

  57. It’s called bad karma, guys. How many times can you come out on stage and say “Ok, we need a movie genre, an occupation and a flavor of ice cream” and not expect the Wrath of the Gods eventually?

  58. For everyone who has commented about how this was a stunt to gain police attention and blah di blah blah… did you not notice that this is the 5TH ANNUAL No Pants day? I heard about No Pants day a year ago, and thought it was a very silly stunt. My husband is an improv actor in the Boston area, and we both thought Improv Everywhere’s No Pants Day was a perfectly harmless bit of fun, and a way to bring people a smile. Apparently, that has been the case for the 4 previous years of No Pants Day. Interesting how THIS year, it suddenly becomes a security threat. I’m interested to know what has changed about the boxer shorts of the troupe members to cause such a ruckus this year!! *rolling eyes*

  59. “Only eight summonses issued means that these eight people did something the other dozens didn’t. Stop crying about it and laugh. It’s only a summons and everyone said they had a good time.”

    Yeah– they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The cops just grabbed who they could.

  60. Hey! Now that someone brought up 9/11…I think it makes perfectly good sense for us to revert back to the days of Adam & Eve…at least we won’t have to worry about a terrorist or someone walking on board a train or bus with a vest full of dynamite! I’m all for the “UNDERWEAR ONLY LAW!” Why not?! No more searching bags…no more dirty looks…just pure laughter…think about it, the next time your in the subway…imagine everyone in that train in underwear! I think it would be hysterical!!

  61. I don’t really understand why people are bringing politics into No Pants Day. I don’t think the point was to make a political statement, and I also think that people who feel the need to call others “liberal dicks” are just looking for any excuse to bash democrats. Calm down. It really is irrelevent. Thanks.

    ps. boxers and bathing suits are pretty similar.

  62. We’re turning into a police state?? Give me a break! Of course the cops are going to ticket people for walking around with no pants on. I don’t want some strange guy standing next to me with, potentially, stained underwear.

    How about you guys start a “spit in strangers’ food day”. That would be funny, but I bet those facist police would put a stop to that too!!


    pants on (clap clap)
    pants off (clap clap)
    pants on pants OFF

    this day was ROCKIN.
    ps- the kid with the dreads, the kid w/ the weird shaven haircut, the kid who kinda looked like jack black, and the tall business man who couldnt find his black slacks and wasn’t a “jean kind of fellow” ROCKED. so did the goth girl w/ the big earrings and the industrial. I LOVE YOU GUYS. MWAH.

  64. Issuing summonses to individuals who are not breaking the law and preventing hundreds of New Yorker’s from getting where they have to go as a result, is very logical. Great choice of judgment. Kudos to Bloomberg and the NYPD for publicly demonstrating their daily infringement of U.S. citizens’ Civil Rights. More power to the man who devised this plan,; keep up the great work!

  65. This whole “no pants” stunt is just more of the conservative-driven fascism that Republicans have been inflicting on our country. Don’t you pantsless freaks have some Fox News to watch? Leave us liberals alone.

  66. Hey you, “Concerned Citizen”…

    What have you done lately? Ranting on a message board… ooooh. Way to help out your society’s ills. Perhaps you’ve even stood on a corner preaching, or walking around with your nose crinkled at all the degenerates “parading” about in scandalous clothing. Perhaps you think we should clothe all women from head to toe in sheet, only letting their eyes be exposed?

    For the people that don’t find this funny, what DO you find funny?

    “Look Maude, another sinner got what they deserved…*giggle*”

  67. They must be unemployed with trustfunds, seem to have alot of time on their hands to do alot of nothing. I’m sure the working people of NY really appreciated being delayed on the subway due to these dysfunctional misfits.

  68. “How about you guys start a “spit in strangers’ food day”. That would be funny, but I bet those facist police would put a stop to that too!!”

    Well mate I reckon there is a bit of a difference between some harmless fun where people try to bring a smile to others faces during a boring train ride (and i know, seeing as i often take the 6 from brooklyn bridge too way uptown and that sucks) and between spitting in someones food.
    It’s like comparing apples to orange juice, yea they’re both fruits and wierd, but one is a bit wetter than the other.
    I don’t know when a group of people not wearing pants obviously in a group just having fun became so offensive to people. It is really sad, but continue to bring 9/11 into this, continue to bring the police state, continue to name call each other liberal dicks and old republican farts.
    It is really none of that though, you’re just hiding your own inabilities to laugh at the world around you and enjoy your life and if you don’t start laughing you’re going to be living a pretty sad existance.

  69. SOMEBODY HELP ME!? Where are the police officers when we really need them? For instance, When year after year, Catholic skirts have inched up to the point that you can now see just about anything you want! Why aren’t they at the beach arresting people for public lewdness? And for God’s sake, why aren’t they in the school system…handing out summonses to the kids who choose to wear their pants down to their knees exposing their UNDERWEAR! PLEASE, SOMEBODY ANSWER ME! I AM BESIDE MYSELF! I GUESS IT’S OK TO WEAR FOR YOUR UNDERWEAR TO BE EXPOSED AS LONG AS YOU HAVE YOUR UNDERWEAR AT YOUR KNEES OR YOUR SKIRT ABOVE YOUR NAVAL!! NYPD…GET A LIFE! DO WHAT YOU WERE REALLY HIRED TO DO, SERVE AND PROTECT US FROM REAL CRIMINALS!

  70. I was lucky enough to be caught on the 6 train, and with the minor exception of the train being taken out of service, i tought it was great. taking the subway everywhere can get pretty monotonous, and this made the ride a very memorable one. Nice work.

  71. They must be unemployed with trustfunds, seem to have alot of time on their hands to do alot of nothing. I’m sure the working people of NY really appreciated being delayed on the subway due to these dysfunctional misfits.

    Seeing as it was a Sunday at 3 my dear, and most people don’t have work that day or church at 3 which would explain their time to do such an event.
    Generalizations about people you don’t know is very unclassy. Think a bit more before you speak next time my dear.

    Hugs and kisses,
    Your friendly neighborhood Ryan

  72. Well good for the NYC cops, taking quick action. Now if we could give Howard Stern the death penalty and keep fighting a war with no end, we’d really get somewhere! NO MORE FREEDOM!


  74. Did anybody notice that the person about 6 or 7 comments down from my complaining about nopants day and saying she was “almost raped” and “molested” is named “Whine” how appropriate is that. Stop taking your life too seriously. And enjoy it for just a minute. If somebodys on the train reading war and peace or the newspaper, they have no interest and gang banging you. relax

  75. Kudos to Improv Everywhere for this mission! The intent was to bring a smile to New Yorkers and give them a funny story to tell their friends . I’m sure that in no way it was meant as something to come across as sleazy. It’s obvious that not offending people is part of every mission. :)

  76. Geez! Back in the 80s (when I was in my 20s) I had several pair of summer shorts that had hems about 3″ shorter than your boxers. I never was stopped/ticketed by the police, but I did get a few business cards from guys on the trains… ;)

  77. Does it get any better? You get to p!$$ off the cops, get national headlines, and get to have fun! I only with I coulda been there, it’s worth the ticket! Remember, thongs are ok, so is nudity, but don’t go around with boxers, such a henious crime!!!

  78. just wanted to say, as a conservative republican bush-voter, i think no pants was hilarious… i dont know why people are talking about “liberals” so much… since when does being a conservative mean hating fun?

  79. I was also a victim of a sexual crime and this just made me sick. My last memory was a man standing over me while I slept with his pants down as he molested me. I really don’t care about the cops’ reaction whether it was legal or not. It’s just gross to see a grown person with their pans down while children and others can be blatantly offened. Not funny at all.

