Improv Everywhere on G4

Improv Everywhere will be featured on the live talk show Attack of the Show on the G4 network this Thursday at 7 PM (4 PM Pacific). If you can figure out what channel G4 is, tune in and watch! More info.


  1. i just watched g4tv and decided to check this site out so i guess the advertising worked… i got a goooodd idea 4 a prank make cardboard robots and cover them in aluminum foil and walk around the streets in a specific area with about 200 robots and make up your own beep sequenced robot talk that would be great

  2. Sounds great, Im up in San francisco, I’d love to get involved if you do anything up here. I’ve done quite a bit of theater in my day.

  3. i just saw what you guys do on g4, and it’s fricken awesome. you should do something here in reno, it’s too boring here, we need something exciting to talk about besides gettin drunk downtown…again.

  4. charlieeeee, if you’ve been doing the no pants thing since 2002, there’s no way this upcoming one could be the fifth annual no pants mission…

  5. What you guys do is awesome. I think your mission is great and I want to say keep up the good work. Cant wait for the dvd!