8 thoughts on “IE Blocked by Pfizer

  1. For immediate distribution to all Pfizer employees:
    Zees fuleesh IE agents zeenk zey can disrupt operashuns by making zee people veel gut vit aut ze Zoloft?
    No IE coup vor you!
    Noah Sensahumor
    Fuhrer – Downer Department

  2. Well they make Viagra right? Bunch of hard-ons must run the place.

  3. Hey Pfizer is on E. 42 street right next to the UN building and across the street from the New York Helmsley Hotel,you guys should pull a stunt there it would be great!

  4. I think a stunt in this area would be terrific. Chashama is literally next door to one of the Pfizer buildings, and I’m sure you could pull something off there. A word of caution, though; this neighborhood is *heavily* policed (near the UN, Israeli embassy, lots of diplomats) and any stunt would probably land people in jail.

  5. I work at Pfizer and this is definitely not true. In fact, I found this site yesterday at work and had to stifle my laughter while reading about the fake U2 rooftop concert. Hilarious! Anyway, just wanted to correct this piece of “news.”

  6. Marc (who comments above you) was the guy who sent in the jpeg I posted. So, it might not be true for your department, but he’s blocked!

  7. Wierd – it’s been unblocked. Whatever. It was news when I submitted it. :(

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