  80. “It’s just gross to see a grown person with their pans down while children and others can be blatantly offened.”

    What about at beaches?

  81. Laura B.

    We really don’t appreciate your comments about us. Contrary to popular belief we’re not “dysfunctional misfits.”

  82. Dude! You guys rock! As for those internet trolls bashing you and telling you guys to get a life: Why don’t YOU do something productive? I don’t see how insulting these kickass people through a damn website is helping the community. How about removing the brooms from your asses. Now THAT would be a true service to our society. Hell, I’d donate to that cause!

    Man,I wish there was a group like that here in Vegas! I love to do crazy shit like this where ever I go but its hard when you are by yourself. You have inspired me. I need to gather my people and continue the revoltion on the other side of the US. We’ll have New York AND Las Vegas conquered. mwahahahah! Who will join this most honorable quest?

  83. maybe next time, specify boxers!!! i could see how the big guy in tighty whiteys might have been off putting.

  84. If Dancin’ George, the Dancin’ Dude is dancin’ on the sidewalk and people are able to get around him and CHOOSE (yes, folks you CHOOSE how to react/respond to the things you experience–the ability to do so is what makes one a well-adjusted, fully-functional adult) to laugh at him, think him an idiot, a savant, whatever, but can STILL get where one needs to–where is the harm? Now, if Officer Ogilvy then CHOOSES to see Dancin’ George as a threat to God and country, man, woman and child, calls in the back-up and has the entire block cordoned off, how is that Dancin’ George’s fault? How is that Dancin’ George inconveniencing and disrupting your lives? Officer Ogilvy CHOSE to have the reaction he did (whether he acknowledges it or not) and it was HIS reaction that created the inconvenience and disruption. Equating wearing pants in the subway with spitting in someone’s food doesn’t even make sense. You can either look at someone’s *potentially* dirty skivvies or not; you can choose to be amused by it, irritated by it, overjoyed by it, infuriated by it or to have no reaction at all. And if ya have kids, well by gum, you can CHOOSE to be rational and explain that these are silly people or to tell them to look away or to laugh or you can cover their eyes or anything else. No one is forcing you to feel assaulted and horrified by this–you are doing that all by yourself. You can choose to be rational or not. What good is no pants doing?–Making people laugh, breaking up the routine, giving folks something to talk about, all sorts of stuff. It’s your choice to see some or none of that value in it. But the pantsless dudes weren’t forcing you to create that headspace for yourself–that, free citizens, is your doing.
    I took part in this last year and it was both fun and funny and most of the reactions people chose to have were to laugh or to ignore it. Either of those are a lot more rational and well-adjusted than “bring in reinforcements! stop the trains! arrest these people!”
    As for trust fund babies and liberals–again, you have CHOSEN to have those judgements based upon no actual personal knowledge of the IE participants, just your own robotic reaction habits. And I certainly can’t and would not force you, to be rational or flexible–as a libertarian that’s what I find great about the ideal of America.
    I regret not having been there this year, but will definitely be there in the future. All props and support to the Improv Everywhere 8 and free spirits everywhere!

  85. I was on that No. 6 – at first – thought it was a fraternity initiation – then realized it was a prank – cute – but no big deal. And some of the guys should buy new underwear! Till amusing.

  86. Who the hell do you people think you are? Walking around in boxer shorts in the NYC Subway system…while decent, moral individuals ride to work with fear and terror on a daily basis! Who the hell do you think you are trying to make people laugh by wearing boxer shorts, when you know that in NYC you should have your pants on at least above your knee caps! How dare you show your tracks on the subway system!? Only the NYC subway tracks are to be viewed in NYC!

    You guys are AWESOME! I think you should all show up at the hearings with your underwear on top of your pants, or is that considered, against the law as well! I was born in NYC, and in the 80’s, we wore BVD underwear out in the street, all different colors. It was a FAD, (LL Cool J, etc…) I never got ticketed!! This has nothing to do with politics, or morals… God thought it was pretty cool for us to be naked…blame Adam & Eve for “clothes”.

  87. When I first heard about the event (from Gawker dot com on Friday afternoon), it sounded like it would be sort of lame, but no big deal. That’s why I’m *shocked* to find out that the police made such a big deal out of this. With all the “disorderly conduct” I witness on the subway every day by irate riders and crazy base-heads as well as all the “indecent exposure” by teenage girls in bikini tops, hot pants and no tights in the middle of winter, I have a new-found respect for your group. On behalf of my idiot city, I apologize for messing with your performance art.

  88. you’re a bunch of idiots!!! more than likely your cases will get dismissed but that doesn’t mean i want to see ANY pantsless people riding the trains. how many people did you inconvenience with this stunt? i’m sure they didn’t find it funny.

  89. I am outraged! How dare you interrupt my acerbic, grey, pointlessly boring ‘train’ of thought on the number 6 subway! Your antics are out of line! I don’t pay my $2.00 to witness white hairy legs the likes of which should never see the light of day! I am on this train for transportation reasons only. I am a sheep with a linear existence and no time for smiling. I have my rights you know!
    Please do not confuse me with things that might challenge my sterile, precious, status quo mind-set! I have purposefully designed my life to be long and boring. My attorney says I can. Subways are for riding!

  90. Nicely done, I rather enjoyed the article in the Daily News on my subway ride into work this wet morn.
    I was wondering about one thing, though. Were there officers on the train who saw what was going on and called in for backup or did somecone call it in on a cellphone to have the police come. My money would be on an annoyed conducter calling ahead.
    I’m glad no one hasn’t yet called the poice on me whem I sometimes wear my gym shorts home in winter, with my long coat on, looking for all intent as so many a boxer that was out yesterday morning.

  91. Why does this even make news in NYC?

    During the RNC Convention, when Mayor Bloomberg was told that there were people protesting in the nude on 8th Avenue, all he said was “This is New York. Of course there are naked people on 8th Avenue.”

    Some people really need to cut back on the caffeine.

  92. Oh, they REALLY inconvenienced everyone else’s ride. They had to get off the 6 and wait FIVE WHOLE MINUTES for another one to show up.


  93. I get it, but seriously come on, do you really think that walking around in public without your pants on is the proper thing to do. Maybe if you were raised without manners. Anyway, NYPD has enough to deal with these days.

  94. “do you really think that walking around in public without your pants on is the proper thing to do. Maybe if you were raised without manners.”

    I was raised a five-minute walk from the beach, in Long Island. I think walking around without pants on is normal. Just not in January.

    I’m pretty sure the word “beach” is all it takes to prove any points here.

  95. Is there a defense fund? I’m willing to contribute.
    This is the day when fun was declared as being against the law. What a sad society we live in.
    More fun events please. I feel duty bound as a citizen to participate more than ever after this.



  97. Hey, I have a neighbor who I play handball with on weekends…He is a Transit Police Officer, who when in civilian clothes…where’s his jeans 5 sizes too big and shows me the crack-of-his-ass, everytime we are playing handball! After about three games of handball…PHEW!!

    Should I take that time and place him under “Citizens arrest?” I mean there are little kids in the park, drug dealers trying to make a sale, grug users shooting up on the benches, the hot-dog vendor gets robbed from time to time, however, THIS OFFICER’S CRACK IS ANNOYING!

  98. I drop my trou in honor of the No Pants 8! Yesterday was great, and kudos to the organizers.

    FYI -esp. for the ill-informed commenters who weren’t there- the other folks in my subway car were generally amused, especially when the “vendors” came through selling pants for $1. There was nothing sleazy about it whatsoever.

