No Pants 2k9 NYC Reports

UPDATE: Watch the video here.

Crowd shot at the meeting point. Photo by Katie Sokoler.

The 8th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride went off without a hitch today in New York. It’s tough to count, but we’re guessing we had between 1,200 and 1,500 participants. Riders were divided up and dispatched to 4 separate train lines. The high was 30 degrees and there was a nice steady stream of snow.

If you were there, leave us an agent report in the comments. We love hearing about everyone’s unique individual story. The photos and video can be see on the official mission report.

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate! If this was your first event, make sure you are on the NY Agents mailing list so you’ll find out about upcoming missions. Subscribe to our RSS feed to stay up to date on everything Improv Everywhere. You can also join our Facebook Page and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Pantless pyramid of people in the snow in Union Square, post mission. Photo by Katie Sokoler.



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143 Responses to No Pants 2k9 NYC Reports

  1. Martin Pereyra says:

    Mann! this was fucking insane :)

    love it

    good to know there are people out there in the city just as spontaneous as i am!

    MY story :D

    so im on the one line chambers street.

    by the way!
    im the guy with big headphones on and a mohawk!

    Listein to music these two women stare and laugh ask me a question

    Lady in red: Excuse me but why are you not wearing pants?
    Me: *blank face* its just hot like really hot.
    Lady in red & friend : *stare at each other in confusion*
    Me: *asks girl in front of me with no pants on* its hot right?
    Girl with no pants : Yeah dude.. i thought it was just me
    Me: *puts headphones back on*

    so we get to 42nd transfer to the r/w lines

    i walk to a vendor ask for a bag of BLUE DORITOS…
    he comes back with a red bag staring at a girl with no pants on.
    i tell him ‘ DUDE.. BLUE not red.. are u distracted or something?’
    he stays quiet.. hands me the blue bag awkwardly..

    i get off on 34th
    and lean on the wall with headphones on eatin my doritos :D
    Old lady stares really hard looks creeped out but can’t stop staring LOL

    I get a picture taken of me by one of the photographers on the train hopefully ill find the picture! :)

    overall i loved it
    great times.. ill never forget this day..
    and many more to come!



    No Pants!!!


    Peace, Love, & Music!!!

    Martin Pereyra

  2. Yeah so apparently after i got off the train some little girl started freaking out at the sheer amount of sexy unleashed. Her mom did her best to calm her down and wait for the next train. Little did she know there were some other sexy sexy titans getting on.

  3. KadenMG says:

    It was excellent to particpate in this mission! My favorite reaction was from one stressed out lady who entered the subway car and rolled her eyes at me and a few of the other agents then said in a hushed voice to her husband “oh great, we waked into a subway full of pantless people.” Her husband responded saying “Maybe they’re part of a semi-nudist colony”

  4. Nadi says:

    An amazing No Pants, once again! =] And I was on the same train and car as Chris! Hahahaaa that girl was totally NOT little, she looked about 13-14. It took me so much effort to keep from laughing. Especially cuz the mom thought it was only the right side of the train doing it, so she moved to our side. And my friend and I were getting ready to take off our pants and she asked us if we were also going to do it, and we all responded with “you should probably get your daughter off the train…”

    Our dance party to that drummer guy at 125th street was great! Lots of ass shaking lmao! Guy in the green undies, whoever you are, I got your ass on vid! :P

    Overall, I had loads of fun…had lots of guys stalk me with their camera phones…and didn’t even feel the cold outside at Union Square! Woohoo! :)

    And apparently we were a protest group against Bush and the economy….[[according to this guy who was trying to get an explanation out of us.]]

    “Excuse me ladies and gentlemen! I’m not here to ask for money or donations. I am asking if you could please spare me some pants!”
    Ahahaha. The 6 train rocked!


  5. Fuzzeh says:

    R/W line, Car 9, 4th group

    I have wanted to do this since I heard about it in ’06 but could never find anyone to go with me until now. Even though we never did find my friend’s sister in the huge crowd, I’ve gotta say that it was amazing!! The people across from us were completely confused as we depantsed and another passenger further down couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve gotta admit, those first few seconds with my bare bum on the cold seat were pretty shocking.
    When we got out to switch trains, a couple came up to us to ask why everyone was in their underwear
    “Oh its Saturday”
    “So you do this every Saturday?”
    “Well we’re not always in the city”
    “And these other people?”
    “I dunno. Weird coincidence?”
    When we got on the next train, one of the other pantsless riders serenaded us with some wonderful harp playing. Bravo! if you’re reading this. A cute moment was when a lil girl in a stroller tried to pull down her own pants and got yelled at by her mom. The only low point was some obnoxious guy who kept raving about seeing guys in briefs and said “If this is what society is coming to, I don’t want to be part of it!”

