No Pants Subway Ride 2012 Global Reports

No Pants Subway Ride in Istanbul, Turkey, January 8, 2012

If you participated in one of the 59 regional No Pants Subway Rides today in 27 countries across the world, leave us an agent report in the comments below letting us know how it went. Post links to any photos and videos from your town’s event as well. Let us know how many people participated and what the temperature was. Reports from the New York ride are here.

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New York City’s 2012 No Pants Subway Ride:

The story of the first No Pants Subway Ride in 2002 in New York City:

Check out the complete history of The No Pants! Subway Ride with videos of past years.

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43 Responses to No Pants Subway Ride 2012 Global Reports

  1. Chris Kliewer says:

    Minneapolis had 64+ people (I say + because some joined us at various stops).. We had news coverage from WCCO, K-Twin 96.3, and The CityPages. Some video by a local vlogger who just happened to be headed home when he discovered us on the train and rode along. and a group shot at the end of the Light Rail in Downtown Minneapolis.

  2. Radiobuzz says:

    I was at the Buenos Aires event yesterday and I can say we were around 100 people. It was my first time and I can hardly wait to be there next year! We had a lot of fun, I went with a couple of friends but it was filled with awesome and welcoming people. There are some pics here:

  3. Another great turnout for Phoenix’s No Pants Light Rail Ride – about 250 people rode the train down to Arizona State University where we had a few drinks, made new friends, and then rode back from whence we came.

    Just like every year, a few people whine how cold it was. I point out it’s a lot tougher to do this in New York or Chicago, and that usually shuts them up. We’re working on our blog and video, but we have a bunch of No Pants ride pictures here.

  4. Henry Escobar says:

    Madrid for the 3º year in a Road got involved in the Global Flashmob of The “NPSR”, started with 7 agents the first year, grew up to 45 last year and this year we got to be 70 going up from the nort Station of Plaza Castilla heading downtown to the Heart of the City at “Sol”.
    After some inconvinience with metro security stuff that happily were solved with no further problems the groups arrive in to Sol after a 40 minutes Metro trip, and making stations connections.

    The response of the people was great, some amused faces, lots of laught, someone got bother but at the end 7 persons along the trip decided to join the flashmob. Here is a link to a facebook album with the recopilation of pictures taken by the agents that were keeping track of the groups and a video from one of the agents.



    Let´s get ready for the NPSR 2013….Yeah Madrid!!!!

  5. The full story of Istanbul’s first No Pants Subway Ride. Read a story of undercover police, subway security, hardline gangs and Improv Everywhere agents being detained!

    Full report is now available complete with photos and videos:

  6. Lee Nichols says:

    In London we were split into 7 groups for the journey from Charring Cross to Paddington, where we all met up again. We then headed off on different journeys around the capital. I accidentally joined a different group, so many bare legs, it was confusing, but a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Here is my video of the day.

  7. ice says:

    We had only 12 people in Kaohsiung, Taiwan…But it’s the first time, hopefully next year will be more…

  8. Nick Morris says:

    It was our 5th year running the event in Adelaide, South Australia. After temperatures in the low 40’s (Celsius) the weekend before we were unlucky to have a cold and rainy day on the 8th and had a pretty poor turnout of 8 for our ride. Still, it was great fun as always and we got some good reactions.

    For the second leg of our ride (riding from the beach back into the city) we did our variation on the standard ride, dubbed ‘Pants for Peace.’ Basically we have the participants spread throughout the tram and about halfway through the ride, one person starts walking through and telling people she is collecting pants for a charity, called ‘pants for peace,’ to give to the homeless. She asks various random people on the tram who, of course, don’t give up their pants until she comes to one of the participants who ponders for a minute then says ‘why they hell not’ and takes off and hands over their pants to much gasping and even cheering from the rest of the tram. The pants collector continues down the tram and collects pants from each of our participants who ride out the ride of the journey pantsless.

    This idea gets a great reaction as well and is something different to do on the way back.

  9. Claudia says:

    It was a one-(wo)man-show in Miami! Our weather was fabulous (mid 70’s? forgot to check), so it’s a shame more people didn’t come out to play.

    I’ve posted pictures and details on my blog:

  10. Dan says:

    The weather in Washington DC was unseasonably warm, so there were many people in the Metro system of the Panted and Pantless variety. We had the usual reactions from the Panted, wondering what the Pantless were up to. Most people smiled, others were confused. I told one woman who really wanted a reason for pantlessness that the Pantless got to ride for free. That seemed to make her happy, and told her friends to drop their pants so they could ride for free.

    This was my third year photographing this event. You can see my pictures on Flickr here.

    The Washington DC Flickr Group is

    The DC Capitol Improv web site is