Improv Everywhere featured on NY1 today

New York 1, the 24-hour NYC news channel, is airing a segment on Improv Everywhere all day today. You can read and watch it on the NY1 site here.


  1. Hey guys- We saw the clip on NY1 and had to check it out for ourselves. HILARIOUS! Great work- we’re totally thrilled. You had us laughing our asses off…

  2. Saw the segment on NY1 this morning! This is some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen! I hope to encounter one of your missions at some point. How about posing as elevator attendants at some high class hotel dressed as easter bunnies?

  3. I just saw you guys on NY1 and had to come to the site to see the details regarding your McDonald’s Times Square “initiative”. That was great! I wonder if McDonald’s will take your idea to the next level and implement! SO FUNNY! Good work!

  4. When a mission might get “interfered” with by humorless authority (or just party poopers), IE might find it useful to appoint one or two agents as “interveners”. When there’s a confrontation, they can go and talk and interact with the manager/police/angry artist etc. What they say may even be vague and uncertain…. the main idea is to DISTRACT the imposer for a while. With this great last window mission, the performing agents were interrupted directly. But if another agent started talking to the manager, even saying nonsense like “I read about this kind of group. They dance for two minutes and leave. This MUST be them!” The idea is that the manager doesn’t feel as threatened and therefore the agents have a chance to end their mission before actual action is taken. It’d take a socially strong and quick thinking agent to take this role, but it might help prevent other missions from souring.