  99. I guess that means the Naked Cowboy (singing guy in Times Square) will be getting the Death Penalty now. This idea is funny; but it depends on the person and their outlook on life. Tighty whitey’s with a racing strip is not funny. But seeing somewhat ‘normal’ people parade around in underwear is funny; if you have a sense of humor in the first place. Don’t stop doing your stuff ! It’s true this country is way too uptight. Doing constructive things are necessary as well, but then everyone who is on this msg-board should look around this country and ask if this country is really doing anything constructive ??

  100. “the purpose was good, it was funny to hear about, but no pants is illegal”

    Apparently your understanding of the law is matched only by your grammatical prowess. Do you really think there’s a law somewhere that says that boxer shorts are unacceptable in public?

  101. Conceptually, I find the whole think kind of meah, to be honest. But the people that are getting righteously indignant about this scare the living crap out of me. I mean, it’s underwear, people. It’s like being on a BEACH or people on a WARM DAY.

    Sounds to me like some fun people havin’ fun. If you’re seriously upset by this … but if you’re that sort of person, you’re not actually reading these comments or devoting any thought to them at all, are you?

  102. Shake every policemans hand and thank them over and over. My brother called from California to tell me about the “prank”. YOU MADE INTERNATIONAL NEWS………THANK THEM!!!!!

  103. I love how they called it a disruption, when the only disruption was making everyone exit the train due to people merely ‘forgetting’ their pants. Good job guys, it still was a mission accomplished. The unity of all IE agents was what made it awesome! And talk about coverage?? I have at least three papers at my desk with photos/write-ups in it…and lots of people saw it on the news last night. Very cool…..very fun!

  104. I see nothing wrong with it…I have seen people ride public transportation with a lot less on..the police need to go out and arrest all the women who wear miniskirts or wear low top blouses…protect and serve thats what I said.

  105. Hi, I’m from
    (the wall of living graffiti) and
    I just want you to know that the
    poo lice (aka shit bugs) are often
    getting all tangled up in folk’s
    panties. They’ve gotten my panties
    in a wad lots of times – specially
    when I have been forced to witness
    their abuse of authority
    in silence.

    Anyway, I wrote a little song about the
    poo lice. It goes to the tune
    of “East Side, West Side” and it
    goes like this.

    poo lice, poo lice
    New York shitty poo lice
    impossible to get rid of
    don’t let them catch you
    they’re not nice
    (repeat as many times
    as you wish).

    Sister Angelina of the Sacred
    Leg of Lamb

  106. Sorry to hear about the wrinkle in the execution of ‘No pants 2006’. Still, you’re living up to your motto, and “causing scenes”, eh? I think the biggest problem wasn’t the police but all the photographers. Future efforts (with the obvious exception of mp3 experiments and the like) may need to be arranged by more secretive means.

  107. Over all view is basically true to my experience. It rings of a police state. In 20 plus years serving and working with law en”force”ment I have learned that force is the draw for a majority in the field who feel it is the only way to deal with the public. Sad state of affares and since 9/11 they have used our fears to expand and capitalize, finding us willing to condone many transgressions out of fear.

  108. For some reason a Jadakiss quote has been ringing in my ears while reading these comments:

    Mission accomplished, indeed. You made people smile, did some singing, got some major exposure. To be able to engage people in a place where interaction is commonly avoided is certainly a great thing. Anyone who says otherwise wasn’t there, is full of shit in general, has a diet that includes a healthy amount of Haterade, and/or just looks really bad in his/her underwear. And who are they to pass judgment anyway? They know nothing about you and choose to make uninformed assumptions. Being resentful of their own existences, they choose to label you as something they seem to resent/aspire to.

    Fuck all the hater, IE is A-OK with me.

    Keep on keepin on!

  109. the rules are the rules

    Read them before you say anything stupid –

    Link to disorderly conduct on the MTA:

    i trust that while this behavior is not “prudent” in some eyes, these guys were smart enough to know whether this was legal or not.

    for all you idiots who think that riding without pants is illegal, read the rules you idiots.

    if anyone has ridden the train during rush hour, you know how hard it is to get on and off. maybe a few unshaven legs and stained underwear made it hard for people to get off on the train. but i’ve seen it done before.

  110. A friend of mine participated in the No Pants Subway ride. I think its hysterical!!! With all the problems and “war on terror” going on in the world, its refreshing to have a bit of commic relief in the middle of a lazy Sunday afternoon. Cheers Improv Everywhere for making those of us with a sense of humor smile :)

  111. The actual link is as follows:
    Subsection in the disorderly conduct secion is the only potentially applicable one:

    No person on or in any facility or conveyance shall conduct himself or herself in any manner which may cause or tend to cause annoyance, alarm or inconvenience to a reasonable person or create a breach of the peace

    So just how reasonable are the other transit riders? Fairly reasonable (tolerant) as far as I have witnessed. Most people merely turn their backs to the beggars, drunks and lunatics. It doesn’t mean you have to like it. It just means that you tolerate it as something related to using a shared form of transit. Most people don’t mind the subway musicians. I view this as somewhat akin to performance art.
    I am looking forward to the court cases with hope in my heart for this city. Surely harmless fun won’t be outlawed?

  112. Breast feeding in public is a serious offence, so why not arrest the guys in boxers?
    (Are they going to build more jails this summer for those who wear shorts on public transport?)

  113. I think that the police involvement was way over the top. You don’t see them handcuffing Modanna for wearing her underwear on stage do ya?

  114. It seems completely bizarre for the police to arrest a bunch of harmless people in their boxers. What about shorts? Why not arrest people in shorts? Haven’t the public seen bare legs before?

  115. Everyone just needs to chill out. This was not a political statement or a mission to upset people. It was all in good fun, why cant anyone just laugh at the ridiculous anymore? It has to turn into this whole political debate. I must say that I am proud of every agent that participated, I was too chicken to show nyc my panties.

  116. Well, since No Pants means No Underwear in England, I guess it would have caused more of a stir if you did that campaign here… :-D

  117. Well, since No Pants means No Underwear in England, I guess it would have caused more of a stir if you did that campaign here… :-D

  118. As I sit here and read more and more of the reactions, I applaud the one’s that support the event. I support any sorts of harmless tom foolery. All of the people who disaggreed with the stunt need to get a grip. Life is too short to not have fun. I bet the nay sayers are people you wouldn’t want to see without pants in the first place.

  119. “A day without laughing is a wasted day..” Pablo Picasso

    I WAS there, I de-pantsed and I am still high to this second.. It was worth every moment of it..

    Some people need to look at the world and all of the bad news we get every day and then imagine 40 people in polkadot, heart, striped , colorful, flower print, white, black, maroon boxershorts on a single subway car decked out in winter-gear minding their own business and ask themselves, “what am I really complaining about..”


  121. Mary, poonty, Sue, Ryan, Concerned citizen, Angel, Jane, and especially, Jaimie. All your ranting and raving of how you disagree with the stunt only makes it that much more funny. Knowing that it pisses off uptight, no sense of adventure, or fun, personalities is the ultimate goal. Well done guys and girls, you have accomplished marking the true assholes of society by subjecting yourselves to embarrassing behavior. Rock on!!

  122. That was bullshit.It would have been great if it would be inside ur home , people like this should be made naked and busted ASSHOLES.DON’T EVER FUCK WITH THE ‘US’ !!!

  123. People on subways deal with homeless people, some with mental disabilities. Go figure, the cops go after a comedy troupe.

  124. In all the places around here (SW MI)you always see a sign that says “shoes and shirts required”, doesn’t say anything about pants. It has been a joke in our family what would happened if you entered the establishment without pants.. now we know!

    All I can say is the NYPD needs to lighten up.

