Global Agents HQ

We’ve created a Global Agents HQ for folks living outside of NYC who are interested in pulling off IE-style missions.

[originally linked to our old message board– now see Improv Everywhere Global.]


  1. WOW i saw you guys on the netscape homepage and i clicked on your link and i started reading about your missions and i think its AWSOME!im in high school and me n my friends like to dress like professional office workers at lunch and carry a clipboard around and send kids to eat at the punishment table thing lol its pretty funny

  2. I love this! The general population walks about trying so hard not to make eye-contact, much less, conversation but your “missions” require a reaction and I like it! Keep up the good work.

  3. come to Connecticut…stuffy windsor CT..and do something….windsor need to loosen up a bit….I love your idea though..its so fun!