    I’ll definitely do this again next year, mostly because I like hearing cops go “WTF is going on?!”

  6. Kurt says:

    R/W Car 4 Represent!

    I was in the fifth group, so the people on the train were kinda used to random people depantsing in front of them. When I say used to, I do not at all mean comfortable with. I had two 40ish latana women staring daggers at me until I got off.

    At my stop I couldn’t help but take a few glances sideways at the three fine ladies who had also gotten off at my stop; and I suddenly saw another semi familiar face. A elderly Italian man had pulled his wife off the tran at our stop and was taking pictures of the three girls. For about 10 minutes. And then he got back on the next train with us. And his wife.

    (Un)fortunaly there wasn’t much for him to look at on the ride back to Union Sq. as our car would have been uncomfortable for sardines. This did not stop the three 60 year old women standing around me from staring down at my bare legs with huge grins on their faces.

    When we got out at Union Square I was immedietly appproaced by a missionary of the church of pants. After filling out their survey (and admitting that I may at one point consider wearing pantaloons) I got into an all-in-good-fun altercation with another participant who was of the opinion that boxer shorts were not conisdered pants. I had come fully decked out in my tighty blueys (my Get Out of Jail Free boxers were in the wash) After we settled our differences we did a few snow angels and went to find a bar that wasn’t already occupied to the point of being a fire hazard.

    I managed to get into Shades of Green, where we had a Fashion Show!! I don’t remember who won, but it doesn’t really matter. Eventually I found myself at a table with four complete strangers discussing the Isreal-Palestine conflict. And guess what? None of us were wearing pants! It was unreal.

    Definitly participating next year and I will be bringing friends and gloves. My legs felt fine, but my hands were about to fall off.

    And to everyone who will be participating next year, when we try to do the wave at Foley Square, please participate. We only had six people doing it, and four of us were the ones whose idea it was.

  7. AeC says:

    E train, car three, stop five. I had a couple highlights. When the guy across from me dropped trou, the older woman sitting next to him was completely oblivious, but did a double take when he got up to get off. Her expression as she watched others in our group depants was priceless.

    On the way back on the 6, as I sat down, I heard a knocking on the window just behind me. I turned and saw three teens banging on the window. They pointed to my bare legs with a WTF? look on their faces. Not being able to verbally answer through the glass, I just shrugged. Then one of them spit on the window. I just turned back around, saw the woman across from me looking at the whole thing, equally bemused. I just gave her a mildly exasperated look and muttered, “Kids.”

  8. syweryk says:

    I’m glad that for the first time Poland has participated in this great event ! I just hope that the few people who participated this year will ecourage more people to come next year. I think it would be a great idea to have this event not only in the subways but in all kinds of transportation such as: buses,planes etc. all over the world!

  9. agent captain morgan says:

    I had so much fun today! The best part was the looks and speculations of the people around us. When I reboarded the R train at 23rd street, three men sitting next to me said “Alright, what’s going on here?” I told them I forgot my pants and it was an odd coincidence that so many other people had as well. As we pulled into 34th street and the men stood up to leave, they noticed more people on the platform and yelled, “Look, there’s more of those bitches in their underwear! What is this?!”

  10. Gina says:

    The 1, car 3, stop #9.
    shout out to TEDDYYYYY great team leader :D

    This was my first IE event and it was great. I didn’t expect us to outnumber people with pants on the subway, but it all worked out anyway. I was happy to see that most people *didn’t* know what was going on, and that we were all able to stay in character the whole trip :)

    Fave moments:

    An elderly man’s jaw dropping as he watches two guys de-pants about 5 feet to his left. Then he takes a startled step back as the girls immediately next to him followed suit on the next stop. He got off quickly when the doors opened (I think just to escape?) and then stopped in his tracks and did a tripple-take upon seeing a platform full of pantsless people.

    About 4 of us were pantsless on the platform when a couple came down the stairs and started whispering to each other, confused and amused. Then they pulled one of those “you stand with them behind you and I’ll pretend I’m taking a picture of you” moves. CLASSIC.

  11. Arthur says:

    R Train! Cart 2!

    I was the 2nd person to depants on the train, but pretty much i was the first to be noticed. I stood, wearing my suit, tie, and pants. I held a book called Secrets of the Young and Successful. I read out of it to my friend.

    “Secrets to a happy life. Start day off with eating a live frog. It will definitely make the rest of your day seem better. Ok, check. Did that. Number two, take pants off in subway. Okie dokes.”