    If I was on the train with my kids I would start laughing. It most likely would have lightened the conversation for the rest of the day.
    Pants off to you!

  125. Keep up the good work, IE. I know it was hilarious, and I would love to be involved in an IE type stunt someday. By the way, I find it entertaining that some of these commenters think that improvisers have too much money. Hilarious.

  126. all this police bashing. they do their jobs and get shit from you spineless turds. when i got mugged who came to my defense and aid….no not the guy carrying a village voice but a guy carrying a gun and badge. they took these assholes off the train. they didn’t belong there.
    if many of you had been there with your children would you want your kids to see these pantsless fools? maybe they spent too much time watching jackass and decided they wanted to be one. well congratulations!!! good work to the men/women in blue!!i appreciate a good public display of humor…..not that crap!

  127. I have to say this is ridiculous. I could understand if you guys were showing your genetalia but come on. I dont think I have seen the naked cowboy getting a summons or for that matter people during the summer wearing bikinis and thongs in the park. Stupid. You guys should fight this. I mean the naked cowboy is actually in tidy whities. At least the underwear you area in looks like shorts. this is really ridiculous that you were summoned

  128. I am a conservative, but I am not THAT conservative. It seems that was all harmless fun and we all need a good laugh! Hope the fun makes it’s way to Dallas!

  129. Being born and raised in nyc, I wouldve just thought that you were wearing shorts, you see stranger things here and ignore them,lol, The NYPD, went a little to far, cause NYC, in spring and summer all the hoochies walk around practically naked. I think they went to far arresting you guys.

  130. I would say that the singing train car at the end was the best part of the mission! It’s wonderful how a group of people who just met can ban together when their all not wearing pants. It’s the ultamite ice breaker…

    Ain’t no party like a no pants party cuz a no pants party won’t stop!

  131. I work a 9-5 desk job, and listen to NPR archives while I am filing and doing similar brainless tasks at work. I found IE while listening to a “This American Life” show on a particularly routine and boring afternoon, and I was inspired by you. I can recognize that while some of your missions could be considered offensive, you do what you do for people exactly like ME, and I thank you for that. The comments above that refer to your group as selfish, I couldn’t disagree more! Sure, you have fun while you’re putting on a show, but the work that you put into brightening up the day of the average working joe is a labor of love. It is clear to me that you love humanity, and your purpose is to create a scene that causes us to interact with each other, if only for a few moments. While I don’t mean to say that your group is going to end all suffering in the world, your message is one that we should listen to. Laugh more, interact more, reach out, make someones day, give them a story: what’s wrong with that?!

  132. Wines Milikin, you are an a-hole. What they did was not in the least illegal, and in no way was sending a bad messege to kids. I can only assume that your past traumas warped your brain to become that paranoid and twisted.

  133. I was there. It was hilarious. People weren’t pissed, they were laughing, confused and couldn’t stop looking. They enjoyed it. We enjoyed it. The problem was the NYPD and the MTA freaking out about a few people without pants. I’ll admit, my legs are very white and could be seen as scary, but they didn’t hurt anyone and frankly, I think that I made some peoples week start off right! I can’t wait for next years event…I’m already practicing for next year, I don’t have on pants at this very moment!

  134. Jaimie, are you a retard. Have you looked at anything else on this sight? these guys aren’t rich, they never say anyting about an “american police state”. All they do is laugh at the police for what they did. They weren’t trying to get the police involved. They’ve done this 4 times already with no police and all they ever say is how awesome it was participating in those. Jeez, get a life and make fun of real trust fund rich kids, like yourself

  135. As a liberal, I do believe what was done is perfectly fine. A few frustrated people here and there should not mean the end to a joyous event. There are those who say “Have you forgotten about 9/11???” The answer is- we haven’t. I think Improv Everywhere is helping others have fun, and keep them out of the depression we had years ago. I am sure none of us have forgotten abot 9/11, and we aren’t about to either. Improv Everywhere is a group that lets people feel free for a while, and then get them back to their own monotonous lives. There are those who feel uncomfortable about it. I say, “Don’t”. And what really is the definition of a kid? I am 15, and yet, I do belive I a mature enough to understand what has been going on. IE is letting “kids” like me know that it’s alright to have some fun, that there’s more to the world than just schoolwork and a job like “Office Space”. Go IE!!

  136. Agent Todd will be on MSNBC tonight as the main 8:00pm story – his interview will be on around 8:50pm.

  137. One thing I have learned in my 53 years as an American, is that success sometimes comes in the form of pissing off the right people. Therefore, this event was a complete success. The fact that so many have expressed outrage or enragement of simply being offended says more about their fear of what they can’t control than the desecration of America and NYC by people in underwear.

  138. Hey!

    This is just the sort of thing the world needs, an the day and age where people are so up-tight about everything. Political correctness gone MAD!!

    The police really should’ve left you guys too it…

    Anyone up for creating a similar group in England?? (of course, if you don’t mind, founding IE members?!) Mail me at chaz_rulez (AT) walla (dot) com

    X X X keep up the good work… made ME smile anyways!!!

  139. has the first Concerned Citizen who said that beaches should be regulated ever been to Europe? Guys 19+ all the way to 60 wear speedos and girls 15+ don’t wear tops all the time. I’m not trying to be perveted, I’m just saying that it isn’t a big deal there, no one is offended by it, why should the be?

  140. I think your mission of bringing laughter, joy, etc. Is fantastic! The police obviously over-reacted to good-natured, inoffensive, humur!

    We need more like you!

  141. Wow, I… majorly dislike the government. You people are my idols. You’ve been on frickin E! I’m hoping maybe when I get a bit older to become an agent (I’m only 15 now). Anyway, my friend said to me today, “That Improv thing you like got ticketed. It was in Newsday.” I flipped out. Thank goodness you were all released. Keep up the good work! Don’t let the man get you down!

  142. Well here it is 12 hours after my first post, and STILL the only disorderly , offensive and rude conduct I can see. Is still coming from the majority of the respondents to the negative. Either irl (in real life) or as web posts. All the dumb and I do mean DUMB name calling , what do Nazi’s, liberals, sex crimes, trust funds, getting a life or job and on and worse, have to do with a good ole belly laugh. . . . . that’s what I thought. If I was 20 years younger the Oregon chapter of Improve EVERWHERE would be well on its to being formed today so you could read our blog soonest. As us west coasters have been hearing that old curmudgeonly rude New Yorker cliché for so long I guess it had to have some basis in fact. But frankly the thought of a life with no joy, the inability to smile and absolutely no fun or laughter SCARES THE PANTS OFF OF ME.

  143. I just heard about your immature prank on MSNBC. I hope you’re happy because you’ve humiliated yourselves, and put subway riders in a state of shock. You pranksters may find it funny, but I for one am appalled. Really distateful guys.

  144. Why not do it on the street instead of the subway. That way you can cause accidents & gain more attention? Sarcasim intended!

  145. I just previewed your interview w/Keith Overman re: yesterday’s event in NY. What a fun, creative, & harmless ‘stunt’ to implement by your organization! Fantastic!!

    Any plans of doing something similar in Los Angeles? I’m there!

