“Even Better Than The Real Thing” Mission Covered by New York Times

The New York Times ran a feature today on our latest mission.

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  1. Having to register to view that is a pain.

    The article’s allright. Regardless, all this recognition can’t hurt, and you’ve certainly earned it!

  2. Seriously… Terry looks like the Asian version of me.

    I’m so proud of all of you.

  3. You guys should do a benefit concert for the Improv Everywhere Legal Defense Fund and let our manager know about it.

  4. Fucking so so funny! Wish i was there to see it. This is really me, by the way. My favorite mission besides moebius. Yeah i still like moebius. Sue me.

  5. DonnySpy, thanks for posting the generic NYT login. I think they’re the only paper that requires people to register for free content.

    As for the article, how great for IE. I’m about 250 miles away from NYC, so I’ve only been able to visit the website, and never participate in any missions. Nonetheless, I’m happy to see you guys landed coverage in one of the nation’s most highly-regarded newspapers. Good job!

    This will be a hard one to top, but I personally don’t think it’s always about “topping your previous best.” As long as it’s clever and funny, best of luck for whatever IE’s future holds.

  6. 2 things that totally rock:

    1. U2 (and their rooftop concerts);

    2. Improv Everywhere.

    Two great tastes that taste great together.

    Rock on.