Free Mixed Drinks

Featuring: Keech, Blumenthal, White, Minton, Todd, Mercer, Roche

Improv Everwhere Mission
DV Cam – Agent Keech
Still Cam – Agent Minton
Tri-Om Brothers – Agents Blumenthal, Mercer, Roche, Todd, & White

Improv Everywhere once again made its mark on the UNC Chapel Hill campus. Agents posed as members of the new fraternity Omega Omega Omega (or as the brothers call it, “Tri-Om”). The agents claimed to be suite mates in the (historically Freshman) Morrison Dorm who didn’t really fit in with the established fraternities and were trying to start their own. In order to recruit more members (Tri-Om only has 8 brothers so far), they set up a table in the south quad and gave out free mixed drinks to attract potential rushees and promote their famous “suite parties”.

Improv Everywhere Mission
The Tri-Oms start the party
The IE agents decorated the Tri-Om table with 2 bottles of vodka, a bottle of rum, a bottle of Blue Curacao, mixers (several bottles of tonic water and coke), limes, a cooler full of ice, and plastic cups. The liquor bottles were filled with water (water and blue food coloring in the case of the Blue Curacao).

The Tri-Oms mixed themselves drinks and began approaching those walking through the quad. “Hey guys, we’re giving out free mixed drinks to promote our new fraternity.” The Tri-Oms encouraged those making mix drinks to sign their mailing list so they can be invited to future “rush” functions.

Improv Everywhere Mission
Potential brothers mix drinks
An astounding number of students approached the table and helped themselves to mixed drinks as if it was a completely normal situation. Others questioned the legality of the drinks before making their own:

Student: Is this legal?
Agent Todd: We’re not selling them. They’re free.
Agent Mercer: You don’t need a liquor license if you’re not selling anything.
Student: Are you sure?
Agent Todd: Yeah. Whatever. We just like to party.

Improv Everywhere Mission
Tri-Oms chill out while a student makes a drink.
Agent White played the role of the suite mates RA (Resident Advisor) who was also a member of the frat.

Agent Todd: Our RA doesn’t give a fuck what we do. He buys us the beer for our parties. That’s him right there.
Agent White: nods silently and smiles.
Student: That is so cool.

Improv Everywhere Mission
Agent Keech films from a distance
The mission was filmed discreetly by Agent Keech. One student noticed the camera and worried that he was going to be caught on film drinking liquor in public, “Dude, that camera is starting to sketch me out.”

Improv Everywhere Mission
“This is legal?”
A UNC professor debated the legality of the issue claiming that the Tri-Oms were violating “open container” laws. Agent Todd responded, “Yeah, I see your point. But it’s not like we’re doing this out on the street. We’re on a private campus.” The professor declined the offer of a free mixed drink claiming, “I’m working right now.”

Improv Everywhere Mission
Students casually mix drinks
Almost no students questioned the legitimacy of the alcohol. Many were probably inexperienced drinkers who didn’t know the difference between a Vodka Tonic and a Water Tonic. Some might have caught on but elected to play along and silently observe others get fooled. No one verbally accused the Tri-Oms of not giving out real alcohol.

Improv Everywhere Mission
UNC Professor: “This is for real?”
Improv Everywhere Mission
UNC Professor smells the “liquor”
Even after smelling a bottle of rum, the UNC professor pictured above never doubted the Tri-Oms. A little annoyed at their overt irreverence to the law, he simply smiled, “Good luck,” and walked away.

Improv Everywhere Mission
More students mix drinks
The Tri-Oms started doing vodka shots at 3 PM as a rush of students entered the quad as classes changed. The Tri-Oms began to shout, “It’s Friday afternoon and time to party!! Wooo! If you need a mixed drink, this is your table!” Pretty soon, crowds began to form and students had to line up to make their drinks. Once a large number of students began drinking, the doubts and legality worries were thrown out the window. Students simply enjoyed their free drinks while they laughed and socialized together.

Improv Everywhere Mission
A student signs the Tri-Om mailing list

  • Student: What is Blue Curacao?
    Agent Mercer: It’s really good. You won’t even taste the alcohol.
  • Student: This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen on campus.
  • UNC Chancellor James Moeser walks buy. Tri-Oms stand in front of their table to hide their liquor. He does not notice them.
  • Agent Keech overhears a female student say, “I filled my cup up at least half way with liquor, and I can barely taste any of it. What a rip.”
  • The Tri-Oms refer to their dormitory as their frat house.