    K. Dracaea

  146. oh nooooo :'( Agent Nicholson did i miss agent todd MSNBC i just refreshed and got down to your post its already 6:00 here so 9:00 there :((

  147. we are living in times where in the name of art or the like people will make anything acceptable. This is very dangerous: How do you set your limits. It is one thing if this was done in a place where people had come to see half naked individuals. You can not come into the public domain and do something which is vulgar. There are children riding the train, there are many adults who are grossed out by seeing you in your underwear. All it shows is that you guys don’t have much sense of modesty and that your body is so cheap and to show it to all. A body is a beautiful thing and we should live our bodies, at the same time though, it is a private thing. Sex also is a beautiful thing, but it needs to be done at the right time and in the right place and fashion. First you guys will decide it’s funny to parade in your boxers and undies. Before you know it, you’ll lose all sensitivity, and you’ll think it’s funny to ride in the nude. Go ahead and make folks laugh, it’s agreat idea, but please choose something that will not offend and will not show a low example. Be a bit more creative.

  148. So, let me get this straight. You can’t take your pants off in the subway, but a guy can wear underwear, a cowboy hat, some boots and a guitar in the middle of Times Square and get away with that? Maybe the police were afraid that people would try to take pictures in the subway….oh wait, they tried to make that illegal too. Am I gonna get arrested this summer when I lie out in Central Park in my speedo?

  149. Evay, er… if you see this… I saw Haterade and I thought, well, do you read the Boondocks?

    Anyway, I loved this–I mean, I personally think that while people under 18 should think twice, thrice, quadrice before participating, it’s not because of disgust but personal safety. Once you’re over 18, you SHOULD know how to protect yourself and it’s okay. On that note, who cares if kids see? They’re KIDS! [They] don’t make nearly as big a deal out of things as [those who are not ‘kids’] do. They’ll go, ‘Mommy/Daddy/Nanny, why isn’t that man wearing any pants?’ and all you have to say is ‘Because that silly person forgot to put any on’ or something to that effect.

    I’ll be blogging about this tomorrow morning. Even though I didn’t want my 13-y-o friend doing this, I still think it would be great fun to do once we’re 17-18 or older and I support you 100%, and am shocked at the big deal the police made of it.

    Go Improv(isation) Everywhere!

  150. I think what you guys do is wonderful i just spent my evening on your website I cant remember the last time i was so entertained. Keep up the good work. Hope everyone gets their pants back. peace to you all

  151. Interesting how wearing no pants in public is considered funny to you people. New York City truly is the heart of darkness. Even Babylon couldn’t live up to your reputation of filth and decadence.

  152. Some of you folks that are complaining about this are truly sad sad people, and no amount of comedy, or sillyness will ever help you. YOU are what’s wrong with this world, and the reason for so much hatred and violence. It’s a shame you turn your bitter, sad jaded bored lives into obstacles for the rest of us to have a silly laugh.

    In other words.. you’re dicks.

    Love, a New York that likes it when New Yorkers act like New Yorkers.


  153. I thought it was hillariuse. Try to have some good clean fun.No one was hurt and I am sure a few went home with some great stories. Travelers would tell freind and family, That could ,in return in more travels to visit and that would help your City revenue. I say go for it.

  154. I live in So. Cal. and I heard about this on the radio this morning. I was at work and the DJ said that they had a report after the break about people getting arrested for riding a subway with no pants on.

    The first thing I thought of was IE. I told one of my co-workers about the group during the comercials, not knowing if it was about IE or not. When they cam back, not only was it about IE, but they also had an interview with one of the agents. (I don’t remember what his name was.)

  155. Very cool! As a native New Yorker who rode the subways, I can appreciate the effort you put into entertaining people who were probably bored having to ride the train on a Sunday. Where I now live, people go out in public with way less clothes on just cuz the sun may be shining, forget about the fact that it’s 40 degrees in January. I’m sure the cops received complaints from idiots who didn’t appreciate the stunt; NYPD doesn’t care what the hell anyone wears on the subway. God bless the New Yorkers who have to ride those trains in the first place! Glad you made some of them smile!

  156. Got to agree with some people on boths sides. As a joke, I am not sure how funny I thought this was. Not all that creative. But I can’t say there was anything horribly wrong with it either. A long as your not infringing on the rights of others, interfering with peoples commute (creating an enviroment that is a nuisance to the public), then arresting people was probably an overreaction.

  157. NYPD Boss – it’s disguting and pathetic to think you represent the normal perspective of the “boys in blue” – you’re the most organized gang in this city. I can’t wait to get some liberal friends together soon to think of what we can do to bother the hell out of you and all your boys at the donut shop.

    “Concerned Citizen” – ENOUGH, seriously I’m all about free speech, but I’m sitting here embarrassed for you. I know there’s not probably not much to do in Texas, but I’d maybe read a little or gain information somehow before I made ridiculous points.

    everyone involved with Improv Everywhere – YOU ROCK!! I’m an improv actor myself and wish I would’ve caught wind of this earlier. just what this city needs, a lil kick in the funny bone. someone alluded to 9/11 earlier, as if the stunt were to somehow interfere with the duties of the extra vigiliant beat cops that patrol the subway in lower manhattan. you know what I say? If we can’t ride the subway in our undies than the terrorists truly have won!!!

  158. Where did my post go? Bashed the event a little, but nothing worse than all you fine, upstanding, productive members of society subjecting me to your ignorance and butt crack funk. If I want to see a bunch of dudes in boxers, I will go to a local gay bar. If I want public transportation to work, I will take the subway. PS – Improv is Latin for no talent.

  159. That’s the funniest stunt I’ve seen in a long time. Kudos! Police are stupid, though. Imagine, freaking out over people in their underwear! That man has issues, obviously.

  160. I’ve been on one of the trains you morons pulled this crap on. Having someone’s dirty undies in your face while trying to get to work sucks.

    Yeah, real funny joke. Let the pros determine what’s funny, n00bs.

  161. so what if a couple of people did not have pants on this morning…you can forget your socks, house keys, pipe etc. take it easy americaa be cool and remember Turk182.

  162. You guys made my day on the subway yesterday! Thanks for the laughs!

  163. I don’t blame the police for getting involved. All it takes is one person to call and complain. You can’t blame the police for doing their jobs. How funny is a forty year old man in his underwear anyways? I consider myself a conservative, and I definitely appreciate and respect the police. To blame them is dumb. I need a good laugh every now and then, sorry this doesn’t do that for me. Sounds kind of dumb and childish. I guess the police could have doing something better with their time, but unfortunately they had to tend to 100 plus grown “adults?” who decided to ride the subway in their underwear. Pretty funny. Maybe your next joke will make me laugh.

  164. This is cool. No pants on the subway! I always wondered what would happen if people did the same thing at resturants that have sighns that say “No Shirt, No Shoes, No service.”
    doesn’t say anything about pants. Hmmmmmm

  165. How funny!! I would have laughed my butt off if I’d been there when these people pulled their pants down in public like that! And then I would have pulled MY pants down TOO! Ha ha!! My husband and I are always doing hilarious stuff in public & he would’ve been either pulling his pants down as well or else laughing so hard he wouldn’t be able to do ANYthing!! One time we were in a crowded parking lot after leaving the movies & he was wearing shorts with an elastic waistband & I suddenly just yanked his shorts down to his ankles. It gave everyone around a great laugh & we both do funny stuff like that all the time to each other to keep life fun. :) Have you guys considered a mass fart improv? There are no laws against farting that I know of (lol) & it would be hilarious if dozens of people did it all at the same time. You could use whoopee cushions if neccessary. Well keep up the GREAT work & spread that joy wherever you can! Sincerely, Your New Biggest Fan, Lisa In Seattle, WA ~~~

  166. When I was young I thought America is a free country and in this amazing City New York everythings possible. Now I`m happy to live in “Nazi germany”… (Sorry for my bad english)

  167. I figure they would have felt more secure….and could have concentrated their searches to others, being they could see you were not hiding anything!!!

  168. I’m the mother of three young girls, 3, 5, and 7 years old. They love underwear jokes. Their friends love underwear jokes. Most children do, unless they are far too socialized for their own good.