    So i took of my pants off, right in front of three fashionably dressed young women who absolutely could not resist laughing out loud. Right behind me someone (probably an agent) said, “ouch, those white socks really don’t match.” Haha, highlight of my day.

    Oh and another one. I train hopped into the next cart right before the door closed. “Definitely not a pleasant sight,” said the father with 3 lil boys aged ~5. Then he turned around, looked at me, looked down, and let out a nasty “ugh.”


  12. Agent Jay says:

    Besides watching one of our leaders fake a passenger reaction for the videocamera-dude [i.e., stare down at legs with confused look, then ask, “was that okay?”], this was a lot of fun.

    Whole Foods does not let pantsless people in. Nor does McDonalds. Wendy’s, however, welcomed us with open legs.

    We met a bunch of friendly people. Anyone reading this should definitely attend next year.

    Bring more megaphones!

  13. Keeko Nakadai says:

    I’m glad I finally got to experience this. It was definitely a great exercise for acting haha.
    The 6 train was great. I take it everyday so I’ll always think back to this.
    People asked me why I wasn’t wearing any pants and expected the same answers as the others had given. One girl said, “uncomfortable, right?” before I could answer her question and I responded “yeah. It’s snowing” and that I didn’t want to get slush on my pants so I didn’t bother wearing them.
    I’m never the type to enjoy group-work,
    However; this has to be the best NYC public teamwork I’ve ever participated in. Meeting strangers has never been this exciting.

    Thank you!!
    Hope to see you again… soon!!!!

  14. Jono says:

    So I was team leader for car 8 on the 1 line, and I gladly made my mark on my second and possibly last no pants subway ride (college next year).

    Some things I did:
    -Offered candy for my basketball team
    -Had my friend Nell ride on my shoulders chanting
    -Building a human pyramid
    -Snow angels!
    -Simon says
    -Shopping in american apparel and forever 21

    I had a blast. I hope to return.

  15. Agent Bell says:

    After re-boarding the E train with only one other agent on board, a guy came up to me and asked why I wasn’t wearing pants. I told him they got all wet from the snow so I took them off. He looked impressed and said “Good for you! But… why does that guy have no pants on?” I just shrugged and told him maybe the snow got his pants wet too… and he seemed satisfied. When more agents got on at the next stop, he looked upset that I lied to him :( Poor guy.

  16. Casey says:

    R,W: car 3

    Realizing for the first time how strange it felt to come stag to such an event (thanks a lot, “friends”), I approached the first single woman I saw in the Square and asked, “You’re going to take your pants off, right?” Such a shame I will only be able to use this jewel once a year.

    My first time, I was fortunate enough to dispant after Penn Station and stand unpanted, in the boxer-brief/cowboy-boot look, at the Times Square platform.

    A little girl laughed and repeated several times: Why are they all taking their pants off daddy?
    Daddy, surrendering, approached: My daughter wants to know why you are taking your pants off.

    A man at Times Square: So, what’s the message?

    Woman: If I said Improv Everywhere, would that mean anything to you?
    Pantsless man next to me: I’ve heard of them. They do crazy stuff.

    What I enjoyed most was running alone in the snow and slush to catch up with a pantsless group, half a block ahead, when we were headed toward the bar. What I enjoyed the least: putting my pants back on to go home; I felt like I was doing something dirty.

  17. Klongloff says:

    Also, check this site again on Tuesday or wednesday, I shot 4 or 5 rolls of film, mostly b&w, at the rally in Foley Square; they should be good!

  18. Mike and Meghan says:

    1 Train, Car 7, Stop 3

    This was the first No Pants Subway ride for both of us… but it was an amazing time (save for the chilly walk to the 1 train). 2 out of the 6 people we had thought would be there came through (Props to them). Standard comments heard form non-participants… but still fun to break the mores. :)

    Good job everyone who participated. And thanks for the bread – fellow 1 train car 7 rider!

    (Croc Lounge – best idea ever!)

    See you all next year!!!

    ps – Meghan beat her top Tetris high score on the DS while pantsless! ;)

  19. Agent Hambly says:

    My favorite interaction I had with a lady on the subway back downtown:

    -Excuse me… excuse me…
    (I take out my headphones)
    -Why are you in your underwear?
    -So sorry, but I was in such a rush, I’ve got a big meeting to get to.. yeah I know, a meeting on a Saturday right? but with the economy.. who am I to say no. So I ran out of the apartment and realized I forgot my pants, but it was too late to turn around. It’s ok though, I have a suit at the office. I’m so sorry.
    -But what about that guy? (points to the one other pantsless person on the train)
    -(I look over)… Well that’s just weird.