Improv Everywhere Mission
Improv Everywhere Mission
Improv Everywhere Mission
Improv Everywhere Mission
All in all it was a fun afternoon on the beautiful UNC campus. The mission’s goal wasn’t necessarily to fool (although many were certainly fooled), but to create something out of the ordinary. Although the Tri-Oms gave out countless free mixed drinks, it’s interesting to note how many students walked by the table without stopping to investigate. It’s astounding what it takes to divert some folks from their daily routine. We did our best.

Mission Accomplished.


Someone there that day sent us email. Read it here.


  1. I can’t believe he smelled the bottle and still thought it was alcohol, thats rediculous

  2. C’mon people! You’re college atudents! I’ve never even drank alcohol, and I know what it smells like!

  3. this reminds me of an idea i had about throwing a party with kegs of non-alcoholic beer and invitng people who i knew would act drunker than they are. im sure if they were surrounded with people who in on it and acted like they were really drunk it would be even better.

  4. that’s AWESOME! i go to carolina and y’all should definitely do something here again

  5. I helped Bar at a Charity event. Free glasses of white wine all the same. I put them out on two trays and stood there asking people "Dry or sweet?" we had got through a case of wine when someone came up, picked a "dry" and tasted it. "You have got them mixed up this is sweet" "No" turned to my assistant "You are drinking the sweet are’nt you. Let him have a sip of yours" He tried hers and apologised saying "Thats definately sweeter" so people can be fooled into believing what they drink is what you tell them it is

  6. The best part is the woman saying "What a rip." She’s complaining that she didn’t get enough illegal fake alcohol. It’s funny on many levels.

  7. I think the guy who smelled it knew it wasnt real acohall cause he smiled at them then said good luck or something like that, didnt he?

  8. So, do you think that any of the students who drank the pseudo-alcohol acted as though they were drunk (or at least buzzed)?

  9. Well I figure if the bottle is empty and then just refilled, that is not washed or rinsed out in between, it should probably retain at least a bit of the smell near the rim and in the cap and such. I don’t know for sure, I usually throw out my empty bottles, but its a possibility no?

  10. I filled a shot glass with water and put one drop of tequilla in it, and gave it to my little brother. He totally believed it was alcohol, because even one drop smells pretty damn strong. When he wouldnt drink it for fear of making my mom angry, I gave it to my friend who was there at the time. he actually did believe it was real and drank it. he was pissed an thew me into the pool, but hey point made. you dont need much booze to make the smell

  11. I worked in a restaurant years ago and had a great trick to use on people that complained about weak drinks (drinks made with not enough alcohol).

    I would a tiny bit of vodka down the straw and return the drink. At first sip, they would get a tiny initial blast of alcohol. After that, they just assumed they were deadened to it, and had no reason to assume that the entire drink wasn’t completely mixed.

    “Whoa! That’s better!”

  12. At my school, this is a very normal occurence. free mix drinks are offered at every major event, and often randomly throughout the year.

  13. So I’m at a student at UNC Chapel Hill currently and the professor that smelled the bottles IS MY RELIGION PROFESSOR! That would be Dr. Tweed. SO funny, thanks for making my week.

  14. You guys have to come back to chapel hill sometime soon, I’ll be a senior next year, and it would be amazing to help you with a mission! Even if I can’t do that, just seeing you on campus would make my year.

  15. haha, if u mix coke and carbinated water in a recently drained beer bottle, everyone looks at you like ?.? cause they have no clue whats going on… lol

  16. We invited a freind around for some drinks. All night he thought he was drinking gin and tonic but it was just tonic. I dipped my finger in the gin and ran it around the top of his glass each time i filled it. He was so drunk by the end of the night and hadn’t even drank any alcohol. Was very funny.

  17. Very funny
    im from england. We drink from a much younger age … so this seems absurd to me that people fell for it
    But still a great trick… may try it out (Y)

  18. Wow. What an old prank. I’m a devoted IE fan and it’s funny to go through the original tricks and see how they compare to now. As my spanish tecaher would say “bebes por nada? Increible! Yo habria bebido uno porque yo pienso que esta comico.”

  19. patrick t. i think what you ment to say in spanish was
    “bebidas para nada? ¡Increíble! Me gustaría tomar una copa porque creo que el próximo”