    I imagine that my children would have loved the underwear prank,and many of the other Improve Everywhere pranks. In fact, I hope that they do see Improv E, and hope that they laugh.

  169. Dear Wines Milikin,

    I’m sorry to hear that your molestation as a child has not only turned you into a humourless wanker, but also someone that thinks they understand the law – and doesn’t.

    Move on with your life. Others have. We can’t all be victims for our entire lives.

  170. Don’t you have anything else better to do; like maybe organize people to help out with a homeless shelter or vounteer at a local soup kitchen.
    What a putz!

  171. fear and loathing

    without pants

    in subways

    i like the poem the crazy lady posted up a few (hundred?) entries above. i was there. i depantsed. i got to look at hot booty. yesss. it’s true…

    all you faggz who bash us are just jealous because you’re most likelye a) incredibly obese or b) incredibly ugly, and u know that the sigh of u w/out pants would make others JUMP off the subway and INTO the subway track, allowing the train to hit em full force to hide from your putrid disgustingness…


    TILL BROOKLYNN!!!! ::cheers:::

  172. Give me a break! People are forgetting how to laugh.We should all take a few minutes of our day and do something crazy. The World Needs It!

  173. I think it’s disgusting when people do things in public that I don’t want to see. This includes bare legs, unshaved armpits, and hackeysack.

  174. Whines: I also was molested as a child. That said, if I had been on the train that day I would have thought “hee hee! They’re not wearing any pants!”

    side note: If they aren’t allowed to go pantsless then the terrorists have won.

  175. No wonder. It’s your all life. It seems you, westerners, have had everything the human being wanted. Then, something in your mind arise which way forward? Where do we go now?

    an indonesian

  176. An open letter to Mayor Bloomberg.

    Dear Mr. Bloomberg,

    Being an occasional visitor to your wonderful city, I hope you will step up, and speak out, in support of the Improv Everywhere folks who were unjustly harrassed by a few unthinking police officers. There is nothing illegal about wearing pants in public, even if they are boxers that are normally covered.
    The mayors office should show support by encouraging a “Wear your swimsuit to work” day, on the day the Improv Everywhere people are scheduled to appear in court.

    Wondering …
    … if I should spend any more $$ in NYC
    … what the problem was
    … whether it’s OK to laugh
    … whether it’s still legal to make others laugh

    PS. What day are you scheduled for court. I may have to visit the city that day myself!

  177. I’m so sorry to hear this mission ended up like that! Where is this world going? Is making people laugh a crime nowadays? I hope you keep it up anyway. :)

  178. Unbelievable! Those who were offended have got a lot of issues to deal with. Is it a case of underwear=genitalia=sex? just plain weird! Love your body!!

  179. As a 53 year old “Southern Magnolia,” I am amazed that anyone would be offended by the sight of someone in coat,tie, and colorful boxer shorts. And how do you know these boys are not all underpaid social workers during the week? After all, this was on a Sunday and I think it is SO NARROWMINDED to assume these are rich kids with no social conscience. Isn’t bringing an unexpected smile to a stranger’s face a good deed?

  180. I’m back! What I’ve noticed is that almost all the people who have referenced reading all the entries (there–now you know I’VE read them all!), are people who are pro-IE. This says something about all the people against the prank, don’cha think?

    Well… I posted a blog entry on this. is the address if you want to check it out and argue in a more structured, civilized fashion. (I mean, you have to READ my post for me to keep your comment!)

  181. first off, let me just say that i live nowhere near nyc. second, let me state that these were my thoughts PRIOR to the event, prior to the cops coming to take eight people away.

    in any case, i have been reading about the exploits of IE for some time now, and i appreciate what you guys do. i think that the concept of people coming together and staging a humorous situation with a positive outcome for the viewers is a brilliant idea. i wish people around here would do it more. i’ve often wondered what would happen if i were to stage my own “moebius” scenario at the local mcdonalds.

    however, i think that IE’s “no pants” plot is a little on the iffy side for two reasons… the first one being, i think IE has gotten a little too much publicity lately. it almost seemed with the number of websites that featured articles on you that it almost seemed like some people were expecting you guys… maybe even the smokies as well. in any case, any element of surprise was almost completely dashed by the media.

    second, in conjunction with my second paragraph, these stunts should have a positive outcome for the viewer. i think that acts such as “romantic comedy cab”, “synchronized swimming”, and etc. are perfect because they don’t force the “victim” (for lack of a better term) to feel uncomfortable at all. if they don’t like seeing people swimming in a park, they can walk away from the fountain. if a cab driver doesn’t want to get in the middle, he doesn’t have to. if someone doesn’t want their picture taken with 1995 memorabilia, they could just keep walking. no pants seems to cross peoples’ lines of comfort, in that (a) some people (just reading some of the prior comments) are offended by nudity in public places, no matter what the circumstance, and (b), if they are offended, they can’t leave. they have to sit next to the naked guy another five nerve-wracking minutes. police involvement or not, i think no pants isn’t that great of an idea of a stunt.

    that’s my humble opinion. i am writing this after reading only 1/3 of the comments posted as of yet, so someone may have already shot down my reasoning or even duplicated it, but… here goes nothing… (*submit*)

  182. Why is it that everyone’s so concerned about the children in this matter? Children are the number 1 offenders of taking their pants off in public. I attempted to spend the first 7 years of my life in a public pantless state. Should I have been arrested?

  183. It’s a shame that the event was marred by the police and charges, but I hope it doesn’t put anybody off. I was astounded to see you on international news today (your press section will be swelling up now!) Yoou guys are great, and I hope that the world will realise this if they come ontto the site and see how harmless all of your stunts are! Keep up the great work, maybe someday I’ll be able to cross the atlantic and join you in a mass event!

  184. Doesn’t the nykgb have better things to do. As long as nobody’s weenie or coochie is hanging out who cares

  185. I think the prank is funny and the cops overeacted. Women wear dresses that are hardly more than a tiny piece of cloth and look like underwear and they’re not getting arrested.

  186. As a Ny woman I think this was intended as harmless fun . However people must be held accountable for their actions.

  187. To:
    Wines Milikin
    opposers, school marms (males as well) etc.

    Get over it folks. This is America…love it or leave it!

  188. When I saw the news, I started laughing. Too bad the police didn’t think it that funny. Thanks for spreading some joy…

  189. breaking: rumor has it letterman is doing a “Would you like to take a pantsless cab ride?” tonight on the show, a take off of No Pants.

  190. The prank sounded funny, not worse than a candid camera family show. Local newspaper stuff at best.

    Then the reaction of the NYPD made the whole world hear about it.

    But the most hilarious (and the most revealing of what America is getting to) are the out-of-yhis-world reactions from people that are opposed.

    What happened to you, America? What do you mean: freedom?

    Why is everybody so judgmental? Who made you like this? The church? The politicians? Certain TV stations? Don’t they look like It looks like the western version of the ayatollahs and mullahs?

    You guys are getting way too serious and probably feel terrible in this world full of danger and “immoral exposure” like this. But it can be worse. In Florence and Rome there are statues of really naked women and men, no shorts, no nothing. And they don’t hide these parts, not even when Americans come to visit. Just want you to be warned and avoid shock.

    But seriously, if America winds down a little bit and people get their sense of humor back, you will all be loved as ever. It is much better for your health too.

    Time is like a cycle, isn’t it?
    After all that has happened in the last 5 years, maybe it is time for a change again, for some non-conformism. Don’t take things so serious. This includes my posting, if you don’t agree with it.

