Current Litigation

Improv Everywhere is currently involved in litigation with a major corporation. Our lawyers are advising us not to speak publicly about this situation on our site, and we would appreciate it if users would refrain from mentioning rumors in the “comments” and “guestbook” areas of this site. Thank you for your support during this difficult time.


  1. Another corporation without a sense of humour. This will only bring them bad publicity in the end. Probably would have been a better idea for them to get footage of it and release it on the news. IE has been in the news before so it would get aired and the corporation would get their 2 minutes of name dropping. Everyone wins.

    Hope all goes well :(

  2. This is no joke, guys. I saw a copy of the suit yesterday and it’s definitely intimidating stuff. There’s clearly NO credible basis for their allegations, but going up against a big company with deep pockets is daunting and I’m sure they think they can just scare IE into submission with the threat of long, drawn-out, expensive legal proceedings. Will we prove them wrong? I hope so!

  3. Hold a fundraiser event at the UCB Theater and order food for the audience from the neighboring restaraunt.

  4. Sent to (large corporation today: Come on, (large corporation)! I cannot believe you are bringing legal action against
    Improv Everywhere in NYC. If nothing else, their escapade at (large corporation)
    provides a wonderful marketing opportunity for you – What other (large corporation) has restrooms clean enough where such fun could even be imagined?
    Have you looked at the Improv Everywhere website? They do so much to
    enliven NYC, that I wish I were there to “play” with them – and I am 59
    years old, and a retired corporate executive. Remember, if life serves you
    a lemon, make lemonade! What an opportunity for (large corporation) – use it, and
    forget silly lawsuits against an organization like Improv Everywhere!