Free Mixed Reaction

Audience Reaction to the “Free Mixed Drinks” Mission
by Adam T.

Yeah so my friend and I were walking on campus and saw a mixed drink stand set up. These guys were like, hey we’re trying to get a frat started, have some complimentary free drinks and write your name down. So I wrote my name down, and thankfully I didn’t feel like drinkin, so I didn’t feel like a moron pouring myself a non-alcoholic mixed drink.
There were guys filming it, but I didn’t think anything of it. No one cracked a smile, you damn serious bastards. But they told us there was a party in Morrison [dorm] on Saturday, so me and my friend got suckered in by that too.

“Nope no party here man.”- guy in morrison 514.

Audience Reaction
By Geoff S.

I am indeed one of the people pictured [on your web page] and am pleased to be a part of your efforts. It gave me a smile then and now again. Thanks.. Your group definitely added color to the routine of everyday life…