  191. Inspiring. My idea is for one of the next Sundays to have a “Topless in The Tube” day in London UK. Topless should mean for both genders of course. Otherwise it could cause discrimination suits I guess. Any lawyers here that can comment on this?

  192. I love the idea that ‘Love from London’ gave… but then, I honestly doubt that it will be much bigger of a deal than this was here–maybe even not as big of a deal! I mean, the UK is part of Europe after all, and in Europe women go topless on beaches plenty. (I see nothing wrong with this–I think it’s great women can do it without being yelled at, since men can go topless nearly anywhere they choose…)

    To read my full link on the no-pants go to (I wrote underscores instead of dashes last time! So sorry!)

    And meanwhile opposers continue to express their disgust in the most uncivilized of fashions.

  193. I’ve read a few of the comments left. I think that if the pantless people had not been wearing boxers, many of the negative comments could have been justified, but you see men and women all over the place with less covered than the average boxer shorts cover. Spontenaity is something we need more of. So i say lighten up and enjoy life, rather than trying to stop others from doing so…if it’s not hurting anyone, don’t knock it.

  194. mad props to alla you who participated. wish i could have been there but i beleive i was nursing off a hangover somehwere in the bronx in another persons bed. now that’s godless. if god wanted us to wear pants, he’d have stiched em on, orrrrr even better why aren’t we asexual is sex is so dirty and immoral and scary? worms are. doesn’t seem to hard. *splits in two*

  195. I find it amusing that so much of this pits “liberals” versus “conservatives”. Is that really what is it about? I think in an age where at least one person will be offended by everything you do, the No Pants event has irked considerably less people than some people assume. I wonder how many of the people who are upset at this prank feel like they *have* to be offended and are reacting emotionally, opposed to rationally. And it must be a seasonal thing because in the summer, people certainly walk around in less clothing to no offense. It’s amazing the “label” we give a piece of fabric determines if it offends or not – eg. plaid shorts to the beach or boxer shorts on the subway. Nothing offends until you label it and are taught by society or culture that it should offend. Look at the tribal peoples around the world who walk about naked – no offense there!

  196. I think you guys are awesome. In a city where no one makes eye contact, no one shows emotion (on the streets and subways) we need things like this to remind New Yorkers not to take everything so serious and have a laugh before going to work! Bravo guys! If I would have known I would have joined in…of course only if I was wearing clean underwear!

  197. As a New Yorker myself, it would put a smile on my face if I was there when this stunt unfolded. You guys are brilliant, hilarious, and brave! Keep up the good work!

  198. I honestly cannot believe all of the crybaby bullshit I have read on this comment board. I am saddened (but not exactly shocked) to learn that some people are angered by this harmless bit of public improv.

    Some of these emotionally handicapped adults are saying “This is stupid. You guys are stupid. Why did you do this?” I’ve got some news for these bovines: when it comes to humor, it is the people who don’t get it that are stupid, not the other way around. Go watch Skating with the Stars, read your USA Today and keep quiet. Try not to look at things you know will upset you.

    Some of these folks are downright vindicated that a bunch of “trust fund kids” got taken to jail. Here’s what I say: Big Fat Hairy Deal. Getting arrested is about as scary as that Eddie Murphy Haunted Mansion movie. I have been pulling vicious pranks far worse than a mass de-pantsing since I was 15, and I have been arrested several times. I have learned through these experiences that about 1 cop in ten is an insuffereable prick (I call them “one-percenters”) with a high school education and axe to grind. The rest are just regular folks who want to help their community. I know that being arrested is probably as terrifying a thing as Joe/Jane Wageslave can imagine, but to those of us who aspire to greater than nine-to-fiver status, it’s pretty routine and a far cry from anything that would ever “teach me a lesson”. You may believe that a blow has been struck for decency and banality, but if it has, it was a limp-wristed swat on the rump that will be forgotten in a matter of days.

    Here’s what I’m saying folks – You can’t go backwards. There will never be a time when we get back to the way it was in “the good old days”. In fact those days weren’t even all that good, save in the memories of a few people. Just let it go, man. How on earth is a simple stunt like this really hurting anyone? As far as the one lady/gentleman who was sexually assaulted and thinks that pantslessness is tantamount to rape – Get over it. Hurt feelings are for children, and no one gives a crap about what happened to you or how you now use it as an excuse to avoid living a normal human existance. Get over it, shut the hell up, rub some dirt on it and get back in the game.

    People: Wake up. Be aware. Grow a sense of humor. Being sensitive and easily offended is not cool. It is annoying as hell and makes otherwise happy and sane people like myself want to shoot you in the face. So knock off the self-righteous boat-rocking, sit down, pipe down, and enjoy the ride.

  199. Read about it at the Fox News website.,2933,182554,00.html

    Subway Riders See Their First Full Moon

    NEW YORK (AP) — From the waist up, they looked like perfectly normal commuters. That wasn’t good enough for police.

    Eight pranksters who dropped their pants and showed their underwear on the subway on Sunday were taken into custody and issued summonses for disorderly conduct. All were ultimately released, said Improv Everywhere, the group that organized the stunt.

    The group said more than 160 riders participated in the fifth annual No Pants Subway Ride before police halted their No. 6 train about 5 p.m.

    Charlie Todd, who founded Improv Everywhere in 2001, said it’s not his group’s intent to offend. He said he wants to create scenes of chaos and joy in public places around New York.

    “It was our intent to make people laugh,” he said. “We try to give people a great story to tell.”

    Todd, a teacher and performer, said the police overreacted when they turned a harmless event into something that inconvenienced lots of subway riders. A judge will determine whether those issued summonses will be punished.

    — Thanks to Out There readers Tony L. and Laura P.

    — Click in the photo box above to see a picture of the full moon on the subway.

  200. I think that it is rediculous that the police became involved in the underwear show. Can’t people have fun anymore? I wonder how Southern officials would have reacted . . .

  201. So explain to me exactly how boxers (or for that matter – briefs) differ in modesty from shorts or bikinis….If police in NY arrest people for wearing “shorts”, then remind me never to visit NY in the summer!

  202. I’m in line with Amber from Oregon above -this summer I’d be hounding the police to arrest anyone in shorts and/or a t-shirt. I hope you are able to get volunteer represetnation from those in local legal people who are open-mined enough to help you in this situation and others that you might encounter.

  203. Naked Cowboy gets dollar bills from tourist who come in to Times square for broadway plays and performers like yourselves get arrested!! What happen to common sense around here.

  204. Here people are being mugged, assaulted, robbed, stealing, drug dealing etc. on the streets of New York and the cops have nothing else to do but detain and ticket a bunch of pantless pranksters.

  205. You guys are fresh and creative. Conservative society, naturally, is threatened. Keep up the good work… “Post 9/11”, as though one event however tragic, should end the freedoms that are America.

  206. you freaks should keep your pants on – always. taking pants off in public is unacceptable – it offends uptight people like me. i’m sexually repressed and mentally oh-pressed. i must go now and consume my daily dose of Soma.

    @ @

    < -----

  207. I think it was awesome, as usual.

    And I actually wish that for a second I could understand or somehow grip the mentality of the nay-sayers, but mostly they have spouted either a) asinine generalities about this being some “liberal” stunt (i’m not a liberal) b) totally tangential stories, like the guy who likened this to when he was molested c) just plain angry people who vented on the board with violent words.

    So I don’t get them, but I’m glad that Agent Todd allowed their posts to stay up so we could see what idiots they are.

    And I’m with Agent Davis about something at the court dates (although I doubt highly that the day will actually come).

  208. People must wear pants to their ankles in public. Why? 9/11. No clamdiggers. Unacceptable. You liberal freaks can go back to Marthas Vineyard and parade around your Liberal Arts degrees there instead.

