Zombie Dance

An Agent asked us to post this notice. Sounds like fun:

Agent Karen and Agent Jennifer are staging Michael Jackson’s THRILLER DANCE in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade and we need YOU! We need you to dedicate a few late afternoons (10/23, 10/28, 10/30) to rehearsing the THRILLER DANCE and then performing it in the parade on MONDAY, OCTOBER 31. No prior dancing experience required!

Email Agent Karen (karen at studio7733.com) for all the frightening details!


  1. Hi, i thout that it was……weird but cool,i would love if inprov everywhere would do something like this in louisanna, thats where i live, i would love to be in like a zombie dance.lol. well if yall see this heres an idea for a prank:for at christmas time you could git everyone (even girls) to dress up like santa cluse and missis cluse,then just walk around singing silly songs(prf. not x-mas.) well thats all, I AM CELINA AGE 12 AND HOPE YOU LIKE THE IDEA!!!!.