Lawsuit Called Off!

Our lawsuit with McDonald’s has been called off due to it being April 1st today!

Sincere thanks to IE fans who offered to help out. We don’t deserve you.

It even got blogged about:
Stay Free! Magazine


  1. Thanks for bringing smiles to America. I appreciate your clean, non-shock-value humor. Keep up the great work.

  2. I think this “prank” goes against the stated mission of Improv Everywhere. You’ve written that the challenge in coming up with missions is to do something which does not rely on confrontation or anger to achieve the result.

    This “joke” was just making people think that a large company without a sense of humor was ruining your days.

    That’s not really very funny, is it?

    Here’s a great joke for you: My wife has cancer.

    Nice try guys, stick to the missions and skip the april fools.

  3. I do hope that that random person is joking, I think that your April Fools joke was right on par with the whole “April Fools” idea. It made me smile, and I’m quite sure that that is the real point of this website and group.

  4. Pay no attention to the man in the paragraph with all the negative remarks. You guys rock so keep it up. I thought the joke was hilarious.

  5. yeah, i love this one too. i dont think there is anything about it that hurt anyone. call me dense but fun is fun… looks like someone is being defensive..