    I’d also like to point out that Cheers was NEVER funny.

    Kudos, ladies and gents. On more than one occasion I’ve found myself having to clean my computer screen off after having snorted out various beverages on it while laughing. Rest assured, even though the NYPD doesn’t find you funny (my guess is that they watch Cheers), Canadians do.

  209. i love you guys and i think that your “no pants” stunt was the perfect thing to brighten up an otherwise gloomy winter day in New York. wish i could have been there to participate! long live undies!

  210. I would have loved to be there. You guys are amazing and I love all your work. I definately would not have felt that I was going to be raped, Wines Milikin. I would have thought, “hey, all these people have no pants on, there must be meeting of pantless people somewhere uptown. thats funny.”


  211. I was one of the two who was given a summons, but not taken off in a paddy wagon. At the time I was scared that my photo would show up in the paper and I’d be fired (it didn’t!), but in retrospect I’m soooo glad I participated.

    I could barely contain my laughter on the train, and was totally taken aback by the cops showing up. On the other hand, there were a couple of people who decided to be asses to the cops while I was there, which did not amuse me.

    The cop who took down my information’s hand was shaking. I think the photographers and the crowd made him really nervous. He asked me if I just needed to show off to other people – and I said I thought people could witness my hotness with or without pants. Got a chuckle from him. Most of the cops seemed like nice people who just happened to get called in and figured they had to go through the motions.

    Overall, fantastic experience. Thanks, Improv Everywhere!

    And…Hi Steve!!!

  212. What is the difference between boxer shorts and gym shorts? Or running shorts (way short!) This is nuts! I did get a good chuckle outta “Officer Panton” – you can’t make this stuff up!

  213. What a world we live in – where sudden off the cuff humor is against the law. We live in a depressing world full of war, poverty, illness……….and the fact that you guys organize stuff like this is a blessing. A BLESSING…..we all need to smile more – we need some humor in our lives to get away from the bad stuff for one minute. The cops were the ones pulling a stunt – not you guys……..Come to San Francisco – you can walk around nekkid here all the time and no-one bats an eyelid. Sorry this happedned – but keep up the good work – I think you guys are fabulous. (set one up in SF – I will be there – pants or no pants!!)

  214. i beleive these comments give a new definition to “uptight”. And i love how most of them are calling you “damned liberals” hHAHAHHAHHAHA. You guys are my heros. I want you to have my children.

  215. You Guys are on

    I ran across your site a few years back, and havent been able to find it until now!

    You guys are pure genius!

  216. OK, let me start by saying that I have never been to NYC, so I’m not sure what goes on there, aside from what I read… BUT… I grew up in New Orleans, not a small city, mind you… and I’ve lived in Nashville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Antonio, Tampa and Ft Lauderdale, all very metropolitan cities, and NEVER have I seen a spectacle like this and felt threatened! If someone feels that seeing men in underwear makes you fear that you are being threatened with rape or molestation, you need to get to a therapist AND FAST! This truly says to me that it is easier to be female and get away with wearing lingerie in public, without so much as a ticket being issued, than it is to be male and wear clothing that covers as much as your average swimsuit. Return to the Victorian era? Nah, just plain ol’ puritanical values for men’s bodies, lashed together with liscivious dreams of Victoria’s Secret models on parade. It’s discrimination at it’s finest, and should result in the officers who made arrests being reprimanded and having to make public apologies. And to the reader who commented on “men’s hairy asses”? It ust be a terrible burden to have the kind of eyesight that lets you see through clothing and view people’s genitalia, warts and all… and I’ll just bet you don’t have more than 6% bodyfat, and have lasered all your own unwanted hair off your entire body, because looking in a mirror and seeing 14 hairs on either side of your labia would be a monstrosity to behold! You must also have any blemishes and imperfections taken care of immediately lest they offend you so deeply that you, too, require therapy. Boob job, too, maybe… get over it! We are all different sizes, colors, races and religions… and to say something so narrow-minded speaks volumes about your mental health! SEEK HELP! As far as I can tell, this wasn’t a terrorist act, it wasn’t a riot, it wasn’t violent… and if cameras had been rolling and this was being filmed for release at the Sundance Festival for entry as a short documentary, and model releases were signed by everyone appearing on camera, it wouldn’t even be a story. Lighten up people… enjoy the ride!!!

  217. Living in Alabama, we don’t have much in the way of performance art, so I’ve enjoyed reading about the past missions. I regret this one didn’t turn out quite a happily as all the others.

    I haven’t been to NYC since 9/11 so don’t have a good feel for the temperament of the people there now. However, when I was last there, my 3 kids and I had a blast for two primary reasons. The first is that everyone was both friendly and helpful, almost to the point of annoyance. The second is that we loved being able to watch all the interesting and odd people and behaviors (including a street-side film shoot for a lingerie ad, no cops in sight.) We tried to seek out areas of the city where we’d be more likely to find interesting activities and were never disappointed. I’ve tried very hard to teach them the entertainment value of people-watching, and I’d have taken them on the subway for a bit of pantsless fun any day. That would clearly be a much more valuable lesson to them than watching “Cheers” reruns.

  218. Your prank has done nothing but hurt and ridicule those of us that actually DO for get to wear pants to work. Pants-forgetting is a real disorder and I suffer from it. It’s not funny, it’s hurtful….especially if you spill coffee.

  219. Sean, I was going to digitize that clip as well, but you beat me to it. Nice work. I heard you know a friend of mine (Justin Tyler). Were you really just a stranger on the street? Tell the full story! What happened after you got in the cab?

    FYI – I’m hard at work on the report. I have 100s of photos and hours of video to comb through.

  220. Hi! Justin is a good man with a good smile.

    Yeah, I was really just a stranger on the street. I am a Letterman fan so when I turned the corner and saw Biff and a camera man outside I approached. The bit was just beginning as I made my way closer and when the 1st guy said “No” I caught Biff’s eye and he waved me over. Next thing I knew I was talking to Dave, dropping my pants, and in the backseat of a cab.

    We circled the block and then hung out near the theatre for the rest of the show in case Dave called on us again. Afterwards, someone from the show paid the cabbie and I collected my pants to applause from passers-by.

    It was all very unexpected and fun.

    Congrats on all the attention you’ve garnered.

  221. I read the first quarter of the comments, but it was pretty much the same stuff. I live in Toronto, and there are ads in the Subway in which people are wearing far less than what you were, and I doubt it’s any different in NY. The police’s reaction was pathetic, but all of this publicity can’t be a bad thing for you.

  222. Just discovered your site. I am a born & bred Manhattanite currently living in exile. Why? One of the reasons is because groups like IE get squashed left & right in NYC now. For over 100 yrs NYC was known for ideas, art, expression. Where did Andy Warhol & Bob Dylan & countless others move when they wanted to make it? NEW YORK CITY. It held the hope that if you had an idea, a work ethic, elbow grease & some friends, you could MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN. I watched as that spirit began to die in my beloved home town, the wildness got choked out, everything became more corporatized. I APPLAUD IE! You are resurrecting the true spirit of NYC in an otherwise barren landscape there. I shook my head at the barcode Strand Lunkhead who TOOK POLAROIDS! I loudly boood the cops who wanted to crush you FOR NO RATIONAL OR LEGAL REASON! If anyone says what you’re doing is anything less than great, they should move to Bayonne. I’m sure no one there is doing anything creative that might get their panties twisted (pun intended).

  223. Anything that friviously ties up police resources is irresponsible.
    If just one police officer got delayed 1 minute to a real emergency situation, IE should be ashamed.