VH1’s “40 Greatest Pranks”

Our U2 Mission from this past May is going to be on the TV tomorrow night, Friday, October 7. Set your tivos to record VH1’s “40 Greatest Pranks” (9 to 11 PM, New York Time). There will be footage from the mission and interviews with Agent Todd and Agent Slocum (aka “Fake Bono”). For those without a tivo-type device, the program reruns at 12 Midnight and also at 7 PM Saturday evening.


  1. yea you guys are really awesome bc of that im 15 and i live in texas, basically i really want u guys to go on a road trip and to come to dallas so i can see you do a sketch. that would make my year pretty much. iv also tried (and failed) to have my parents take me to NY to see mp3 2k5. hope it goes well

  2. i just checked the tv listings online, and see its gonna reair on Wednesday night at 10pm on VH1. i can barely wait for Wednesday night to come, so i can personally finally see your U2 stunt!

  3. I am really digging on trevor’s idea considering it’s the same state and my parents wouldn’t let me got to New York for mp3 2k5 either

  4. Beat out Kight Rider himself. I totally forget about the show and then channel surfed just in time to see Hasselhoff then IE. Can’t wait for the mp3 2k5 report.